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Guest bus man

Class 47 Rail Tour Through Sheffield & Barnsley 10Th July 10

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Guest bus man

It is a long time since a class 47 as been bewteen Barnsley and Wakefield W

Rail blue chrarters are running a Leicester - Carlisle via S&C this Satruday 10th July using 2 DRS class 47s and MKII stock

The tour uses the Barnsley Line

If I get proper timings Ill let you have them however the link below may have them

Provisional Timings

Pick up stations are Leicester (depart 07.00, return 23.30 ),

East Midlands Parkway (depart 07.25, return 23.05),

Langley Mill (depart 07.55 return 22.35),

Alfreton (depart 08.05, return 22.25),

Chesterfield (depart 08.20, return 22.00),

Sheffield (depart 08.40 return 21.40),

Meadowhall (depart 08.50, return 21.30),

Wombwell (depart 09.20, return 21.15),

Barnsley (depart 09.35, return 2100),

Wakefield Kirkgate (depart 09.50, return 20.45),

Carlisle (arrive 12.30, depart 16.00).

Please note that these timings are approximate

Timings may appear on this web site


The Charter Cos website is


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Full timings are now available at http://www.rail-bluecharters.co.uk/download/718, and are considerably different to the provisional ones quoted by bus man:

Dore Junction pass 0710 (and a half)

Sheffield 0718-0721

Meadowhall 0728-0730

Wombwell 0742-0744

Barnsley 0751-0754

Wakefield Kirkgate 0811-0815

return timings

Wakefield Kirkgate 2056-2059

Barnsley 2115-2118

Wombwell 2124-2126

Meadowhall 2140-2143

Sheffield 2200-2203

Dore Junction pass 2210

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Guest bus man

Thanks for that

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No problems: I have an interest in this one as, like many rail tours, it terminates in Carlisle.

Expected motive power is DRS locos 47501 and 47712.

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