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Yes, 'orrible looking monstrosity - like the wife he he

Is there a picture of it then?

Are you going to post one?

Dare I guess Richard's question in reply.

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BBC doing a good job of it.

Now to anyone with any sense, like the late Fred Dibnah, there are 2 good and reasonably safe ways to demolish a building -


Start at the top, take it apart piece by piece and work your way down.

Very safe, very slow and time consuming, very expensive in labour costs.


Start at the bottom, remove some critical structural parts, carefully place exactly calculated explosive chargesand blow the supports out in such a way that the top of the building collapses in on itself. (Like the Norfolk Park tower blocks)

Very dramatic, very quick, somewhat risky and very expensive in insurance premiums.

However, those boys up in the northeast seem to have developed a new way of demolishing a building by starting in the middle!

Isn't that a bit like climbing a tree and sitting on a branch while you saw it off?

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