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Hi All, Came Over To Sheffield From Lancashire

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Guest mr_arc

Hi all

My first visit to Sheffield was on the only day that I had to find somewhere to live here, I knew little about Sheffield and despite living here for 6months now, I still have loads of questions.

Recently made time to visit the museum in Weston Park, and but couldn't stay long in the end. I do want to go back, I loved looking at the old photos of the streets around where I live.

I live near Trippets Lane, and would love to know what industry used to be found round here - when were the new buildings put up (west point / mandale house) and what used to be here. I've been looking into anglo works, as that's easy to find as it still retains the signage on the building!

I often walk through Leopold Square, and recently noticed a door saying "Infants" about it in the stone. Made me realise that the Leopold Hotel used to be a school. So i looked that up and found it to be Central Technical School. Anyone have any photos of the parts that are now Leopold Square? I see that Leopold Square was 'converted' in 2001 and it was educational offices before that, again - any photos of what it was like?

I've noticed that Urban Exploration has been mentioned on here, that too is something that interests me and i've got a few of my adventures up on my site if you'd like to take a look (nothing local yet.. I think the nearest place i've been in to here is High Royds up in Menston).

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Welcome to the Forum. It sounds as if there's lots on here to interest you, and we'd love to hear from you, either things you can add, or your reactions to our beloved city! We thrive on questions, so ask away and we'll do our best!

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I live near Trippets Lane

Trippet Lane - should be lots on here, Sheffield Town Hall number 1 (of four) was real near where you live; check pubs also, tons on there - very historic area you have chosen to live in.

Welcome to the site. Hope we can point you in the right direction(s).

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