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Stupid Email


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Good evening Brant

I vividly remember the day we first met. My name is Jeanett.

I'm smart, energetic, my dog is my best friend, and quick witted.

Please reach me, my fellow ...




Glad you remember it, I must have been drunk !

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emalia figliola :

Hello Brant Richard . I'm in a relationship that just sucks, and am just looking a man that can relate.

I'm quick witted, eager, realistically ambitious, and big chested. I'm also Russian with hazel eyes.

Reply :

I've the brain of a slug, I remain, however, eager, ambitious and very big chested, 18 and a half inches round the neck, 50 chest - still, we can always buy from High and Mighty ...

I'm a belligerent Yorkshireman, eyes, yes, two of them - sadly lacking on the hair front though (and sides and top and back come to think of it). I'll send you my bank details ...


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You lucky dog you! lol

Sounds like you've found a real treasure there Richard!

Get in my son!

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