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Yougsters Games

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Any one recall these games l used to play in the early thirties when l lived on Gloucester St, the Cres;ran off this st and we used to take in turn to kick a can as far as one could, to try to make it land into a patch of grass,at the top of this short Crescent then all the the others went into hiding, if whist trying to find one of the hidden lads or lasses whose tun it it would be next, one could sneak out and kick the can again [which had been found and replaced] then when he returned he had to start all over again . I remember one night l found a good hiding place behind bins in a bin shelter, some one must have put some hot ashes in one of the bins and being nice and cosy l fell asleep, coursing a search party including my Mother when l had not come home , it was nearly midnight before l woke and came out, to find my Mother in a temper, needless to say l got a real thrashing and sent to bed in disgrace without supper. [ lovely happy days before Hitler upset the world] Cheers skeets

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