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Sheffield Wildlife Trust


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I'm not a member but I found that they are competing agianst 5 other groups for some cash. As they are local I thought it might be nice to give them some support by following the link below and hitting the VOTE button for their cause. No need to register for anything, just tick and vote.

"The Wildlife Trust for Sheffield & Rotherham needs public votes to secure £25K for access improvements at its Blacka Moor nature reserve. They're up against 5 other projects from across the UK in a national competition. Obviously, they want the money to come to Sheffield, to benefit the wildlife of and visitors to one of Sheffield's most brilliant natural places (one which is very well used by horse riders, mountain bikers, runners, walkers, etc, etc, etc, as well as some of the Peak District's best wildlife).

Please help by following the link below and voting for The Wildlife Trusts, between now and 2nd February… and also by forwarding this message to as many other people as possible."

Vote Here: Scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Been there done it. ( Did you see the size of them Bee's )

Added my vote.

The bees are way out in front and with the current plight of bees in this country they are a very worthy cause if they win.

However, out of loyalty to the local area I put my vote where it counts ;-)

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