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Sheffield Bus/tram Stops

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Guest transit

Hi does anyone have any close up shots of 1950's /60s Sheffield bus and tram stops, and shelters? Particularly the signs and styles of pole used.

....several pages of superb pics , to sift through here , to check out all the street furniture !!!!!.......


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Guest alexander

......and usually painted in the well -loved blue and cream to match the trams/ buses :)

I remember the shelters in Sheffield painted as near as I can tell you orange/yellow/cream .

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I think the answer to busmans query is Meadowhall Road.

I cant think why deckers would not be allowed there tho, c,mon bus man gi us a clue! :wacko:

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Guest bus man

The answer to the double deck sign is Worksop Road - there will have been others around the city , the one shown was for the railway bridge and canal bridge / aqueduct

Just found the following in my files


its at the shows at woodhouse and the bus is 1739 (Atlantean ) taken around 1980 when it was new

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