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Beerhouses, and additional pubs

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Old Cow (Beerhouse)

12/64 Coal Pit Lane

Open 1833 Closed by 1841? Span ~7?

Comments Coalpit Lane is now Cambridge Street


1833 (White's) John Renwick, Old Cow beerhouse (64 Coalpit Lane)

1837 (White's) John Renwick, beerhouse (64 Coalpit Lane)

1839 (Robson's) Jno. Renwick, beer retailer (12 Coalpit Lane)

1841 (Census) John Renwick, cutler (Coalpit Lane)—no mention of beerhouse

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Shamrock (beerhouse)

53 & 55 Pea Croft (Solly Street)

Open 1881




1881 (Census) James Conroy, Joiner, "Beer House—no name" (53 & 55 Pea Croft)

1891 (Census) John Burton, Bricklayer & Publican, Shamrock Public House (53 & 55 Pea Croft)

1893 (Kelly's) John Burton, beerhouse (55 Pea Croft)

1901 (Census) Mary Davis, Publican, Shamrock Inn (53 & 55 Solly Street)

1905 (White's) Patrick Cusack, Beer House (55 Solly Street)

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Sportsman/Ring of Bells/Nelson Inn

8 Pea Croft (Solly Street)

Open 1837 Closed Span


1837 (White's) W. Norman, Sportsman (97 Pea Croft)

1839 (Robson's) W. Newman, Sportsman

1841 (Rodgers') Wm Norman, Sportsman (8 Pea Croft)

1841 (Census) Sarah Norman, Publican (Pea Croft)

1846 (Slater's) Sarah Norman, Sportsmans Inn

1849 William Norman

1851 (Census) James Naylor, Licensed Victualler & File Cutter (8 Pea Croft)

1852 (White's) James Naylor, filesmith & vict. Old Ring of Bells

1854 (Kelly's) James Naylor, Ring of Bells P.H. (8 Pea Croft)

1856 J Rhodes

1857 John Valentine

1858 John Wright

1859 J Wright

1862 James Gibson (Ring of Bells)

1864 James Kelly

1865 James Kelly

1881 Henry Gill

1891 (Census) Sarah Gill, Beer House Keeper, Nelson Inn (8 Pea Croft)

1901 (Census) Joseph Badger, Publican (8 Solly Street)

1905 (White's) John Flemming, beerhouse (8 Solly Street)

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