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The Fiesta nightclub Sheffield

Sheffield History

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A great list of acts but a few misssed . We also were fortunate to be entertained by:


*  Hernans Hermits

*  The Hollies

*  Charles Aznavour

* The Batchelors

* Freddie & The Dreamers

* The Four Seasons ( twice)

* Dave Allen

* Kenny Rodgers & The First Edition

* Roy Orbison

* Lovelace Watkins






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Hardly surprising missed one more act we saw at the Fiesta, after all week after week the acts were changed so you knew who was coming up. So missed:

* The Tremeloes

Thinking back all those years we were really blessed the Fiesta being so close to Clay Cross with the quality of the entertainment  totally exceptional . All memorable all different but for us the 3 standouts had to be Roy Orbison, The Four Tops, and Gladys Knight & The Pips. Now at the bottom of the spectrum for us the most disappointing was Gene Pitney but there again it is all relative and taste. Brenda Lee would be a close second. 

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On 05/06/2020 at 21:43, Sheffield History said:


I would love a definitive list of people who had appeared on the stage there

“.......A full listing of the artists that appeared the Fiesta Nightclub are provided in Anderson's second book entitled ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1970s Sheffield – The Fiesta Edition’, by Neil Anderson in 2020”


Cheapest copy found after a quick search....


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On 11/06/2020 at 18:42, Fiona said:

I saw The Three Degrees there in spring summer of 1978

I took the 3 Degrees to the Fiesta from Charter Square Grosvenor Hotel that summer. Can't remember which one forgot her handbag but I had to take her back for it (in a panic she was) I was a Black Cab Taxi driver at the time. The payment for that job was through the Town Hall on credit (I worked credit/contract hire for them at the time) the fare was less than a pound. The handbag ride came back with a tip for £2.00 in cash. And further worker after.

I did many celebreties to the Fiesta and next door (Top Rank).. Are we allowed to mention Top Rank in this subject?) Due to having the contract with the Town Hall for celebs. Hallam Towers was also the regular run to The Fiesta. I just wish I had taken more signatures/autographs. (Harry Secombe, Peter Sellars, Spike Milligan was abscent (The Goons) They were singing in the back of the cab, I was in stitches they went to The Fiesta)) Frazer Hines and his girlfriend Jenny Handly. Nooky Bear.. And many forgotten ones.

The biggest tips that came out of The Fiesta for me personally were the boxing promotions. I seem to remember a lot of TV Soap celebs going there for some reason too. Emerdale, Coranation Street and Crossroads. I used to have a problem with the soap celebs... I didn't watch them at all.. I never knew who they were and what they looked like..

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On one particular occasion in the early 70's we went was with my parents and my wife's sister to see Martin St James. When he asked for volunteers to go on stage both the wife and her sister went up. Both were under his influence and did some of the ridiculous things he asked them to do. However, after a while my wife knew what she was doing some what but couldn't help herself to stop. When back at the table when a particular piece of music began playing she had to start smooching with the person next to her. Luckily it was me and not my dad! Phew. Her sister had to start belly dancing when certain music started.

Quite funny but very seventies.

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I saw The Three Degrees, Mari Wilson (Supremes), Alexi Sayle, Duncan Norvelle (as a support act)

and the great Martin Saint James, a wonderful stage hypnotist.

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I’m sure Neil Sedaka played at the Fiesta.My wife and I went to see Tommy Cooper and while having the Chicken in a Basket He sat on the next table and was chatting with us.I can’t remember if he appeared before Tommy’s gig or followed it.

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I saw a right mixture.   Olivia Newton John, Stan Kenton's big band but the greatest I remember were The Four Tops. Saw Joe Cocker too but he was in the audience

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Not long before it closed I remember going to see a prog rock group called Curved Air. I don't think they realised the type of crowd they would get in for that show. We were all legless and head banging on the tables.lol Absolutely brilliant night.

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Met my wife under a palm tree at Tiffany's in 1970 but we were both members at the Fiesta & went there more times, saw The 4 Tops twice, Beach Boys and others but one of the best was the late Dave Allan who overran about 45 minutes if I remember. What a great show, just like his TV shows only better. Really sorry when it closed they had some great acts performing there & yes we had the chicken in a basket. Fond memories of that place.

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On 14/03/2007 at 14:40, flyingpig said:

It's the thought of the damage those knee high white boots could do that worries me!!



😄 😄 😄 😄

I worked there for a coupleof years. The white boots were awful to wear. By the end of the night your feet were soaking wet because the boots were plastic. When I got home I took mine off and left them outside the back door because of the smell. Anybody remember one of the dancers....Linda Go Go

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On 12/02/2007 at 17:05, Sheffield History said:

Fiesta Club Sheffield.jpg

Fiesta Club Sheffield.png

The Fiesta Nightclub Sheffield.png







Sandwiched between Arundel Gate and Pond Street



The Whiteman Brothers Live At The Fiesta


The Fiesta Club had a resident band - this was "The Terry Clayton Band" for most of the venue's lifetime but there was another resident band at one point, The Andy Wardough band that was accompanied by dancers.

The manager of the Fiesta during the 70's was a man called Frank Pickering. There was a boxer by the name of Ronnie Crookes who was the much feared doorman.

The bar staff were made to pull half pints into pint glasses whilst the acts were on, so that when it got busy between acts it was quicker to pull the pints for the customers !!

One of the beers served was 'Camerons' and it's reported to not have tasted very nice !

Food was chicken in a basket, with lettuce and tomato or scampi and chips. (waitress service too)

The club itself was very dark, with much of the only light coming from the lamps on the tables ! There's some people who have told us that there used to be telephones on each table too and you could call other tables up with them ? (can anyone confirm this ?)

There was a hypnotist that played the club regularly - Martin St James who was a small man with a goatee beard who used to have a clinic just off high street.


Bee Gees

Michael Jackson and The Jacksons

Bob Monkhouse

Bruce Forsyth

Cilla Black

Del Shannon (1971)

Edwin Starr

Eve Graham (full week of shows 22nd-28th September 1974)

Freddie Starr

Gene Pitney

Gladys Knight

Glen Campbell

Hot Chocolate

Jimmy Ruffin

Joe Pass (1974)

Junior Walker

Ken Dodd

Kenny Ball and his Jazzmen

Les Dawson

Larry Grayson

Lou Christie

Middle Of The Road

Mike and Bernie Winters

Mike Read

Nookie Bear

Norman Wisdom

Showaddywaddy (21st, 22nd, 23rd Sept 1974 & 21st, 22nd, 23rd Sept 1978 & 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th Feb 1980)

Stevie Wonder

The Beach Boys (6 nights - November 29th to December 5th 1970)

The Drifters

The Dubliners (24th March 1973)

The Four Tops

The Jackson Five

The New Seekers

The Temptations

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Hunt

Tony Christie

*did you go to the Fiesta club ? do you know of any facts or bands that are missing from this post ? if so click 'reply' now and let us know !*


Picture of the Fiesta - http://www.ronsandersoncollection.com/disp...3&gallery=2

Love him or hate him, the controversial, Bernard Manning appeared at least once...

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Re the Fiesta.......I saw Roy Orbison there in 1975/6.....Cheers.....Frank

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A pal of mine had worked as QS on the building of the club. We, with our wives. as a foursome, were regular customers for quite a few  years. Somehow, the conversation always ended up with him telling us how much this, or that, feature in the building had cost......Jack Jones was our favourite artist!!

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This is a great example of what Sheffield offered when the lights dimmed. The Fiesta was not on it’s own in the entertainment stakes, and what with a selection of top discos and eating houses it certainly gave the likes of Manchester and Leeds a run for their money.

What the hell happened? 🤔


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