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Passing Of John Holmes (1790)

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At Sheffield after a short indisposition, aged about 87, John Holmes, a sailor, who went round the world both with Anson and Byron, being pressed into those hazardous


He says, he was the man whom Anson's voyage reports to have had so narrow an escape at Paita owing to his being drunk, for which he received a severe correction

and could never after gain a naval promotion, though he was then upon a level witli Mr Keppel (afterwards the Admiral).

He confirmed the report of the gigantic size of the Patagonians; and though he had never seen any of them measured, he was satisfied that the common height was seven

feet, and some as high as eight, which was about the size of the queen.

In a run from Gibraltar to Malaga, being taken prisoner by the Algerines, he was in slavery eighteen months, which he redeemed by the liberality us one of the Cavendishes.

After spending 40 years in the naval service he was admitted into Greenwich Hospital but his stay was not long in that retreat; for some irregularity he got the yellow coat

an indignity he could not book, so ran off .

He then returned to Sheffield, resumed the occupation of a cutler and married. Hene he suppotedd himself by industry till about six years ago, when, by a severe asthma,

he became incapable of work and since that time has been supported by the benevolence of his neighbours, and the pay from the parish.


I think this was August 1790, but, cannot be certain from the document.

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