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Index Of Sheffield Pubs

Guest Jeremy

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Index of Sheffield Pubs

Working towards a complete index with links to all known pubs, with dates, known keepers, pictures, and other information - this list from the earliest known to 1951, post 1951 Pubs/keepers may be included in the A-Z but are "incidental".

The pubs list includes the work of many people, in particular RichardB, Tsavo, and dobberd not forgetting Ukelele Lady.This work is ongoing.

Click a letter to jump directly to that place in the index:


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Abbey Hotel 944 Chesterfield Road, S8

Abbeydale Station Hotel 161 Abbeydale Road South
Aberdeen House 133 Upper Hanover Street/2 Aberdeen Street, S3
Acorn 20 Burton Road
Acorn 20 New Church Street
Acorn 204,288-292 Shalesmoor, S3
Acorn 52 Wicker S3
Acorn Bracken Hill, Chapeltown S35
Adam and Eve 17 Balaclava Road
Adelaide Tavern 48 Mowbray Street, S3
Adelphi 13 Arundel Street/Sycamore Street, S1
Adelphi 15 Martin Street, S6
Admiral Rodney 592 Loxley Road, S6
African Prince Lambert Street S3
Albany Hotel 38-40 Gloucester Street, S10
Albany Hotel Fargate/Surrey Street S1
Albert 2 Coal Pit Lane (Cambridge Street), S1
Albert 31 Sutherland Street, S4
Albert Hotel 117 Penistone Road, S6
Albert Inn 113 Broomhall Street, S3
Albert Inn 162 Darnall Road, S9
Albion 12 Sylvester Street
Albion 23 Adsett Street
Albion 2-4 Earsham Street, S4
Albion 26 Oxford Street
Albion 35 Johnson Street
Albion 4 Mitchell Street, S3
Albion 46 Verdon Street S3
Albion 694 [High Street] Attercliffe Road S9
Albion Hotel 12 East Street, Park
Albion Hotel 75 London Road, S2
Albion Hotel Haymarket
Albion Tavern 26 Lambert Street S3
All Bar One 15 Leopold Street
Alexandra 111 Eldon Street/14 Milton Street S1
Alexandra 13 Dover Street
Alexandra 549 Carlisle Street East S4
Alexandra 91 Dunlop Street, S9
Alexandra Hotel Exchange Street, 37 Furnival Road, S2
Alexandra Hotel 42 Jericho Street, S3
Alexandra Hotel Furnival Road S2
Alexandra Hotel Holly Bush Street, Parkgate
Alhambra 78 Meadow Street/100 Hoyle Street
Alhambra Palace Vaults 1-15 Union Street
Ashopton Inn Derwent
All Nations 18 Water Lane
Alma Cottage 56 Duke Street
Alma Hotel 92 Trafalgar Street
Alma Tavern Burlington Street
Alma 23 Alma Street
Amateur's Rest 17 Holly Street
Amberley The Windmill 221 Attercliffe Common, S9
American Stores 36 West Bar Green S1
Anchor 162 Darnall Road, S9
Anchor 20 Pea Croft
Anchor 233 Solly Street
Ancient Pine Apple 3 Radford Row
Angler's Inn Bamford
Angel 15 Angel Street 1657 1940 283
Angel 59 Sheffield Road, Woodhouse S13
Angel 8 Market Street, Eckington S21
Angel 87 Westbar Green
Angel Inn 151 Main Street, Grenoside S35
Angel 14 Button Lane or 18-22 Button Lane or South Street
Angler's Rest 15 Snow Lane
Angler's Rest 46 New George Street
Angler's Rest 93 Richmond Park Road, S13
Anvil 106 Stannington Road, Malin Bridge S6
Anvil 152 South Street, Moor
Anvil 24 Waingate S3
Anvil Maker's Arms 119 Young Street
Aquaduct Tavern (Beerhouse) Aquaduct, Attercliffe
Arbourthorne Hotel Errington Road, S2
Arena Square Attercliffe Common, S9
Army Hotel 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road
Army Stores 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road
Arrow Inn Attercliffe Common S9
Artillery Man 7 Bridge Street
Arundel Arms 1 The Common, Ecclesfield S35
Arundel Castle 257 Arundel Street S1
Arundel Cottage 49 Arundel Lane S1
Alambra Hotel 1-13 Union Street S1
Ashberry Hotel 116 Addy Street, 1 Ashberry Road, S6
Assembly Rooms 76;78 Wicker
Athol Hotel 19 Charles Street/84-86 Pinstone Street S1
Atlantic Inn Brightmore Street
Atlas 131 Carlisle Street East S4
Atlas 274 Savile Street S4
Atlas Bawtry Road, Brinsworth
Aunt Sally Clarkehouse Road, Broomhill S10
Australian Arms 49 West Bar S3
Australian House Fawcett St, Netherthorpe
Av-It-Bar 5 Carlisle Street East

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Bagshawe Arms Hemsworth Road, Norton Avenue
Baker's Arms 127 Clarence Street
Ball 106 High Street, Ecclesfield
Ball 16 Pond Street or 203 Pond Street
Ball 17 Scotland Street (Grindle gate)
Ball /Acorn 182 Young Street
Ball 23 Newfield/23 Oborne Street later 2 & 56 Oborne Street
Ball 17 Hawley Croft
Ball 13 / 26 Campo Lane
Ball 27 Spring Street
Ball 28 Townhead Street
Ball 3 Norfolk Street
Ball 43 Mansfield Road, Intake
Ball 46 Furnace Hill
Ball 50 Lambert Street/3 Lambert Street John Watts
Ball 25/52/ Pye Bank/ 8 Pitsmoor Road
Ball 60 Charles Street
Ball 66 Upwell Street, Grimesthorpe S3
Ball31 & 72 Howard Street
Ball 83 Westbar Green
Ball Stannington
Ball Cricket Inn Road
Ball Darnall Hill / Darnall Road
Ball Fitzalan Street
Ball Garden Street
Ball Gleadless
Ball Hesley,Ecclesfield
Ball New Pinstone Street
Ball Solly Street
Ball/Blue Ball Hagstones Road, Worrall
Ball in the Tree/Ball/Balli'th'Tree Clarke Houses
Ball Inn 171 Crookes, S10
Ball Inn 230 Myrtle Road / Spurr Lane, Heeley
Ball Inn 44 Broad Lane
Ball Inn 76 Burgess Street
Ball Inn 84 Green Lane
Ball Inn Carsick Hill, Hallam Head, Upper Hallam
Ball 31 Duke Street, Park
Ball 86 Carver Street
Ball 64 Wicker
Ball 8 Pea Croft
Ball 39 Forge or Shude Lane
Balloon Tavern 21 Sycamore Street
Balloon Tavern 83 Trippet Lane
Baltic Inn 420 Effingham Road
Bank Inn 1 Penistone Road
Bank Street Hotel 24 Bank Street
Bank Tavern 4 Harts Head
Bank Tavern 65 Norfolk Street
Bankers Draft 1-3 Market Place, Castle Square
Banner Cross Hotel 967-971 Ecclesall Road, S11
Bar 101 25 Arundel Gate
Bar Coast Division Street, S1
Barcentro Cambridge Street
Barley Mow 99 Broomhall Street
Barleycorn 38 Coal Pit Lane
Barrack Tavern (New) 601 Penistone Road, Owlerton
Barrack Tavern/Old Barrack Tavern 217 Penistone Road/Hill foot
Barrel 1 Townhead Street
Barrel 123 London Road
Barrel 13 & 105 Pond Street
Barrel 134 Lord Street
Barrel 36 Duke Street, Park
Barrel 36 Water Lane (5 Water Lane in 1834)
Barrel 64 Pinstone Street
Barrel 73-75 Solly Street
Barrel 16 Charles Street
Barrel 86 / 44 Pye Bank / Bridgehouses
Barrel 9 Waingate
Barrel Bent's Green
Barrel 26 Hawley Croft
Barrel Holy Croft (Holly ?)
Ball Badger Lane,[st Thomas Street ]
Barrel Mortomley Lane End, Chapeltown
Barrel (Beerhouse) 13 Sims Croft
Barrel Inn Damflask
Barrel Inn 69 Broad Lane
Barrel 756 Attercliffe Road
Barrel 40 Little Pond Street
Barrel 31 Edward Street (Scotland Street)
Barrel 75 Pea Croft
Barrow Boys Shude Hill (Under Canada House)
Barrow House Fowler Street, Wincobank
Bar S1 240 West Street/Glossop Road
Bartons Dream Shop 118 West Street
Barton Vaults 118 West Street
Basin Tavern 36 Blast Lane
Bell Hathersage
Batemoor 1 White Thorns View, S8
Bath Hotel 139 & 125 Broomhall Street
Bath Hotel 184 Burgoyne Road/Whitehouse Road, S6
Bath Hotel 66 Victoria Street, S3
Bathfield Hotel 80 Weston Street & 1 Powell Street
Bay Childers 4 Bridge Street
Bay Childers 8 High Street
Bay Horse 8 High Street
Bay Horse 1 Greystock Street / 227 Attercliffe Road
Bay Horse 143 Milton Street
Bay Horse 40 South Street, Moor
Bay Horse 46 Upper St Phillips Road, S3
Bay Horse 463 Pitsmoor Road, S3
Bay Horse 9 Willey Street, Wicker
Bay Horse Scholes, Kimberworth Rotherham
Bay Horse Wadsley
Bay Horse 53 West Bar Green
Bay Tree 67 Snow Hill [Cricket Inn Lane ]
Bazaar Hotel 116 South Street, Moor
Bedford Tavern 14 Cross Bedford Street
Beauchief Hotel 161 Abbeydale Road South, S7
Bedford Hotel 71 Penistone Road
Bedroom 88 West Street
Bee Hive Inn Far Lane/Dykes Hall Road, S6
Beehive 7 Bowling Green Street
Beehive Grimesthorpe
Beehive Harthill with Woodall, Sheffield
Beehive 115 Langsett Road
Beehive 13 Little Pond Street
Beehive 23 Spring Street
Beehive Hotel 20 Upwell Lane
Beehive 240 West Street/Glossop Road
Beeley Wood 500-502 Middlewood Road, S6
Beeswing 46 Hartshead
Belfry Eckington Road, Beighton
Bell Market Street/Fitzalan Square [Family & Commercial Hotel ]
Board Bolsterstone
Bell Hagg Inn Manchester Road, Upper Hallam
Belle Vue Hotel 229 Cricket Inn Road, S2
Bellefield Inn 2 Bellefield Lane
Bellefield House 68-70 Bellefield Street &90 Fawcett Street
Bellefield Inn 37 Bellefield Street [14 Bellefield Terrace ]
Bellevue Hotel 116 Fitzalan Street
Belle Vue Hotel 282 Whitehouse Lane, S6
Ben Lomond 23 Eyre Street
Bethel Arms Backfields
B-Hive 240 West Street/Glossop Road
Big Gun/Great Gun13-15-17 Wicker, S3
Big Tree 842 Chesterfield Road, S8
Bird in Hand 126 High Street, Eckington
Bird in Hand 49 Broughton Lane
Bird in Hand 624 Brightside Lane
Bird in Hand 82 Bridge Street
Bird in Hand Church Street
Birley Hotel 66 Birley Moor Road, S12
Birmingham Arms 18 Lambert Street
Birmingham Arms 40 Greystock Street
Birmingham Arms 79 or 93 Matilda Street
Birmingham Tavern 5 New Church Street
Black Boy 29 Bailey Lane
Black Bull 18 Church Street, Ecclesfield
Black Bull 26 Main Street, Aughton
Black Bull 74 Hollis Croft
Black Bull Thurlstone
Black Darling 75 Talbot Street
Black Eagle 80 Wellington Street
Black Horse 17 Edward Street
Black Horse 64 Howard Street
Black Horse Pitt's Moor
Black Horse/Old Black Horse 180 Upper Allen Street
Black Horse/Old Black Horse Scotland Street
Black Horse 75 Talbot Street
Black Lion 24 Bank Street
Black Lion 33 Snig Hill
Black Man 76 Scotland Street
Black Rock 17 Castle Street
Black Swan 1 Little Pond Street (also 15 & 60)
Black Swan 21 Burgess Street
Black Swan 3 Fargate/5 Black Swan Walk
Birmingham House High Street
Black Swan Crofts
Black Swan 1 Snig Hill/29 Snig Hill
Black Tiger 94 Pea Croft
Blackamoors Head 25 High Street
Blacksmith's Arms 10 Sheldon Row
Blacksmith's Arms Hill Top, Ecclesfield
Blacksmith's Arms Stumperlowe
Blacksmiths' Arms Fulwood
Blacksmiths' Arms Mill House, Thurstone
Blacksmith's Cottage Button Lane
Blackstock Gleadless Road, S2
Blademaker's Arms 92 Eyre Lane
Blake Street Hotel 53 Blake Street
Bloomsberry 37 Albion Street, Crooksmoor
Blucher 672 Brightside Lane
Blue Ball 25/52/ Pye Bank / 8 Pitsmoor Road
Blonk Street Tavern Blonk Street
Blue Ball 3 Norfolk Street
Blue Ball 320 Haggstones Road, Worrall
Blue Ball 91 Pond Street
Blue Ball Crookes, S10
Blue Ball Darnall
Blue Ball Dixon Lane
Birmingham Arms Hawley Croft
Blue Ball281 Main Road, Wharncliffe Side
Blue Ball Thurlstone
Blue Ball 67 Broad Street, Park, S2
Blue Bell Church Street/120 Worksop Road Attercliffe
Blue Bell Harthill with Woodall, Sheffield
Blue Bell/Old Blue Bell 31-33 High Street
Blue Bell 56 High Street
Blue Bell 13 Jehu Lane/4 Commercial Street in 1871
Blue Bell 1 Main Street, Hackenthorpe
Blue Bell 72 Silver Street Head
Beehive Silver Street Head
Blue Boar 16 Cross Burgess Street
Blue Boar 26 Bow Street
Blue Boar 26 West Bar
Blue Boar / Pig 22 Workhouse Lane
Blue Boy 9 Blue Boy Street, Allen Street
Blue Boy 41 Shepherd Street, Moorfields
Blade Makers 193 Arundel Street
Blue Pig 19 Cross Burgess Street
Blue Pig 6/22 Workhouse Lane & 41/43 Spring Street
Blue Stoops/Blue Posts High Street, Dronfield
Bluwater Bar & Restaurant 18-19 Arches, Victoria Quays, Wharf Street
Board 6 Dixon Lane
Board (Beerhouse) Hill Top, Attercliffe
Boardwalk 1 Snig Hill/29 Snig Hill
Boatman 20 or 26 Ball Street
Boatman's Inn Norwood, Wales
Boatman's Mission Corn Exchange
Bodega High Street
Bold Dragon Inn 264 Langsett Road
Bold Dragoon 264 Langsett Road
Board Wadsley
Boot and Shoe 79 Campo Lane (26 Cross Church Street in 1834)
Boot and Shoe/Boot and Slipper 52 Pinstone Street
Boston Castle 6 Castle Green
Boston Hotel 10 Lansdowne Road
Bottle & Barrel Montgomery Road, Nether Edge
Boulougne Mouth 30 Waingate
Bower Spring Tap 2 Bower Spring
Bowling Green Hotel 2 Upwell Lane, S9
Bowling Green Hotel and Tea Gardens Cherrytree Hill
Bowling Tavern 55 Montfort Street S3
Brackley Arms 14 Brackley Street, S3
Bradway Hotel/Hogshead/Miner's Inn Bradway Road, Bradway
Bramwell 99 Upper St Philips Road
Brass Arms 1 West Bar
Brave Old Oak 58 Charles Street
Brelsford's Commercial Hotel 2 Dixon Lane/22 Old Haymarket
Bressingham Arms 2 Bressingham Road
Brewer's Arms 36 Eyre Street
Brewer's Inn 46 Blackmore Street
Brewery House 79 Button Lane
Bricklayers Arms 77 Wentworth Street
Bricklayer's Arms 8 Jehu Lane
Bricklayer's Arms 66 Hereford Street
Brickmaker's Arms 21 Newhall Road
Brickmakers Arms 92 Eyre Lane
Brickmakers Arms Coalpit Lane
Bridge 2 Meadow Hall Road
Blackwood 16 Douglas Road
Bridge 3 Sheffield Road, Dronfield
Bridge 509 London Road
Bridge Inn 1 Bridgehouses
Brewers's Arms 28 Broad Street
Bridge Inn 219 Pond Street
Bridge Inn 317 Penistone Road/Hillfoot
Bridge Inn 47 Hereford Street
Bridge Inn 5 Bridge Street
Bridge Inn Owlerton
Blade Makers Arms 193 Arundel Street
Bridge Inn Blackburn Road/Meadowhall Road
Bridge Inn Ford, Ridgeway
Bridge Inn Granville Street
Britain's Protection 26 Pea Croft.
Bridge Inn Hollowgate, High Green
Bridge Inn Mortomley Lane End, Chapeltown
Bridge Inn Thurgoland
Bridge Inn Whirlow
Bridge Inn (Beerhouse) 63 Pond Street
Bridge Inn (or Bridgehouse Inn) 181 Nursery Street
Bridge Inn 387 Attercliffe Road/Carlton Road, S9
Bridgefield 195 Fowler Street
Brightmore Tavern 23 Brightmore Street
Brincliffe Oaks Hotel 9 Oak Hill Road, Nether Edge Road
Britain Arms 120 Matilda Street
Britannia 101 Broad Lane
Britannia 122 Portobello Street
Britannia 24 Worksop Road
Brittania Inn 43 Charles Lane
British Lion 38 Thomas Street
British Oak 1 Mosborough Moor
British Oak 227 Carbrook Street
British Oak Oak Street, Heeley, S8
British Queen Penistone Road
Broadfield Hotel 482 Abbeydale Road, S8
Brocco Hotel 167 Upper Allan Street
Bronx 208 Savile Street East, S4
Broomhall House 49 Broomhall Street
Broomhall Tavern 105 Broomhall Street
Broomhill Tavern 484 Glossop Road
Brooms (Beerhouse) Ughill, Bradfield
Brougham Tavern Cattle Markets
Broughton 1 Broughton Lane
Broughton Inn 342 Attercliffe Common, S9
Brown Bear 109 Norfolk Street
Brown Bear 26 Market Street, Eckington
Brown Cow 1 Broad Lane
Brown Cow 6 Burdekin's Yard, 25 Bridgehouses
Brown Cow Red Croft
Brown Cow 1 Mowbray Street
Brown Cow / Old Brown Cow 1-3 Radford Street
Brown Cow 56 Wicker
Brown Cow 27 Trippet Lane
Brunswick 15 Haymarket
Brunswick Arms 46 Grimesthorpe Road
Brunswick 54 Thomas Street, Little Sheffield
Brunswick Hotel 30 Tilford Road, Woodhouse
Board Wharncliffe Side
Brunswick House 98 Bramber Street, S3
Brunswick Inn 16 Ellin Street, S1
Brushmakers Arms Coalpit Lane
Buccaneerl Leopold Street
BuccaneerGrand Hotel, Leopold Street, S1
Buckenham Hotel 62 Grimesthorpe Road
Buckenham Hotel or Buck Hotel 33 Waingate
Bull Hesley Lane, Ecclesfield
Bull 18 Church Street, Ecclesfield
Bull 26 Main Street, Aughton
Bull 74 Hollis Croft
Bull Thurlstone
Bull and Bitch
Bull and Mouth 30 Waingate
Bull and Oak 26 Furnival Road
Bull and Oak New Cattle Market
Bull and Oak 76â"78 Wicker
Bull Inn 95 Heeley Green, Heeley
Bulldog 387 Attercliffe Road/Washford Bridge, S9
Bull's Head 18 Dun Street, S3
Bull's Head 2 Duke Street, S2
Bull's Head 2 Matilda Street
Bull's Head 29 Cross Smithfield, S3
Bull's Head 396 Fulwood Road, Ranmoor, S10
Burgoyne Arms 246 Langsett Road, S6
Burlington Hotel 7 Burlington Street, S6
Burlington Hotel 72 Wentworth Street
Burn's Head Tavern 10 Townhead Street
Burn's Hotel 12 Sheffield Road
Burns' Tavern Carbrook
Burnt Tree Inn 84 Allen Street
Burnt Tree Tavern 83 Hoyle Street
Burnt Tree Tavern Beerhouse 80 Shepherd Street
Burton Arms 434 Attercliffe Road/Carlton Road
Bush Little Sheffield
Bushmaker's Arms 31 Pond Hill
Butcher's Arms 1 Langsett Road / Infirmary Road
Butcher's Arms 158 Gibralter Street
Butcher's Arms 27 Townhead Street
Butcher's Arms 276 Shalesmoor
Butcher's Arms 61 Bath Street
Butcher's Arms Penistone Road
Byron House 16 Nether Edge Road

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Cambridge Arms 1 Coal Pit Lane

Caravan Tavern Little Sheffield

Cambridge Hotel 452 Penistone Road

Canine Inn 34 Lambert Street

Canning Tavern 2 Bower Street

Cannon 8 Scotland Street

Cannon Spirit Vaults/Castle Wine Vaults 30 Castle Street

Canteen Barracks

Canterbury Hall Hotel 19 Pinfold Street

Canterbury Hotel 29 Egerton Street

Carbrook Hall 537 Attercliffe Common

Cardigan Tavern 47 Ball Street

Carlisle Street Hotel 5 Carlisle Street East

Carlisle Tavern 67 Carlisle Road

Carlton 17 Corporation Street

Carlton 563 Attercliffe Road

Carlton High Street

Carpenter's Arms 19 Hereford Street

Carter's Rest 123 Matilda Street

Carwood 8 Carlisle Street East, S4

Cask and Cutler 1 Henry Street

Castle Inn 46 Snighill

Castle Inn Bolsterstone

Castle Inn Castle Row, Twentywell Road, Bradway

Castle Inn Dykes Hall Road

Castle Tavern 1 Broad Lane

Catherine Arms 29-31 Catherine Street

Cavells 44 High Street

Cavendish 220-238 West Street

Ceylon Hotel 16 Wellington Street

Chacha's 32 Bowden Street

Chandler's Arms Bullstake, Later Haymarket

Chandos/Salutation 217 Rockingham Street

Chantrey Arms 11 Bramall Lane

Chantrey Arms 733-735 Chesterfield Road

Charlotte Tavern 23 Charlotte Street

Checquers 11 Hartshead

Corporation Vaults Orchard Street

Chequers Inn Dronfield Lane, Coal Aston

Chequers or Old Cow (Beerhouse) 64 Coal Pit Lane

Chequers/Checquers 19 Rough Bank, Park / Weigh Lane

Chequers/Checquers 61 Wicker

Chequers/Checquers 4 Meadow Street

Castle Tap 3 Water Lane

Cherry Tree 37 Gibralter Street

Cherry Tree Bowling Green Cherrytree Hill

Chester Castle 62 Eldon Street

City Arms 23 Eyre Street

Clarence Hotel 1 Paradise Square

Clarence Hotel 109 Clarence Street

Clarence Hotel/Midland Railway Hotel 133 Pond Street

Clarence/Blue Bell/Norfolk Arms 56 High Street

Clarendon Hotel 1 Paradise Street

Claywood Tavern (Beerhouse) South Street, Park

Cleakham Inn Cornish Place

Clifton 79 Clifton Street

Casting Pot 33 Hartshead

Clifton/formerly Army Stores 45 Hillfoot/281 Penistone Road

Clock 41 Porter Street

Clock Maker's Arms 122 West Bar

Closed Shop 52-54 Commonside

Clown and Monkey Paradise Square

Club 160 160 Attercliffe Road

Club 197 197 Brook Hill

Club Gardens Inn 60 Lansdowne Road, S11

Club Mill 20 Smithfield

Club Xes 195 Carlisle Street

Coach and Horses/Barrel 756 Attercliffe Road

Coach and Horses 147 Carlisle Street East

Coach and Horses 156 Gibralter Street

Coach and Horses 16 Waingate

Coach and Horses 37 Water Lane

Coach and Horses 756 Attercliffe Road

Cordwainer's Arms Arundel Lane S1

Coach and Horses Rotherham Road, Eckington

Coach and Horses Sheffield Road, Dronfield

Coach and Horses 13 Station Road, Chapeltown

Coach and Horses Stocksbridge

Coach and Six Haymarket

Coach Makers' Arms 43 South Street

Cobden View Hotel 40 Cobden View Road, S10

Commercial 23-25 West Bar

Cock 5 Bridge Hill, Oughtibridge

Cock 59 Hollis Croft

Cock 76 Broad Street

Cock Castle Hill

Cock High Street

Cock Wicker (67 Wicker in 1834)

Cock and Bottle 46 Hawley Croft

Cock and Bottle Hawley Croft

Cock Inn 11 Paradise Square

Cocked Hat 75 Worksop Road

Collier's Arms (Beerhouse) 37 Duke Street

Columbia Tavern 10 Fornham Street, S2

Commercial 107 & 109 Station Road, Chapeltown

Commercial 3 Sheffield Road, S9

Commercial 35 High Street

Commercial 4-6 Bank Street

Commercial Hotel/Inn 34 Button Lane & 123 Carver Street

Commercial Inn 24 Haymarket

Commercial Tap 3 Commercial Street

Common Room 127�129 Devonshire Street

Comet 26 Broad Lane

Compleat Angler 1 Snig Hill/29 Snig Hill

Consort 215 Eyre Street

Coopers' Hotel Brightside Lane

Corner Pin 14 Wicker & 84 Blonk Street

Corner Pin 23 Burlington Street

Corner Pin 231 Carlisle Street East, S4

Corner Pin 80 Allen Street

Cornerhouse 28 Cambridge Street

Cornish Inn 56 Cornish Street

Corn Mill Inn 20 Smithfield

Corporation Arms 24 West Bar Green

Corporation Innl 37 Corporation Street, S3

Cossack 45 Howard Street

Cottage Bole Hill Road, Walkley

Corporaton Vaults Orchard Street S1

Crabtree 121 Scotland Street

Crabtree Vaults 74 Langsett Road

Cremorne 155 London Road

Cricketers House 35 Hartshead S1

Cricket Ball Inn 2 Savile Street East/46 Sutherland Road

Cricket House / Ground 289 Darnall Road, Darnall

Cricket Inn 20 Cricket Inn Road, Park, S2

Cricket Inn/Cricketer's Penney Lane, Totley Bents, Totley

Cricketer's Arms 106 Bramall Lane

Cricketer's Inn 37 Arley Street

Cricketer's Tavern Hyde Park

Crimea Tavern 63 Earl Street

Cromwell's Varieties 100 West Bar, S3

Cromwell View Hotel 80 Spital Street

Crooked Billet 62 Scotland Street

Crooked Billet Claywd, Shrewsbury Road

Crooked Billet Crooked Billet Yard, off High Street

Cross Daggers 14 Market Square, Woodhouse

Cross Daggers 52 West Bar Green

Cross Daggers Cross Daggers Yard, High Street

Cross Daggers Cross Lane, Coal Aston

Cross Daggers / Cross Low Bradfield

Cross Guns (Great Gun) 115 Franklin Street

Cross Guns (Great Gun) 122 Sharrow Lane

Cross Keys 4 Shude Hill

Cross Keys 400 Handsworth Road, Handsworth Woodhouse

Cross Keys 16 Cross Burgess Street

Cross Keys 9 Bower Street

Cross Keys 91 Peacroft

Cross Scythes 147 Derbyshire Lane, Meersbrook

Cross Scythes Baslow Road, Totley Rise

Cross Scythes Four Lane Ends, Norton

Crossfield Tavern Thorncliffe, Chapeltown

Crosspool Tavern468 Manchester Road, Crosspool

Cross Daggers Market Place S1

Crown 116 Neepsend Lane

Crown 2 Albert Road

Crown 2 Walkley Bank Road

Crown 21 Meadow Hall Road

Crown 29 - 33 Holly Street

Crown Inn 41 Carlisle Road

Crown 52 Silver Street Head

Crown/Crown & Cushion 54 Campo Lane

Crown / Crown & Cushion 6 West Bar Green

Crown Beighton

Crown/ Old Crown Handsworth, Woodhouse

Crown Hillfoot Road, Totley

Crown 133/137 London Road/Little Sheffield/Highfield

Crown and Anchor 228 Solly Street

Crown and Anchor 14 Button Lane or 18-22 Button Lane

Crown and Anchor 218 Fitzwilliam Street / Bright Street

Crown and Anchor 18 Stanley Street

Crown and Blacksmith Owlerton

Crown and Cushion 23 Broad Lane

Crown and Cushion Eckington

Crown and Cushion 9 Tudor Street

Crown and Cushion Burn Cross, Chapeltown

Crown and Cushion 76-78 Wicker

Crown and Cushion/Old Crown and Cushion 21 Old Street, Park

Crown and Daggers Westbar Green

Crown and Glove 96 Upper Gate, Stannington

Crown and Shakespeare 16 Sycamore Street

Crown and Thistle Irish Cross (bottom of Snig Hill)

Crown Hotel 137 High Street, Mosbrough

Crown Inn 107 Corby Street

Crown Inn 23 Blue Boy Street

Crown Inn 24 Wicker

Crown Inn 43 Summerfield Street, S11

Crown Inn 52 Harvest Lane

Crown Inn 53 Bessemer Road, S9

Crown Inn 53 Bressingham Road

Crown Inn 87 Forncett Street, S4

Crown Inn Campo Lane

Crown Inn Carbrook

Crown Inn High Green

Crown Inn 1 High Street

Crown Inn Lee Croft

Crown Inn 710 Penistone Road, Owlerton

Crown Inn Polka Street / Oborne Street . Bridgehouses

Crown Inn Victoria Road, Heeley

Crown Inn 13 Duke Street, Park

Crown Inn 21 Blackburn Road, Brightside

Crown Inn 21 Pinstone Street

Crown 35 Scotland Street

Crystal Palace 52 Townhead Street

Crystal Palace Thurlstone

Crystal Wine Vaults (Beerhouse) 50 High Street

Cumberland Head 35 High Street, Beighton

Cup 112 Sorby Street

Cup 19 Paternoster Row

Cup 4 Market Street

Cup 52 Button Lane

Cup Campo Lane

Cup 17 Dun Street

Cup Inn 120 Duke Street

Cuthbert Arms 296 Langsett Road, S6

Cuthbert Bank Hotel 164 Langsett Road, S6

Cutler 32�34 Cambridge Street

Cutler's Arms 66 Edward Street

Cutler's Arms 7 New Church Street

Cutler's Arms 86 Fargate

Cutler's Arms Church Street, Attercliffe

Cutler's Arms Leighton Road

Cutler's Arms (Beerhouse) 27 Pond Street

Cutler's Arms 74 Worksop Road, Attercliffe

Cutler's Arms 38 Fargate

Cutler's Inn 84 Fargate

Cutler's Inn Hillfoot

Cyclops 101 Carlisle Street

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Daggers Inn Market Place

Dallas Bar Fowler Street, Wincobank

Dam House Bar & Restaurant Mushroom Lane

Daniel's Rest 29 Cliff Street

Danville Hotel 1 Danville Street S4

David and Goliath 111 Devonshire Street

Deep End Langsett Road

Deerstalker Deer Park Road, Stannington

Dempsey's 1 Hereford Street

Denison Arms 33 Watery Street

Derby Hotel 10 Lansdowne Road

Derby 53 Egerton Street

Derby Hotel 25 Lawson Street, S3

Devonshire Arms 118 Ecclesall Road, S11

Devonshire Arms 23 South Street, Moor

Devonshire Arms 405 Herries Road

Devonshire Arms 51 Eldon Street

Devonshire Arms Division Street

Devonshire Arms High Street, Dore

Devonshire Cat Ltd Devonshire Courtyard, 49 Wellington Street

Dickens/Le Metro 35 Carver Street

DNR 25-29 Arundel Gate

Dog and Gun 102 Button Lane

Dog and Gun 108 Carver Street

Dog and Gun 122 Trafalgar Street

Dog and Gun 18 Headford Street, S3

Dog and Gun Nethershire, Shiregreen

Dog and Gun Stephen Hill

Dog and Partridge 122 West Bar, S3

Druids Inn Attercliffe

Dog and Partridge 56 Trippet Lane

Dog and Partridge/Goodfellas Gentlemans' Club 575 Attercliffe Road

Dog and Partridge 53 Coal Pit Lane, S1

Dolphin 34 Adsett Street

Dolphin Edward Street

Dolphin Hotel 37 Division Street

Dolphin Inn New Grimesthorpe

Domino Egerton Street

Don House Infirmary Road

Don Inn 67 Penistone Road

Dore Junction Abbeydale Road North

Dore Moor Inn Hathersage Road, Dore

Douglas Inn 209-211 Douglas Road, S3

Dove and Rainbow 172 Portobello Street

Dove and Rainbow 25 Hartshead

Dragon Inn 135 Infirmary Road, S6

Dragon Inn 67 Penistone Road

Druid Tavern 37 Bailey Street

Duke Inn 7 Duke Street

Duke of Clarence 15 Radford Row

Duke of York 135 Main Road, Darnall

Duke of York 35 Market Street, Eckington

Dunlop Inn Dunlop Street, S9

Durham Ox 15 Cricket Inn Road

Durham Ox 51 Exchange Street

Dusty Miller 24 Nursery Street

Dusty Miller 69 Carlisle Street

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Eagle 80 Wellington Street /73 Eldon Street

Earl Grey's Compass/ Compass Inn 28 Orchard Street

Eagle and Child 28 Smithfield

Eagle Tavern 117 Duke Street

Eagle Tavern Hawley Croft

Eagle Tavern 10 Orchard Street

Eagle Tavern 75 Queen Street

Eagle Tavern 26 Shepherd Street

Eagle Vaults 51 West Bar

Earl Francis Hotel 64 Manor Oaks Road

Eyres Arms Carver Street S1

Earl Grey 226 Moorfields

Earl Grey 97 Ecclesall Road, S11

Earl Grey Silver Street Head

Earl Marshall 291 East Bank Road

Earl of Arundel and Surrey 528 Queen's Road, S2

East House 18 Spital Hill

East Parade Hotel 2 Campo Lane

Ebenezer Tavern 42 Russell Street

Ecclesall Tavern 273-275 Hanover Street, S3

Economical Hotel 130 or 132 Eldon Street

Effingham Arms 19 Sussex Street

Egerton Hotel 138 Fitzwilliam Street

Elephant (Beerhouse) George Street, Philadelphia

Elephant and Castle 117 Arundel Street

Elephant and Castle Lady's Bridge

Elephant Vaults 2 Norfolk Street & Market Street

Ellesmere Hotel 55 Ellesmere Road, S4

Ellis Street Tavern 21 Ellis Street

Elm Tree 980 City Road/Intake

Earl Grey 37 Hawley Croft

Empire Bar 25-33 Charter Square

Edge Hotel Newhall Road

Empire Hotel 94 Charles Street

Enfield Arms 95 Broughton Lane, S9

Engineers 116 Carlisle Street East

Engineers Russell Street

Engineer's Arms 45 Sussex Street

Engineers Hotal 114 Charles Street

Engineers Hotel Fowler Street, Wincobank

Evening Gun 8 Scotland Street

Everest 44 Ballifield Drive, S13

Eversley House 117 Upperthorpe Road, S6

Excelsior 1 Carbrook Street, Attercliffe Common, S9

Exchange 40 Exchange Street

Exchange 53 Eldon Street

Exchange 64 Garden Street

Exchange 89 Thomas Street

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Fagans 69 Broad Lane

Fair Trades 118 Carlisle Street East

Fair Trades Hotel 137 Scotland Street

Fairway Inn Birley Lane

Falcon 65 Pea Croft (Solly Street)

Falcon Inn 18 Leicester Street

Falcon 11-13 Flat Street

Falstaff Hotel 3 Effingham Street, S1

Fara's Free House 74 Worksop Road

Farfield 376 Neepsend Lane

Far Lees 300 Leighton Road, Sheffield

Farmyard Vaults 102 Scotland Street

Farrier's Arms 145 Gibralter Street

Fat Cat 23 Alma Street

Feathers 48/55/65/70 High Street, Park/46 Bard Street, Park

Ferret and Trouserleg 4 St James Building, S1

Fiery Fred Clipstone Gardens, S9

Fighting Cock 71 Monteney Crescent, S5

Filesmith's Arms 128 Scotland Street

Filesmith's Arms 229 Attercliffe Common, S9

Filesmith's Arms 40 Trinity Street

Filesmith's Arms 61 Charles Street

Filesmith's Arms 66 Leopold Street

Filesmith's Arms 91 Pea Croft

Filesmith's Arms Langsett Road South Oughtibridge

Filesmith's Arms/Silversmith's Arms 1 Lord Street

Firth Park Hotel 127 Page Hall Road, S4

Firwood Cottage 279 Whitehouse Lane

Fisherman's Inn/Fishmongers' Inn 115 Carlisle Street

Fisherman's Rest 93 Tinsley Park Road, S9

Fisherman's Tavern 100 Backfields

Fitzalan Inn/Top Fitzalan 123 Fitzalan Street S3

Fitzalan Tavern 58 Fitzalan Street S3

Fitzalan Vaults Haymarket

Fitzwilliam Hotel 14 Milford Street , Attercliffe

Fargate Vaults / Chequer's 35 Fargate

Fitzwilliam Hotel 70 Fitzwilliam Street

Fitzwilliam Tavern Attercliffe

Five Alls 168 Infirmary Road

Fleur De Lis 66 Fargate

Fleur De Lis off Attercliffe Road

Fleur De Lis Totley Hall Lane, Totley Rise

Fleur De Lis Inn Unstone, Dronfield

Fleur de Lys 7 Angel Street

Florist 119 Broad Lane

Florist 185 Walkley Road, S6

Flouch Inn Flouch, Hazlehead, Sheffield

Flying Dutchman 33 Silver Street Head

Forest Inn 48 Rutland Road S3

Foresters Arms 14 Union Buildings, Bridge Street

Forester's Arms 373 Penistone Road

Forester's Arms 45 Eyre Street

Forester's Arms 91 Headford Street

Forester's Inn 57 Division Street

Forge Inn 95 Newhall Road

Forge Tavern Millsands

Forge Tavern Pond Hill

Fortunes of War 62/102/112 Scotland Street

Forty Foot Wordsworth Avenue, S5

Forum Sandstone Road, Wincobank, S9

Forum Café 127â€"129 Devonshire Street

Foundry & Firkin 240 West Street/Glossop Road

Foundry Arms 101 Green Lane

Foundry Arms 111 Barrow Road, S9

Fountain 7 Pinfold Street

Fountain West Bar

Fountain Bar Leopold Street

Fowler Street Hotel 37 Haywood Street

Fox and Duck 116 Rockingham Street

Fox and Duck 174 Pye Bank

Fox and Duck 37 Fulwood Road/227 Fulwood Road, S10

Fox and Duck 438 Sheffield Road, Tinsley

Fox and Duck 50 Broad Lane, Sheffield North

Fox and Duck Sheffield Road, S9

Fox and Goose Bridgehouses

Fox and Grapes 519 Meadow Hall Road, Wincobank

Filesmiths Arms 3 Sussex Street

Fox and Hounds Marsh Lane , Ridgeway

Fox House 11 Shirland Lane, 1 Ardmore Street, S9

Fox House Hathersage Road, Dore

Fox House Orchard Street, Park

Fox Inn 250 Fox Hill Road, S6

Foxwood Inn 57 Mansfield Road

Franklin Hotel 118 Franklin Street & 11 Sharrow Lane S11

Fraternity House 103-107 Norfolk Street

Frechville Hotel 1 Birley Mood Crescent, S12

Free and Easy The Manor

Free Masons Arms Norton Woodseats

Free Trades Inn 66 Allen Street

Freedom Hotel/Freedom View 26 Walkley Road, S6

Freedom House 371 South Road, Walkley, S6

Freemason's Arms 8 Hartshead

Freemason's Arms/Mason's Arms 383 Walkley Lane

French Horn 34 Pea Croft

French Horn 7 Shude Hill

French Horn Hartshead

Friendship Inn Carbrook Street, Attercliffe

Friendship Inn Stocksbridge

Friendship Inn Tinsley Park Road /1 March Street , Attercliffe

Frog and Parrot 94 Division Street & 37 Westfield Terrace, S1

Front Room 76-78 Wicker

Full Moon 25 Silver Street

Fullerton Arms Hotel 301 Sheffield Road, Templeborough

Fulton 2 Fulton Road & 1 Walkley Street S6

Fulwood Inn Tapton Park Road

Furnival Verdon Street, S3

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Gaiety Palace & Music Hall 100 West Bar, S3
Gardeners' Arms Brunswick Road
Gardeners' Arms Oborne Street, Bridgehouses.
Gardeners' Arms Occupation Road
Gardener's Rest 105 Neepsend Lane S3
Gardener's Rest 55 Townhead Street S1
Gardener's Rest 15 Dun Street, S3
Gardeners' Rest Cobden View, Crookes S10
Gardeners' Rest Ellis Street
Garrick Hotel 6 Sycamore Street
Garrison Arms 456 Penistone Road S6
Gas Tank Inn 8 Sussex Street
Gas Tank Tavern 293 Arundel Street or 259 Arundel Street
Gate 45 Duke Street, Park
Gate 76 Attercliffe Road/Hilltop, S9
Gate Clay Wheel, Oughtibridge S35
Gate Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge, S6
Gate Inn 124 Pitsmoor Road S3
Gate 10 Hollis Croft
Gatefield 167 Infirmary Road, S6
General Gordon Inn 49 Cross Bedford Street, S6
George 6 Bank Street
George 24 Savile Street East S4
George 56 West Bar S3
George 95 Worksop Road
George Hill Top, Stannington S6
George and Dragon 20 High Street, Mosbrough
George and Dragon 93 Broad Lane
George and Dragon 96 West Bar Green
George and Dragon Church Street, Ecclesfield
George and Dragon High Street, Beighton
George and Dragon 17 Bank Street
George Hotel 52 New George Street; 52 Boston Street,Little Sheffield
George Inn 11 Market Street, Woodhouse
George Inn / George & Dragon / Bodega 70 Market Place / High Street. [ Hartshead Passage ]
George Inn Church Street, Attercliffe
George Inn/George and Dragon/ Bodega 19 Market Place
George IV 216 Infirmary Road
George Street Tavern 1 Arley Street
George Street Tavern 1 Cross Gilpin Street, S6
Gladstones 4 St James Building, S1
Globe 107 Porter Street
Globe 52 Broad Street, Park
Globe 69 Scotland Street
Globe Burgess Street
Globe Inn 54 Howard Street
Golden Ball 1 Old Hall Road & 362 High Street, Attercliffe
Golden Ball 203 Pond Street
Golden Ball 30 Burgess Street
Golden Ball 52 Wicker
Golden Ball 6 Campo Lane
Golden Ball 63 Duke Street
Golden Ball 83 Westbar Green
Golden Ball 838 Attercliffe Road
Golden Ball Eckington, Renishaw
Golden Ball Carver Street
Golden Ball Grindlegate
Golden Ball Howard Street
Golden Ball Spring Street
Golden Ball 10 Townhead Street / Campo Lane
Golden Ball 39 Forge Lane & 12 Shude Lane
Golden Cock 82 Broad Street, Park
Golden Cock Paradise Square
Golden Cross (between the George and Dragon and Change Alley) High Street
Golden Fleece 12 New Haymarket
Golden Fleece 12 Wharf Street
Golden Lion 12 Forge Lane (also Shude Hill)
Golden Lion 69 Alderson Road, S2
Golden Plover Occupation Lane, Hackenthorpe
Gooseberry Inn Pea Croft
Gossips Arundel Gate
Gower Arms 47 Gower Street S4
Grapes White Croft
Graduate Masonic Hall, Surrey Street
Granby's Head 1 & 35 Hartshead
Grand Concert Hall 2 Spring Street
Grand Theatre of Varieties (also Star Theatre of Varieties, Tankard Theatre of Varieties, Reckstraws Varieties) West Bar & Spring Street
Grand Leopold Street
Granville Inn 89 Granville Street, Park, S2
Grapes 11 or 13 New Church Street (Peter Harvey's 3rd Helping of Sheffield sites it at 11)
Ghost Tavern 35 Campo Lane
Grapes 15 Lock Street, [Queen Street ] Philadelphia
Grapes 1 - 5 South Street, Moor
Grapes 5 Pinstone Street
Grapes 80 Trippet Lane
Grapes 95 Pond Street
Grapes Inn 99 Carlisle Street
Grapes Langsett Road
Grapes Inn/Rovers Rest/Rovers Return 51 Gower Street, S4
Grapes Tavern 74 Furnace Hill S3
Great Britain 28 John Street, S2
Grosvenor Hotel 10 Nursery Street
Great Gun 186 Savile Street East
Great Gun 38 Greystock Street
Greaves Hotel 23 Orchard Street [ Harvest Lane ]
Green Dargon Cote Lane, Thurgoland
Green Dragon 12 Queen Street
Green Dragon 67 or 71 South Street, Park
Green Dragon Church Street, Dronfield
Green Dragon 42 Fargate
Green Dragon 89 Carlton Street / 469 Attercliffe Road
Green Inn Slitting Mill Road, S9
Greenland Clipstone Gardens, S9
Green Man 23 Broad Street, Park
Green Man 9 New Church Street
Green Seedlings 57 Bailey Street
Grennel Mower 264 Low Edges Road, Greenhill, S8
Grey Horse 15 Crown Alley / School Street, Park
Greyhound Mosborough
Grey Horse 25 Blast Lane
Grey Horse 39 later 25 High Street
Grey Horse 25 Stoke Street, Attercliffe
Grey Horse 36 Sheldon Street & Cross George Street
Grey Horse Inn 55 Chester Street
Greyhound 122 High Street, Ecclesfield
Greyhound 185 Gibralter Street, S3
Greyhound 66 Holly Street
Greyhound 77 Pond Street
Greyhound 822 Attercliffe Road
Greyhound Inn Sheffield Road, Dronfield
Greyhound Tavern 3 Pinfold Street
Greyhound Tavern 38 Hermitage Street
Greystones Tavern Greystones
Griffin Inn 5 Spital Street
Griffin Inn 8 Town End Road, Ecclesfield
Grinder's Rest 43 Charles Lane
Grouse and Trout Redmires, Upper Hallam
Grouse Inn Penney Lane, Totley Bents, Totley
Grove 49 Grove Street
Grove 851 Penistone Road
Guards Rest 2 Marshall Street and 8 Fowler Street
Guards Rest 41 Sorby Street
Gypsy Queen Drakehouse Lane, Beighton

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Hadfield Hotel 26 Barber Road, S10

Haigh Tree Inn/Old Hague 1 Bernard Road, S2

Half Moon 71 Mather Road, S9

Halfpenny Kelvin Flats

Halfway House 211 - 213 Attercliffe Road

Halfway House 30 Station Road, Mosbrough

Halfway House Britannia Road, Darnall

Hallamshire Hotel 157-159 Lydgate Lane, Crookes S10

Hallamshire Hotel 182 West Street

Hallamshire Ball Street S3

Hallamshire Hotel 156 Wentworth Street & 2 Bond Street S6

Hallamshire House 49 Common Side, Crookes S10

Hallcar Tavern/Grove 2 Carwood Lane )Hall Carr Gardens, near Carwood House)

Hammer and Anvil 152 South St Moor

Hammer and Pincers Bent's Green, Ecclesall Bierlow, S11

Hammond 143 Upper St Philips Road

Hampden View Hotel 231-233 Langsett Road, S6

Hand in Hand/t'owd shake hands Address Bridgehouses

Handsworth Victory Club & Institute Ltd Sheffield Road, Woodhouse

Hanover House 132-134 Upper Hanover Street, S3

Hanrahans 375-385 Glossop Road

Hare and Hounds Address 108 Clarence Street

Hare and Hounds 27 Nursery Street

Hare and Hounds 6 Church Street, Oughtibridge

Hare and Hounds 7 Church Lane, Dore

Hare and Hounds 72 Duke Street

Hare and Hounds 77 Uppergate Road, Stannington

Hare and Hounds Handsworth / Gleadless

Hare and Hounds Carsick Hill

Hare and Hounds Wadsley Bridge

Hare and Hounds/Old Hare and Hounds 51 Trinity Street

Harp Tavern 109 St Philips Road

Harlequin/Harlequin and Clown 26 Johnson Street

Harlequin 108 Nursery Street, S3

Harold Hotel 32 Harold Street S9

Harp Inn 111 Hoyle Street S3

Harp Tavern 33 Walker Street

Harp Tavern Little Sheffield S2

Harrow Bridgehouses S3

Harrow 80 Broad Street, Park S2

Harwood House 82 Hill Street S2

Havana Hotel 57 Meadow Street

Havelock Inn 106 Upper Allen Street

Haw Tree/Hawthorn Tree Snowhill, Park

Hawk 65 Pea Croft (Solly Street)

Hawk and Dove Thorpe Green, Waterthorpe

Haychatter / Reservior Inn Dale Road Bradfield

Hay's Spirit Vaults 97 Norfolk Street

Heart of Oaks Inn Dronfield, Woodhouse

Heeley and Sheffield House 2 Gleadless Road,later 781 Gleadless Road.

Hen and Chickens 18 Bow Street

Hen and Chickens 3 Castle Green

Hereford Arms 17 Hereford Street

Hermitage 11 London Road, Little Sheffield

Hero and His Horse 58 Langsett Road

Hewett Arms Shireoaks Park, Shireoaks

High Noon 15 Kilvington Avenue

Highcliffe Hotel Greystones Road, S11

Highgreave 205 High Greave, Ecclesfield

Highland Laddie Ranmoor

Hill Top Hotel 65 Attercliffe Road

Hillsborough Inn 2 Holme Lane

Hind Moorhead

Hodgson Arms 49 Hodgson Street

Hodson Hotel 110 Carlisle Road

Hogshead 133 Delves Road

Hogshead Bradway Road, Bradway

Hole in the Wall 70 Saville Street

Hollin Bush 108 Hollinsend Road, Gleadless

Holly BushHollins Lane, Rivelin,Malin Bridge

Hope and Anchor 223 Solly Street

Hope and Anchor 52 Pye Bank

Hope and Anchor Attercliffe

Hope and Anchor Hotel Mowbray Street

Horse and Cat 8 High Street

Horse and Garter 24 Water Lane

Horse and Garter 32 Bridge Street

Horse and Groom 426 Blackstock Road

Horse and Groom 80 London Road

Horse and Groom Attercliffe

Horse and Jockey Chesterfield Road , Dronfield

Horse and Jockey 10 Tenter Street

Horse and Jockey 14 Sheaf Street, Park

Horse and Jockey 19 Pond Hill

Horse and Jockey 250 Wadsley Lane

Horse and Jockey 638 Attercliffe Road

Horse and Jockey Norton

Horse and Jockey Wadsley Lane, S6

Horse and Lion Address 1 Samuel Road

Horse Shoe269 Bellhouse Road, Shiregreen

Hospital Tavern 13 Park Hill Lane

Houlihans Leopold Street

Howard 94 Howard Road, S6

Howard Arms 5 Suffolk Road

Howard Hotel 57 Howard Street

Huntsman Inn 101 Sorby Street

Huntsman's Rest 9 Backfields

Hussar / Old Hussar 51 Scotland Street

Hyde Park Cricket Ground Inn St John's Road

Hyde Park Inn Hill Top, Unstone Dronfield

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Imperial Hotel 45 Robertshaw Street

Imperial 1 Castle Street

Industry 118 Porter Street

Industry 206 Dunlop Street

Industry Inn 34 Broad Street

Industry 67 Fitzwilliam Street

Industry South Street, Park

Industry Inn 130 Washington Road

Industry Inn 147 Young Street

Industry Inn 2 Mowbray Street

Industry Inn 24 Savile Street East

Industry Inn Darnall

Industry Inn Dun Street, Attercliffe

Industry Inn Green Side, Chapeltown

Industry Inn /T'Swarf Oil Corporation Street

Inkerman Tavern 12/21 Alma Street

Iron Man/Iron Arms Pye Bank Mount

Ivory 15 Regent Terrace

Ivy Cottage 184 Broomspring Lane

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Japanese Kiosque 31 Surrey Street

John Bull 126 Rockingham Street

John O Gaunt 151 Blackstock Road

Jolly Bacchus Holly Lane

Jolly Crispin Pond Hill

Jolly Grinders 8 Porter Street

Jolly Sailor (Beerhouse) 5 Blast Lane

Junction 354 Brightside Lane

Junction Station Road, Woodhouse

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Kelvin Grove 227 Infirmary Road, Gatefield, S6

King and Miller 16 - 33 Headford Street

King and Miller 16 Norfolk Street

King and Miller 4-6 Manchester Road, Deepcar

King and Miller 60 Trafalger Street & 3 Chester Street

King William 1 Alma Street

King William 1 Holly Street

King's Arms 12 Commercial Street

King's Arms 17 Fargate

King's Arms 2 Haymarket

King's Arms 51 Hollis Croft

King's Arms Tap 2 Old Haymarket

King's Head 3-13 Change Alley

King's Head 29 Canning Street

King's Head 33 Holly Street

King's Head 709 Attercliffe Road

King's Head 95 Dunlop Street /Dun Street

King's Head Parliament Street S 11

King's Head Manchester Road, S10

King's Head Neepsend

King's Head 63 Poole Road, Darnall

King's Head Rockingham Street

King's Head Tap 11 Change Alley

King's Head Hotel 105 Martin Street

Kossuth Trippet Lane

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Labour in Vain 62 Princess Street

Lady's Bridge Hotel 2 Bridge Street

Lamb 31 Howard Street

Lamb 6 Radford Row

Lambpool 291 Attercliffe Common/Hilltop, Attercliffe

Lansdowne 2 Lansdowne Road

Lava Lounge 140 West Street

Leavey Greave Hotel 26 Leavey Greave Road, S3

Leeds House 3 Norfolk Street

Leg of Mutton . Cupola Lane , Grenoside

Lescar 303 Sharrow Vale Road, S11

Licenced Victuallers 480 Brightside Lane

Life Guardsman 262 Moorfields

Lincoln Castle 8/26/30 Brocco Street

Lincoln City Arms 114 Clarence Street

Lincolnshire Arms /Comet 26 Broad Lane

Lincolnshire House Silver Street

Lion and Lamb 22 Pea Croft

Lion and Lamb 46 High Street, Eckington

Lion and Lamb 6 Shude Hill

Livery Stables 32 Porter Street

Lion Hotel 3 & 5 Wicker

Lion Hotel 2 Nursery Street, S3

Lion's Lair 31 Burgess Street

Little Angel 94 West Bar

Little Atlas 135 Carlisle Street East

Little Barrel 40 Little Pond Street

Little Tankard 11 West Bar Green

Little Tankard 29 Little Pond Street

Live and Let Live 101 Broad Lane

Live and Let Live 36 Hawley Croft

Livery Stables 32 Union Lane

Lloyds No 1, 2 - 12 Division Street

Local Fields Tavern 151 Attercliffe Road

Locomotive 2 Fowler Street

Locomotive Inn 49 Carlisle Street

Lodge Inn 143 Newhall Road

Lodge Inn 47 Spital Hill

London Apprentice 1 West Bar Green

London Apprentice 77 Spring Street

London House 112 West Bar

London House 25 Pinstone Street

Lord Conyer's Arms Wales, Sheffield

Lord Nelson 166 Arundel Street

Lord Nelson 184 Greystock Road

Lord Nelson 60 Broad Street

Lord Raglan Inn 50 Bridge Street

Lord Rancliffe Arms 95 Lord Street, Park

Lucknow Tavern Shalesmoor

Lyceum 153 Langsett Road

Lyceum 19 Pond Hill

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Ma Bakers 5 Carlisle Street East

Mackenzie Tavern 189 Cemetery Road

Mad House 66 Hereford Street

Magnet Southy Green Road, S5

Mail Coach 149 West Street

Malin Bridge / The Cleakum Inn 194 Holme Lane

Malton Hotel 31-33 Burton Road Neepsend

Manchester 4 Division Street

Manchester Hotel/Manchester Railway Hotel 108 Nursery Street, S3

Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway Inn 38 Furnival Road

Manor Castle Inn 86 Edward Street, S3

Manor Inn Fretson Road, Darnall, S2

Manor Castle Hotel 239 Manor Lane , S2

Market Inn 18 Wortley Road, High Green

Market Tavern 27 Exchange Street

Marquis of Waterford 2 Russell Street

Marshall Tavern 133 Pye Bank/133 Pitsmoor Road

Mason's Arms 130 Duke Street

Mason's Arms 14 Capel Street, S6

Mason's Arms 14 South Street, Park

Mason's Arms 17 Castle Green

Meadow Bank Hotel Meadow Bank Road

Mason's Arms 2 Carson Road, S10

Mason's Arms 2 Shude Hill

Mason's Arms 270 Langsett Road, S6

Mason's Arms 43 Campo Lane

Mason's Arms 47 Pearl Street

Mason's Arms 58 Duke Street

Mason's Arms Attercliffe Road

Mason's Arms Crookes

Mason's Arms Hillfoot

Mason's Arms Marsh Quarry, Chesterfield Road, Eckington

Masons' Arms 842 Chesterfield Road, S8

Masons' Arms Broomspring Lane

Matilda Tavern 100 Matilda Street, S1

Maunche 14 Corn Exchange Buildings

Meadow Inn 81 Main Road, Darnall S9

Meadow Street Hotel 110 Meadow Street, S3

Mermaid 6 Orchard Street

Merrie Monk 60 Manor Park Centre

Merry Heart 110 Brunswick Road (Tom Cross Lane)

Middlewood Tavern/Corporation Arms in 1851 Oughtibridge

Midland 18 Turner Street

Midland 2 Spital Hill

Midland 26 Burncross Road, Greenside, Chapeltown

Midland Chesterfield Road, Dronfield

Midland Hotel 2 Alfred Road

Midland Railway Hotel 133 Pond Street

Midland Railway Inn 119 Saville Street

Midland Station Hotel Pond Street /Sheaf Street

Milestone 12 Peaks Square, Crystal Peaks

Miller's Arms 51 Carlisle Street

Millers' Arms Salter's Brook, Dunford Bridge

Millhouses Hotel 951 Abbeydale Road, Millhouses, S7

Millsands Tavern 12 Millsands

Millstone 12 Cross Burgess Street

Milton Arms 272 Rockingham Street, S1

Milton Arms 4 Bailey Lane

Milton Arms 66 Thomas Street, S1

Milton Arms 81 London Road

Milton Hotel / Arms 14 Milton Street

Milton's Head 29 Allen Street, S3

Millwright's Arms 951 Abbeydale Road, Millhouses, S7

Miners Arms 6 Pitt Street, Eckington

Miners Arms Bracken Moor Lane, Stocksbridge

Miner's Arms 198 Arundel Street

Miner's Arms 750 Attercliffe Road/High Street S9

Miners' Arms 115 Carr Lane, Dronfield, Woodhouse

Miners' Arms 125 Warren Lane, Chapeltown

Miner's Arms (Beerhouse) 42 Duke Street, Park

Miner's Arms (Beerhouse) Manor S2

Miner's Inn Bradway Road, Bradway

Miner's Rest 61 Cricket Inn Road S2

Miner's Rest 7 East Street, Park S2

Miner's Tavern Blast Lane, Park

Minerva 345 Penistone Road / 103 Hillfoot, S6

Minerva 69 Charles Street, S1

Minerva Tavern 26 Bright Street

Mitre 27 Orchard Street

Mitre Fargate

Mitre Tavern 32 Change Alley

Montgomery Hotel 16 Montgomery Terrace Road S3

Montgomery Hotel 225 St Mary's Road, S2

Montgomery Tavern 12 Hartshead

Monument Tavern 190 South Street, Park

Monument Tavern 35 Button Lane

Monument Tavern 61 South Street, Park

Moon 13 Silver Street

Moorfoot Tavern Cumberland Street

Morpeth Arms 108 Upper Allen Street, S3

Moseley's Arms 81-83 West Bar & Paradise Street

Moulders Arms 88 Wentworth Street

Moulder's Arms 25 Corby Street

Moulder's Arms 43 Green Lane

Moulder's Arms Pond Hill

Moulders' Arms (Beerhouse) Attercliffe

Moulders' Arms (Beerhouse) Dun Street

Moulder's Return 7 High Street Lane, Park

Mount Pleasant Inn 291 Derbyshire Lane, S8

Mountain Deer 14 Orchard Lane

Morriseys Riverside 1 Mowbray Street

Mowbray Inn 8 Mowbray Street

Mowbray Tavern 53 Sussex Street, Park

Mr Q's 652 London Road, Heeley, S2

Mucky Duck 1 Snig Hill/29 Snig Hill

Muff Inn 376 Neepsend Lane

Mulberry Tavern 15 Mulberry Street, S1

Municipal Inn Burgoyne Road

Murray's Arms 13 Queen Street

Museum 25 Orchard Street, S1

Myrtle Inn 33 Alexandra Road, Heeley, S2

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Nag's Head 325 Shalesmoor, S3

Nag's Head Holdworth, Loxley

Nag's Head Haymarket

Nag's Head Sheffield Road, Dronfield

Nag's Head (Beerhouse) Attercliffe

Nailmakers' Arms Backmoor Road, S8

Napier Hotel 28 Lord Street

Napier Hotel 95 Napier Street, S11

Napoleon 85 Carver Street

Napoleon Tavern 34 Green Lane

Navigation House 9 Castle Hill

Neepsend Tavern 144 Neepsend Lane

Nell's Bar 53 Coal Pit Lane, S1

Nelson 34 Union Street, S1

Nelson 78 Trippet Lane

Nelson Inn 13 New St,

Nelson Inn 8 Pea Croft

Nelson/Nelson Rock Bar Moorhead

Neptune Inn 22 Corn Exchange / New Hay Market

New Anvil 114 Duke Street, Park

New Ball Inn 56 Upper Oborne Street

New Barrack Tavern 601 Penistone Road

Newhall Tavern17 Newhall Street & Bridge Street

New Bridge Corporation Street

New Bridge Inn 4 Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge

New Britannia 72 Rockingham Street

New Brunswick84- 86 Allen Street

New Bull & Oak 26 Furnival Road,

New Crown Inn 343 Handsworth Road, S9

New Gas Tavern 5 Sussex Street

New Inn 24-26 Vine Road, Darnall S9

New Inn 10 Montfort Street S3

New Inn 108 Ecclesall Road

New Inn 183 Duke Street

New Inn 2 Bellefield Lane

New Inn 2 Effingham Road

New Inn 2 Penistone Road /Shalesmoor S3

New Inn 211 Carbrook Street

New Inn 23 Maltravers Street

New Inn 282 Hollinsend Road

New Inn 378 Brightside Lane

New Inn 48 Bernard Street, Park

New Inn 94 Harvest Lane

New Inn Bracken Hill, Chapeltown

New Inn Hemsworth Road, S8

New Inn aka Betsy's Sheffield Road, Hackenthorpe

New Inn Victoria Road

New Inn 4 Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge

New Inn (Beerhouse) Stocksbridge

New Inn 119 Saville Street

New Market Hotel 20 Broad Street & 1 Sheaf Street, S2

New Market House New Street

New Market Inn 13 Exchange Street/Castle Folds

New Market Inn 28 Furnival Road

New Music Hall Tavern 116 Barkers Pool,

New Norfolk Inn Manchester Road, Hollow Meadows

New Red House 25 Dunfields

New Shades 32 Hartshead

New Star Hotel & Music Hall 2 Spring Street & 1 Coulston Street

New Tankard 41 Sims Croft

New White Lion 23 Wicker, S3

New White Lion 61 Division Street

Newbury Tavern Sussex Street

Newcastle Arms 35 Newcastle Street

Newcastle House 27 Castlefields

Newfield 141 Denmark Road

Newhall Gardens / Tavern Brightside Lane / Sanderson Street

Nimrod 164 Portobello Street

Noah's Ark 140 Tudor Street

Noah's Ark 197 Mansfield Road, Intake

Noah's Ark 94 Crookes, S10

Noah's Ark Four Lane Ends, Handsworth

Noah's Ark Hollins End, Gleadless

Noose and Gibbet 97 Broughton Lane, S9

Norfolk Hotel 224 South Street, Park, S2

Norfolk Hotel 225 Handsworth Rd, S9

Norfolk Vaults Sims Croft

Norfolk Arms 1 St Mary's Road, S1

Norfolk Arms 159 Upperthorpe Road

Norfolk Arms 18 Sands Paviours,5 Bow Street

Norfolk Arms 2 Suffolk Road

Norfolk Arms 26 Dixon Lane

Norfolk Arms 39 Shepherd Street

Norfolk Arms 5 Norfolk Street

Norfolk Arms 56 Savile Street East

Norfolk Arms 58 Tenter Street

Norfolk Arms 73 Fargate

Norfolk Arms 85 Clarence Street

Norfolk Arms 91 Granville Street, Park

Norfolk Arms Grenoside

Norfolk Arms Hollow Meadows, Stannington

Norfolk Arms King Street

Norfolk Arms Manor

Norfolk Arms Pinstone Street

Norfolk Arms Pudding Lane

Norfolk Arms Ringinglow, Upper Hallam, S11

Norfolk Arms Rivelin, Stannington

Norfolk Arms Tinsley Road

Norfolk Arms White Lane Top, Chapeltown

Norfolk Arms 208 Savile Street East, S4

Norfolk Arms 160 Attercliffe Road

Norfolk Arms 195 Carlisle Street

Norfolk Hotel 64 Mowbray Street

Norfolk Hotel 98 Barkers Pool

Norfolk Hotel Shrewsbury Road

Norfolk House 38 Furnival Road

Norfolk Hotel 224 South Street, Park

Norfolk Vaults 28 Dixon Lane

Norfolk Vaults 74 Townhead Street

Normanton 123 Grimesthorpe Road, S4

Normanton Springs Inn Normanton Spring, Woodhouse

North Pole Inn 62 Sussex Street, S4

Norton Hotel Meadow Head, S8

Nottingham Castle 72 Edward Street

Nottingham House 161 Whitham Road, S10

Nottingham House 19-23 Watery Lane, S3

Nottingham House Hotel 31-33 Bridge Street

Number One 1 Duke Street

Number One 49 Silver Street

Number Two 63 Silver Street Head

Nursery Tavern 276 Ecclesall Road, S11

Nursery Tavern 8 Johnson Street/Stanley Street

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Odd Fellow's Arms 19 Cross Burgess Street
Odd Fellow's Arms 202 Duke Street, Park
Odd Fellow's Arms 25 Silver Street
Odd Fellow's Arms 38 Pitt Street
Odd Fellow's Arms (Beerhouse) 26 Furnace Hill
Odd Fellow's Rest 53 West Street
Odd Fellow's Rest 94 Button Lane
Office 117 Upperthorpe Road, S6
Old Albion 103 Hill Street, S2
Old Albion 242-244 Hanover Street, S3
Old Albion 2 Marshall Street /39 Fowler Street
Old Ball 8 Grindlegate
Old Ball 2 Green Lane
Old Ball 31 Duke Street, Park
Old Barrel 103 Pond Street
Old Barrel 31 Edward Street (Scotland Street)
Old Barrel 75 Pea Croft
Old Bay Horse 53 /27 West Bar Green
Old Ball 86 Carver Street
Old Bird in Hand 28 Spring Street
Old Black Boy 29 Bailey Lane
Old Black Horse 180 Upper Allen Street
Old Black Horse Scotland Street
Old Blue Ball 67 Broad Street, Park, S2
Old Blue Ball Bradfield Road, Owlerton
Old Blue Bell 31 High Street, S1
Old Blue Bell 44 High Street
Old Boy's Rest 51 Hermitage Street
Old Bradley Well/Terminus Tavern 150 Main Road, Darnall
Old Brewery Tap Broad Street
Old Brown Cow 1 Radford Street
Old Brown Cow 56 Wicker
Old Brown Cow 27 Trippet Lane
Old Cart and Horses 2 Wortley Road, Mortomley, High Green
Old Chequers 4 Meadow Street
Old Chequers 68 Weigh Lane
Old Cherry Tree 186 Gibraltar Street
Old Cock 11 Paradise Square
Old Cottage Bole Hill Road, Walkley
Old Cow (Beerhouse) 12/64 Coal Pit Lane
Old Cricket Ground Inn 371 Darnall Road, Darnall
Old Cricket Players 69 Coal Pit Lane
Old Cross Scythes Totley
Old Crown 21 Blackburn Road, Brightside
Old Crown 8/13 Duke Street, Park
Old Crown 343 Handsworth Road, S9
Old Crown/Old Crown Inn 133/137 London Road/Little Sheffield/Highfield
Old Crown 710 Penistone Road
Old Crown 21 Pinstone Street
Old Crown 35 Scotland Street
Old Cup 4 Market Street
Old Cutlers' Arms 38 Fargate
Old English Gentleman 34 Shude Hill
Old Falcon 69 Coal Pit Lane
Old Feathers 48/55/65/70 High Street, Park/46 Bard Street, Park
Old Five Alls 168 Infirmary Road
Old Fortune of War 62/102/112 Scotland Street
Old Gate 10 Hollis Croft
Old George 6 Bank Street
Old George and Dragon 17 Bank Street
Old Golden Ball John Watts 3 Lambert Street
Old Green Dragon 469 Attercliffe Road
Old Green Dragon 89 Carlton Street , Attercliffe S9
Old Green Dragon 42 Fargate
Old Grindstone 1-3 Crookes, S10
Old Haigh Tree 192 Bernard Street, Park
Old Half Moon Inn 64 Allen Street S3
Old Harrow 80 Broad Street, Park S2
Old Harrow 34 Harvest Lane S3
Old Harrow Main Street, Grenoside
Old Harrow White Lane, Gleadless
Old Heavygate Wharncliffe Road or 114 Matlock Road, S6
Old Horns Inn Towngate, High Bradfield
Old House at Home 33 Water Lane
Old House at Home 34 Radford Street
Old House at Home 42 Bailey Lane
Old Hussar 51 Scotland Street
Old King John 35 Attercliffe Road
Old Light Horseman 155 Penistone Road, Philadelphia
Old Lincoln Castle 8/26/30 Brocco Street
Old London Apprentice 1 West Bar Green
Old London Apprentice 77 Spring Street
Old London Mart Market Street
Old Market Inn Snig Hill
Old Mill Dam 29 Britain Street
Old Mill Tavern 4 New George Street/Boston Street
Old Monk 103â"107 Norfolk Street
Old Number Twelve Old Haymarket
Old Oak Tree 13 Silver Street
Old Original Grindstone 22 and 24 Crookes, S10
Old Park Gate 41 Bard Street
Old Queen's Head 18 Castle Street
Old Queens Head 40 Pond Hill, S1
Old Raven 61 West Street
Old Red House 35 Fargate
Old Red Lion 95 Penistone Road.
Old Red Lion 35 Holly Street, S1
Old Red Lion 622 Penistone Road
Old Stair 16 Lambert Street
Old Red Lion Main Street Grenoside
Old Star Gibraltar Street
Old Star Inn 26 Haymarket / 100 Haymarket
Old Tankard 17 West Bar Green
Old Tankard 115 West Bar
Old Three Pigeons 117 Carver Street
Old Turk's Head 108 Scotland Street
New Turk's Head 118 Scotland Street
Old Wagon and Horses 2 Kent Road, Upper Heeley
Old Weeping Willow Penistone Road
Old White Hart 14 Castle Green
Old White Hart 7 Waingate
Old White Lion 3 Wicker
Old White Swan Brightside Bierlow
Olive Bar 57 Division Street
Olive Grove 26 East Road, S2
Omnibus 766 Attercliffe Road, S9
O'Neill's Irish Bar 247-249 Fulwood Road, Broomhill
Original Blue Boy 41 Shepherd Street, Moorfields
Orange Branch 28 Hollis Croft
Orange Branch and Ball 64 Wicker
Orange Tree Tavern 7 Orange Street
Original Grindstone 24 Crookes
Original John Bull 6 Division Street
Osborne House 35 Hartshead
Ostrich Inn 39 Mitchell Street
Owl 51 Penistone Road
Owl Norfolk Street
Owl 376 Neepsend Lane
Oxford Blue 15 Burgess Street
Oxford Hotel 83 South Street, Park
Oxford House 131 Moore Street
Oxford 22 Workhouse Lane/Spring Street

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Pack Horse Inn 2 West Bar
Pack Horse Inn 23 Pack Horse Lane, Mortomley, High Green
Painters' Arms 76 Queen Street
Painters' Arms Lee Croft
Palace Inn Bakers Hill
Palatine Hotel 54 Malinda Street
Palm Tree Tavern 35 Palm Street, Walkley, S6
Palmerstone Hotel 129 Carlisle Street East
Paradise Inn 36 Campo Lane
Paradise Street Vaults 20 Paradise Street
Paragon Hotel 131 Thomas Street
Park Gate 39 Bard Street
Park Hotel Wadsley Lane, Hillsborough, S6
Park House South Street, Park
Park Inn 51 Cricket Inn Road
Park Inn St Johns Road, Park
Park Gate Inn 39 - 41 High Street / Bard Street Park
Parkside Inn 73 Sussex Street
Parkwood Hotel 16 Douglas Road, S3
Park Spring Tavern Neepsend Lane
Parrot Inn 9 Button Lane/9 Moor Head
Parson Cross Hotel Deerlands Avenue, S5
Paul Pry 63/64/88 Pea Croft (Solly Street)
Peacock 6 / 11 Hoyle Street
Peacock 200 Fitzwilliam Street, S1
Peacock Knowle Top, Stannington
Pearl Street Tavern 93 Pearl Street
Pear Tree Inn 163 Woodside Lane
Pear Tree Millsands
Palm Tree 93 Pearl Street
Pedestrian Tavern 238 Forncett Street
Pen Nook Inn 16 Helliwell Lane, Deepcar
Penny Black Pond Hill
Perseverance 108 Savile Street East
Peter's Hotel 121 Lord Street
Pheasant 10 / 77 Broad Street, Park
Pheasant 123 South Street, Moor
Pheasant 170 Worksop Road
Pheasant 37 West Street
Pheasant 40 Carver Street
Pheasant 41 Gower Street
Pheasant 467 Meadow Hall Road, S9
Pheasant 50 Green Lane
Pheasant 51 Bailey Lane
Pheasant 8 Russell Street
Pheasant 96 London Road
Pheasant 9 Hospital Walk
Pheasant 9 Hoyle Street
Pheasant Apple Street
Pheasant Barnsley Road, S5
Pheasant Button Lane
Pheasant Church Street, Attercliffe
Pheasant High Lane, Ridgeway
Pheasant Mount Pleasant, Wadsley Bridge
Pheasant 59 Station Lane, Oughtibridge
Pheasant 59 Station Lane Oughtibridge
Pheasant Sheffield Lane Top
Pheasant Sheffield Lane, Pitsmoor
Pheasant (Beerhouse) at the Aquaduct, Attercliffe
Pheasant 436 Attercliffe Common, S9
Pheasant Inn Brightside
Pheasant Inn Orchard Street/Harvest Lane (Apple Street ?)
Phoenix Greengate Lane, High Green
Phoenix 1-7 Union Street
Phoenix Hotel 2 Charles Street & 1 Union Street
Phoenix Inn High Lane, Ridgeway
Pack Horse Lane, High Green
Pie House 5 Scotland Street
Pilot 2 Green Street, Bishop Street, Moor
Pine Apple Tenter Street
Pitcher and Glass /Paradise Vaults 20 Workhouse Croft/Paradise Street
Pitsmoor Hotel 448 Pitsmoor Road
Place Nile Street
Pleasant Inn Carbrook, Attercliffe Common
Plough Ecclesfield
Plough 288 Sandygate Road, Sandygate, S10
Plough 28 Broad Street, S2
Plough 75 Worksop Road
Plough Church Street, Attercliffe
Plough Low Bradfield
Plough (Beerhouse) 56 Harvest Lane
Plough (Beerhouse) Darnall
Plumber Tavern Hillfoot, Penistone Road
Plumpers 36 Sutherland Street & 42 Greystock Street S4
Plumpers (Beerhouse) 3 Trippet Lane
Plumpers Hotel Sheffield Road, S9
Plumper's Inn 49 Duke Street
Plumpers' Inn Tinsley, S4
Pomona Gardens 213 Ecclesall New Road
Poplar Tree Tavern 180-182 Broomhall Street, S3
Porter Brook 565 Ecclesall Road
Porter Cottage 66 Porter Street
Porter Tavern Sharrow Vale S11
Portland Arms 184 Rockingham Street
Portland Arms 39 Portland Street S6
Portobello Tavern 248 Portobello Street
Potter's Arms 20 Workhouse Croft/Paradise Street
Presser's Arms 20 Burgess Street
Prince Hotel 100 Pomona Street & 12 Plumpton Street
Prince Leopold 37 Upper St Phillips Road
Prince of Wales 103 Sussex Street
Prince of Wales 11 Church Street, Eckington
Prince of Wales 116 South Street, Park
Prince of Wales 8- 12 Bardwell Road S3
Prince of Wales 127 Upper St Philips Road & 25 Fawcett Street, S3
Prince of Wales 143 Gibraltar Street
Prince of Wales 150 Derbyshire Lane, S8
Prince of Wales 19 Charlotte Street
Prince of Wales 20 Adsett Street
Prince of Wales 240 Savile Street
Prince of Wales 271 Shalesmoor
Prince of Wales 301 Langsett Road
Prince of Wales 37 Westfield Terrace
Prince of Wales 38 Sycamore Street
Prince of Wales 49 Egerton Street
Prince of Wales 67 Meadow Street
Prince of Wales 73 South Street, Park
Prince of Wales 80 Burncross Road, Chapeltown
Prince of Wales 82 Saville Street East
Prince of Wales Banner Cross, Ecclesall, S11
Prince of Wales Crow Head, Hazlehead
Prince of Wales Neepsend
Prince of Wales New Grimesthorpe
Prince of Wales Weir Head, off carbrook street
Prince of Wales 94 Division Street & 37 Westfield Terrace, S1
Prince of Wales' Feathers 48/55/65/70 High Street, Park/46 Bard Street, Park
Princess Hotel 199 Bright Street
Princess Hotel 199 Fitzwiliam Street
Princess Royal 28 Langsett Road
Princess Royal 43 Slinn Street
Princess Royal 72 Trafalgar Street
Princess Royal Woodhouse Mill, Handsworth
Princess Royal Hotel 680 Retford Road, Woodhouse
Printer's Arms 76 Queen Street
Printer's Arms (Beerhouse) 74 Carver Street
Priory 4 St James Street
Prospect House Walkley Street
Prospect House 2 Fulton Road, S6
Prospect View Hotel 500 Gleadless Road
Providence Inn 45 Sussex Street
Public Gardens Inn Ellesmere Road
Puddler's Arms 73 Earsham Street
Pump Tavern 79 South Street, Moor
Pump Tavern Cumberland Way
Punch Bowl 1 Coulson Street /2 Spring Street
Punch Bowl 140 South St Moor
Punch Bowl 236 Crookes, S10
Punch Bowl 39/66 Bridge Street
Punch Bowl 50 Silver Street Head
Punch Bowl 57 Wicker
Punch Bowl 95 Hurlfield Road, Gleadless, S12
Punch Bowl Spring Street

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Q in the Corner 17 Paradise Square

Quarry Hotel Walkley Street

Queen 1 Whitehouse Lane (67 Whitehouse Lane in 1868)

Queen 20 Attercliffe Road

Queen 88 Savile Street East

Queen Gatefield

Queen Adelaide 32 Bramall Lane/1 Hermitage Street, S2

Queen Ann (Beerhouse) Green Lane

Queen Caroline 44 Westbar Green

Queen Hotel High Street, Mosbrough

Queen Hotel River Lane

Queen Street Hotel 57 Queen Street

Queen's 37 Dun Street, S3

Queen's Bays 16 Joiner Street

Queen's Ground (Queen's Hotel) 401 Langsett Road

Queens Head 40 Pond Hill

Queen's Head 20 Sheaf Street, Park

Queen's Head 4 Campo Lane

Queen's Head 660 Attercliffe Road

Queen's Head Main Road, Ridgeway

Queen's Head Mortomley, High Green

Queen's Head Ridgeway

Queen's Head Hotel 1 Queen Street, Portmahon

Queen's Head Inn 18 Castle Street

Queen's Hotel 85 Scotland Street, S3

Queen's Hotel Baker's Hill

Queen's Hotel Nook Lane, Stannington

Queen Victoria 38 High Street / 40 Mulberry Street

Queen Victoria 40 Mulberry Street

Quiet Qucumber 22 Fishflap Crescent, S6

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R & R Bar 13 London Road

Raby's Inn 16 Westbar

Raglan Inn Arundel Street

Raglan Inn Meadow Street

Railway 19 Penistone Road North, Wadsley Bridge

Railway 31 Wicker

Railway Hotel Rotherham Road, Beighton

Railway Hotel 184 Bramhall Lane, S2

Railway Hotel Blackburn

Railway Hotel Brightside

Railway Hotel Hazlehead

Railway Inn 76 Nursery Street

Railway Inn Station Road, Chapeltown

Railway Tavern 46 Carlisle Street East

Railway Tavern 64 Princess Street.

Railway 97 Broughton Lane, S9

Ram 82 Pea Croft / 82 Solly Street

Ram Hotel 100 Ecclesall Road

Ram Inn 15 Kenninghall Street

Ram Inn 272 Rockingham Street

Ran Moor 330 Fulwood Road, Ran Moor, S10

Randall Hotel 29 Randall Street

Raven 12 - 14 Fitzwilliam Street

Rawson's Arms 161 Attercliffe Road

Rawson's Arms 85 Tenter Street

Red Deer 1 8 Pitt Street, S1

Red Grouse Spink Hall Lane,

Red Hill Tavern 33 Red Hill S3

Red House 168 Solly Street S3

Red House Lee Croft

Red Lion 103 Eyre Street

Red Lion 109 Charles Street, S1

Red Lion 145 Duke Street, Park, S2

Red Lion Tinsley

Red Lion 15 Smithfield

Red Lion 18 Johnson Street

Red Lion 202 Shalesmoor

Red Lion 32 Union Lane

Red Lion 39 Hartshead

Red Lion 51 Lambert Street

Red Lion 52 Coal Pit Lane / 52 Cambridge Street

Red Lion 653 London Road,Lower Heeley, S2

Red Lion 89 Trippet Lane

Red Lion Church Street, Dronfield

Red Lion Forncett Street

Red Lion Gleadless Town End

Red Lion Lower Heeley

Red Lion off Market Place

Red Lion (Beerhouse) 34 Bridgehouses

Red Lion 8/25/52/61 Pye Bank

Red Lion 95 Penistone Road, Grenoside

Red Lion 35 Holly Street, S1

Red Lion / Old 622 Penistone Road

Red Place Tavern 91 Garden Street

Reflex 18 Holly Street

Reform Tavern 41 Smithfields

Reform Tavern 76 Coal Pit Lane

Reform Tavern (Beerhouse) 12 Chapel Street

Reform Tavern (Beerhouse) Green Street

Reformers 39 Duke Street

Rein Deer 111/139 Devonshire Street

Rein Deer 39 South Street, Park

Rein Deer Hawley Lane

Reindeer Castle Foulds

Reindeer Inn 20 Douglas Road, S3

Retford Arms 88 and 90 Harvest Lane

Reuben's Head 117 South Street, Park

Reuben's Head 16 Shepherd Street

Reuben's Head/Ruben's Head 63 Campo Lane

Reuben's Head/Rubins Head 50 Burgess Street

Revolution Unit 1 The Plaza, 8 Fitzwilliam Street

Richmond Hotel 443 Richmond Road

Rifle Corps Hotel 137 Carlisle Street East, S4

Rifle Tavern 15 Bower Street

Rifle Tavern Duke Street

Rifleman's Canteen 94 Charles Street

Ring of Bells 8 Pea Croft

Rising Sun 11 Pear Street and 72 Pomona Street, S11

Rising Sun 127 Corby Street

Rising Sun 146 West Street

Rising Sun 38 Matthew Street

Rising Sun 45 South Street, Park

Rising Sun Nether Green . S10

Rising Sun 49 Jenkin Road, S9

Rising Sun 67 Hermitage Street, S2

Rising Sun 88 Sorby Street

Rising Sun Hunshelf, Stocksbridge

Rising Sun Abbey Lane. Little Common, Ecclesall S11

Rising Sun 471 Fulwood Road, Nether Green.

Rivelin Stannington

Rivelin HotelTofts Lane Rivelin Valley Road

Rivelin View Bell Hagg Road /Bole Hill Road

River Don Inn 712 Brightside Lane

Riverside Café Bar 1 Mowbray Street

Robert Burns Townhead Street

Robin Hood 46 Ellesmere Road

Robin Hood 86 Duke Street, Park, S2

Robin Hood Inn Abbeydale Road, Millhouses

Robin Hood/Robin Hood & Little John Little Matlock, Stannington

Robin Hood/Robin Hood & Little John 548 Attercliffe Road

Rock 51 Carlisle Street East

Rock House 13 Stour Lane, Wadsley, S6

Rock House 170 Rock Street

Rock Inn 31 Carlisle Street East

Rock Inn 2 Pye Bank / 40-42 Pitsmoor Road

Rock Inn Crane Moor

Rock Inn Green Moor,

Rock Tavern 20 Dixon Lane

Rocket Inn 106 Upper St Philip's Road

Rockingham Arms 194 Rockingham Street

Rockwells 240 West Street/Glossop Road

Rodley Inn 97 Leadmill Road

Rodney Loxley

Rodney Arms Doncaster House, 33 Fargate

Rodney Inn 46 Leadmill Road

Roebuck 1 Charles Street (1-3 Union Lane)

Roebuck/Reindeer 21 Porter Street

Roller's Tavern 70 Princess Street, Attercliffe Road

Roscoe Tavern 27 Henry Street

Roscoe Arms 65 Hoyle Street, 40 Hoyle Street in 1854

Rose Crane Moor

Rose Hill Foot

Rose Inn Potter Hill, High Green

Rose and Crown 12 Waingate

Rose and Crown 154 High Street, Eckington

Rose and Crown 21 Paternoster Row

Rose and Crown 245 Main Road, Darnall, S9

Rose and Crown 31 West Bar

Rose and Crown 37 High Street

Rose and Crown 52 Brightmore Street, S3

Rose and Crown 52 Sarah Street

Rose and Crown 65 Queen Street

Rose and Crown 8 Smithfield

Rose and Crown 9 Holly Street

Rose and Crown15 Bankfield Lane, Stannington

Rose and Crown Common Side, Wadsley

Rose and Crown Trafalgar Street S1

Rose and Crown High Street

Rose and Crown Market Place

Rose and Crown Old Street, Park

Rose and Crown Silver Head Street

Rose and Crown 21 Stour Lane, Wadsley, S6

Rose and Crown (Beerhouse) 15 New Street , West Bar

Rose and Crown (Beerhouse) 17 Scargill Croft

Rose and Crown (Beerhouse) Andrew Street

Rose Cottage 70 Cricket Inn Road, S2

Rose House 316 South Road, Walkley, S6

Rose Inn 41 Work House Croft

Rose Inn 627 Penistone Road

Rose Tavern 39 Little Pond Street

Rotherham House 27 Exchange Street

Rover's Rest 104 Allen Street

Rover's Rest 51 Gower Street

Royal 1 Exchange Street

Royal 2 Arthur Street

Royal 2 Bradfield Road. Hillsborough

Royal 233 Langsett Road

Royal 65 Earl Street

Royal 86 West Street

Royal Dungworth, Stannington

Royal 2 Station Road,Southgate, Eckington

Royal Oak Totley

Royal Albion Hammond Street/Finlay Street

Royal Exchange 283 Langsett Road

Royal Exchange 64 Garden Street

Royal George 167 Greystock Street

Royal George 498 Brightside Lane

Royal George 60 Carver Street

Royal George 60 West Bar

Royal George 94 Cricket Inn Road

Royal Hotel 10 Market Square, Woodhouse

Royal Hotel 106 Eyre Lane & 65 Earl Street

Royal Hotel 114 Walkley Street, S6

Royal Hotel 4 Waingate / 24 Old Haymarket

Royal Hotel 617 Attercliffe Common

Royal Hotel Beerhouse, Carbrook

Royal Oak lnn Bernard Street. S2

Royal Hotel 1 Abbeydale Road / London Rd

Royal Hotel Southgate, Eckington

Royal Hotel Tap 6 Waingate

Royal Lancer 66 Penistone Road; 18 Penistone Road in 1854

Royal Mail 131 West Street

Royal Oak 109 Corby Street

Royal Oak 11 Hollis Croft

Royal Oak 89-91 Allen Street

Royal Oak 17 Cemetery Road, S11

Royal Oak 23 Walkley Road, S6

Royal Oak 250 Savile Street, S4

Royal Oak 29 King Street & 15 Watson Walk, Market Place

Royal Oak 354 Mansfield Road, Intake

Royal Oak 44 High Street, Beighton

Royal Oak 44 West Bar Green

Royal Oak 484 Attercliffe Road

Royal Oak 53 High Street, Mosbrough

Royal Oak 6 Pear Street

Royal Oak 60 Earsham Street

Royal Oak 64 Garden Street

Royal Oak 83 Pond Street

Royal Oak 136 Lansdowne Road

Royal Oak 12 Lancaster Street, Neepsend

Royal Oak 91 Thomas Street

Royal Oak Blackburn

Royal Oak Broad Lane

Royal Oak Chapeltown

Royal Oak Deepcar

Royal Oak Eckington Road, Coal Aston

Royal Oak Hollin's End, Gleadless

Royal Oak Hotel 10 Station Road, Chapeltown

Royal Standard 156 St Mary's Road, S2

Royal Standard 38 West Bar Green

Royd's Inn 213 Attercliffe Road

Russell Tavern (Beerhouse) Ecclesall New Road

Rutland Arms 86 Brown Street

Rutland Hotel 80 Neepsend Lane & 3 Rutland Road

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Saddle 96 West Street
Sailte Yorkshire Beer House Green Lane
Salutation 126 Attercliffe Common (Hill Top in 1871)
Salutation 170 Wortley Road, High Green, Chapeltown
Salutation 85 Upper St Philip's Road
Salutation 85 West Street
Salutation Silver Street Head
Sam Hills Parlour 76-78 Wicker
Sanctuary 4 St James Street
Sandy Gate Sandy Gate, Upper Hallam
Saracens Head 88 & 90 Grimesthorpe Road
Saracens Head Ecclesfield
Saw Mill Tavern 42 Sidney Street
Sawmaker's Arms 1 Neepsend Lane, S3
Sawmaker's Arms 40 Burnt Tree Lane
Sawyer's Arms 20 Silver Street
Scale Cutters Arms (Beerhouse) 50 Westbar Green
Scandals 2 Market Place, Chapeltown
Scarborough Arms 104 Milton Street, S3
Scarborough Arms 13 Rockingham Street
Scarborough Arms 34 Addy Street, S6
Scarborough Arms 79 Fargate
Scissorsmith's Arms 114 Harvest Lane
Scream 54 Howard Street
Sembly Rooms 76-78 Wicker
Seven Stars Shire Green
Seven Stars Trippet Lane (36 Pinfold Street)
Shades/Shades Vaults 20 Watson's Walk
Shakespeare 106 Well Road, Heeley
Shakespeare 146 Gibraltar Street
Shakespeare 51 Allen Street
Shakespeare Oak Street, Heeley
Shakespeare Upper Heeley
Shakespeare 16 Sycamore Street
Shakespeare/Shakey 196 Bradfield Road, Owlerton
Shamrock (beerhouse) 53 & 55 Pea Croft (Solly Street)
Sharrow Head Sharrow Head
Sheaf Woodseats Road
Sheaf House Hotel 329 Bramhall Lane, S2
Sheaf Inn 11 Effingham Road, S4
Sheaf Tavern Cattle Market / Sheaf Street
Ship / Old Ship 57 Hawley Croft
Sheaf View Hotel 25 Gleadless Road, S2
Sheffield Arms 107 Upwell Street, Grimesthorpe
Sheffield Arms 42 Meadow Street
Sheffield House Grimesthorpe
Sheffield Moor Hotel 114 South Street, Moor
Sheldon Hotel 27 Hill Street
Sheldon Inn 10 Edmund Street
Shepherd Inn 118 Duke Street
Shepley Spitfire Mickley Lane
Sherwood Birley Moor Road
Shiny Sheff 274-276 Crimicar Lane
Ship 31 Water Lane
Ship Inn 284 Shalesmoor
Shiregreen Hotel 416 Sicey Avenue, S5
Shoulder of Mutton 19 Top Road, Worrall
Showroom Bar and Café 7 Paternoster Row
Shrewsbury Arms 74 Broad Street, Park
Shrewsbury Hotel 17 Paradise Square
Shrewsbury Hotel 109 South Street, Park
Sicey Hotel Sicey Avenue S5
Sicey Green Hotel 416 Sicey Avenue, S5
Sidney Hotel 23 Haymarket
Silver Fox 839 Unsliven Road, Stocksbridge
Silversmiths' Arms 1 Lord Street
Sir Admiral Lyons 176 Eyre Street
Sir Francis Burdett 5 Pond Hill
Sir John Falstaff 48 Wicker
Sir Robert Peel 157 Carlisle Street
Smithfield Hotel 31 Blonk Street,/29 Furnival Road
Smithy Door Tavern 26 Hawley Croft
Snow Lane Tap Snow Lane
Social Tavern 38 Bailey Street
Soldier's Return 42 Water Lane (8 Water Lane in 1854)
Solferino Inn 130 Cemetery Road, S11
South Sea Hotel 210 Fulwood Road, Broomhill, S10
South Street Hotel 71 South Street, Moor
Sovereign Inn 118 Portobello Street
Sovereign Inn 70 Rockingham Street
Sitwell Arms Renishaw
Spirit Vaults 112 West Bar
Spital Inn 24 Spital Street
Spitalfields 57 Stanley Street
Split Crow Spring Street
Soldier's Rendezvous 41 West Bar
Sportsman 125 Thomas Street
Sportsman 133 Infirmary Road
Sportsman Effingham Street
Spirit Vaults 2 Market Street
Spirit Vaults 30 Castle Street
Spitalfields 57 Stanley Street
Sportsman Moor Lane, Wigtwizzle, [bradfield]
Split Crow Spring Street
Sportsman/Sportsman's Inn 100 Walkley Bank Road
Sportsman 125 Thomas Street
Sportsman 155 Railway Street
Sportsman 17 Cornish Street
Sportsman 26 Coal Pit Lane / 24 Cambridge Street
Sportsman 20 West Bar
Sportsman 28 South Street, Moor
Sportsman 33 Bridge Street & 17 Newhall Street
Sportsman 504 Attercliffe Road
Sportsman 241 Barnsley Road
Sportsman 57 Benty Lane/Manchester Road, Crosspool S10
Sportsman 168 Darnall Road
Sportsman Harvey Clough Road, Woodseats, Norton
Sportsman 123 High Street, Ecclesfield
Sportsman Main Street, Hackenthorpe
Sportsman 2 Oldfield Road, Town End, Stannington
Sportsman 183 Worrall Road, Wadsley, S6
Sportsman Group 851 Penistone Road
Sportsman Inn 569 Redmires Road, S10
Sportsman Inn Carlton Road, Attercliffe
Sportsman 8 Pea Croft
Sportsman Inn Lodge Moor
Sportsman's (Beerhouse) 23 Hollis Croft
Sportsman's Arms Deepcar
Sportsman's Cottage 74 Button Lane
Sportsmans Group 5 Fargate
Sportsman's Inn 10 Denby Street
Sportsman's Inn 140 Arundel Street
Sportsman's Inn 155 Marcus Street, S3
Sportsman's Inn 31 Maltravers Street
Sportsman's Inn 33 Otley Street, S6
Sportsman's Inn 41 West Bar
Sportsman's Inn 84 Sheldon Street
Sportsman's Inn 14 Bridgehouses
Sportsman's Inn 83 Well Road & Oak Street, Heeley, S8
Sportsman's Inn Pits moor
Sportsman's Inn (Beerhouse) 4 Paternoster Row
Sportsman's Rest 45 Park Hill Lane
Spotted Cow 70 Russell Street
Spread Eagle 19 High Street
Spread Eagle 37 Addy Street
Spread Eagle / Eagle Tavern 39 West Bar Green
Spread Eagle 80 Wellington Street
Spread Eagle 9 Fargate
Spread Eagle Chapel Walk
Spring Tavern 74 New George Street / Boston Street
Spring Vale Hotel Spring Vale Road
Springfield Tavern 182-184 Broomspring Lane
Springwood Inn 67 Freedom Street, Walkley
Springwood Inn Hampden View
Springwood Inn Hastilar Road South, S2
St George's Tavern 35 Broad Lane
St Ledgers 76 Pinstone Street
St Patricks Tavern (Beerhouse) 18 Castle Green
St Philip's Tavern 228 St Philip's Road
St Stephen's Tavern St Stephen's Road
Stadium 97 Broughton Lane, S9
Stafford Arms 30 Stafford Street, S2
Staffordshire Arms 38 Sorby Street
Stag 16 Lambert Street
Stag 2 2 Wilson Street & 170 Harvest Lane
Stag 45 Carver Street
Stag 83 Pea Croft
Stag Malin Bridge
Stag Wadsley
Stag Inn Market Street, Woodhouse
Stag Inn Pond Street
Stag Inn 14 Castle Green
Stag's Head / Stag Sharrow Head / 15 Psalter Lane
Standard 38 West Bar Green
Staniforth Arms 261 Staniforth Road
Stanley Arms Langsett Road South Oughtibridge
Stanley Street Tavern 24 Stanley Street
Stannary Inn 2 Green Lane
Star 15 Orange Street 15 1/2 Orange Street in 1871 !!!)
Star 16 Silver Street
Star/Old Star 26 Haymarket / 100 Haymarket
Star 37 Pea Croft
Star 39 Cemetery Road
Star Owlerton
Star /Wadsley Jack 65 Rural Lane, Wadsley
Star and Garter 82 Winter Street
Star Hotel 35 High Street
Star Inn 11 Meadow Street
Star Inn 181 Gibralter Street
Star Inn 49 Danville Street, S4
Star Inn 8 White Croft
Star of Brunswick 65 Cemetery Road
Star of Lemont 29 Hermitage Street
Star Inn 9 Charles Street
Station Inn 147 Pond Street
Station Inn 165 & 167 Granville Street, Park, S2
Station Inn 732 Attercliffe Road, S9
Station Hotel 95 Wicker
Station InnNaseby Street, Brightside
Station Inn Harmer Lane, Pond Street
Station Inn 38 Furnival Road
Station Inn105 Station Lane Oughtibridge
Steam Clock 352 Brightside Lane
Steam Inn (Beerhouse) Johnson Street
Steelmelter's Tavern 107 Carver Street
Steer's Hotel Haymarket
Stocks 1 Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield
Stone House 19 Church Street
Strines / Taylor's Arms Mortimer Road. Bradfield Dale
Strong Arm 1 West Bar
Stumble Inn 436 Attercliffe Common, S9
Suffolk Hotel 24 Turner Street
Summer Tavern Summer Street
Summerfield Hotel 21â"23 Soho Street & 26 Summerfield Street, S11
Sun 110 Lansdowne Road
Sun 134 West Bar
Sun 78 South Street, Park, S2
Sun Inn 12 Walker Street
Sun Inn Ringinglow Road
Sun Tavern 27 Haymarket
Sunny Bank Hotel 74 Powell Street
Sunnyside Hotel 26-28 William Street, S10
Surrey Arms 176 Granvile Street
Surrey Arms Inn Hollow Meadows, Stannington
Surrey Hotel 86 West Bar
Swan 8 Burgess Street
Swan Main Road, Ridgeway
Swan Hotel 2 Snig Hill
Swan Tavern 74 Duke Street
Swan with Two Necks 28 Furnival Street
Swiss Boy (Beerhouse) Sheldon Street
Sycamore Tree 21 Sycamore Street

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Talbot 36-38 Blast Lane

Talbot 40 Hoyle Street, S3

Talbot 57 New George Street / Boston Street

Talbot Blackburn

Talbot Arms 39 Water Lane

Talbot Arms 50 Cricket Inn Road

Talbot Commercial Hotel 71 Arundel Street

Talbot Inn 19 Talbot Road

Tankard Little Pond Street

Tankard and Punchbowl 94 Broad Street

Tankard Inn 1 Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield

Tankard/Old Tankard/Great Tankard 115 West Bar

Tap 224 South Street, Park

Tap and Barrel 30 Waingate

Tap and Spile 30 Waingate

Target 12 Infirmary Road

Target 40-42 Reuben Street, Park

Target 75 St Johns Road, S2

Tavern Campo Lane

Tea Gardens 90 Grimesthorpe Road, S4

Temperence Hotel 4 Market Street

Tequila 136 West Street

Thatched House Tavern 2 High Street

Theatre Tavern 49 Arundel Street

Thomas Whitaker (Gales & Martin) Truelove's Gutter

Thompson's Hotel and Dining Rooms 20 Old Haymarket

Thorncliffe Arms 135 Warren Lane, Chapeltown

Three Colliers (Beerhouse) Canal Side, Attercliffe

Three Cranes 46 Queen Street

Three Horse Shoes 190 Norfolk Street & Charles Street

Three Horseshoes Jehu Lane/Commercial Street

Three Horseshoes Hotel & Oyster Bar 72 Norfolk Street

Three Legs 30 Union Lane

Three Merry Lads 610 Redmires Road, S10

Three Merry Smiths 55 Holly Street

Three Pigeons 117 Carver Street

Three Pigeons 20 Button Lane

Three Stags Carver Street

Three Stags Heads 24 Pinstone Street

Three Travellers Inn 82 Snig Hill

Three Tuns 110 Bridge Street

Three Tuns 39 Silver Street Head

Three Tuns 55 Leopold Street/Orchard Street

Three Whitesmiths 1 Bridge Street / Waingate

Tiger 7 Radford Row

Timber Top Shirecliffe Road

Tinsley Hotel 2 Sheffield Road

Toll Gate 408 Pitsmoor Road

Tontine Hotel Haymarket & 2 Dixon Lane

Town Arms 166 Duke Street, Park

Tram Car 851 Attercliffe Road S9

Tramway 112 London Road S2

Tramway Hotel 16 West Bar

Travellers 82 Snig Hill / Newhall Street

Travellers 251 Southey Green Road. Southey

Travellers 153 Thompson Hill, High Green

Travellers' 286 Ecclesfield Common

Travellers' Deepcar

Travellers' Inn 208 High Street, Attercliffe

Travellers' Inn 72 Penistone Road

Travellers' Inn 784 Attercliffe Road

Travellers' Inn Thorpe Lane, Thorpe Hesley

Travellers' Inn Broomhill

Travellers' Inn Oxspring

Travellers' Inn 72 Penistone Road North. Wadsley Bridge

Travellers' Inn Wharncliffe Side

Travellers Inn (Beerhouse) 67 Scotland Street

Travellers' Inn/Low Drop Vaughton Hill, Stocksbridge

Traveller's Rest 106 Broad Street

Traveller's Rest (Billy Lees) 141-3 South Street, Moor

Traveller's Rest 426 Langsett Road, S6

Traveller's Rest Brightside

Travellers' Rest 535 City Road, S2

Travellers' Rest 93 Langsett Road South, Oughtibridge

Travellers' Rest Cricket Road

Travellers' Rest Deep Pits, Intake

Trippet Lane Arms 27 Trippet Lane

True Briton 61 Brown Street

Truro Tavern 189 St Mary's Road

Tudor Tavern 5 Arundel Street

Tunnel 89 Pye Bank

Turf Tavern 15 Arundel Street

Turf Tavern 336 Handsworth Rd, Handsworth

Turf Tavern 65 Westbar

Turf Tavern 77 West Bar

Turk's Head /New Turk's Head 118 Scotland Street

Turnbull 2 Fairbarn Road, Stannington

Turner's Arms 4 Burgess Street

Turner's Arms Brown Street

Turners Tea Gardens Ecclesall New Road

Tuscan Tavern 17 St Thomas Street

Twelve O'Clock Saville Street

Twelve O'Clock Walk Mill

Twelve O'Clock Inn 1 Attercliffe Road /Saville Street

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Umpire 9 New George Street / 9 Boston Street.Little Sheffield

Union 1 Division Street

Union 12 Bridgehouses

Union 14 Scotland Street

Union 16 Lambert Street

Union 18 Fargate

Union 2 Coalpit Lane & 1 Division Street

Union 32 Furnace Hill

Union 50 Hawley Croft

Union 61 Silver Street Head

Union Cherry Tree Hill

Union Norwich Street

Union Inn 651 Attercliffe Common

Union Inn Leadenhall Market

Union Inn Union Road, Sharrow

Union Tavern 14 Newcastle Street

Union Tavern 24 Union Lane

Union Tavern Cotton Mill Road

Upperthorpe Hotel 159 Upperthorpe Road

Upwell Inn 132 Upwell Street

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Varsity 173-179 West Street
Varsity 261 Ecclesall Road
Vaults 86 West Bar
Viaduct Inn 108 Corby Street
Viaduct Inn 79 Wicker
Victoria 1 Upper St Phillips Road & 200 Brook Hill
Victoria 115 Washington Road
Victoria Tavern 136 Savile Street East
Victoria 170 Gibraltar Street
Victoria 29 Fargate
Victoria 325 Langsett Road
Victoria 56 Jericho Street. Netherthorpe
Victoria 621 Attercliffe Road
Victoria 923 Penistone Road
Victoria Arches Tavern 2 Savile Street
Victoria Arms 193 Arundel Street
Victoria Gardens (or Hotel) 248 Neepsend Lane
Victoria Hotel 146 Carlisle Road
Victoria Hotel 203 Gleadless Road
Victoria Hotel 22 Thomas Street
Victoria Inn 20 Tinsley Road
Victoria Hotel 27 to 31 Furnival Road
Victoria Hotel 40 High Street
Victoria Hotel 80 Addy Street
Victoria Hotel Bath Street
Victoria Hotel New Grimesthorpe
Victoria Inn 22 Grammer Street, S6
Victoria Park Hotel Clarkehouse Road
Victoria Station Hotel & Refreshment Rooms Furnival Road
Victoria Station Hotel/Royal Victoria Station Victoria Station Road
Victoria Vaults Langsett Road
Victoria 40 Mulberry Street
Victory Place Upwell Street
Victuallers: early victuallers, pubs unknown
Vine 162 Cemetery Road
Vine Tavern 7 Hodgson Street
Vine 81 Brunswick Road
Vine Hotel 35 Addy Street
Vine Tavern 38 Broad Street
Vine Tavern 4 Hartshead
Vine Tavern 49 Newhall Road S9
Vine Tavern 17 Furnace Hill
Virginia Vaults 64/66 Queen Street
Vulcan 51 Hawley Croft
Vulcan Northern Avenue
Vulcan Tavern (or Inn) 53 Sussex Street

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Wadsley Jack 65 Rural Lane, Wadsley

Waggon and Horses 1 Scargill Croft

Waggon and Horses 13 Arundel Street

Waggon and Horses Abbeydale Road. Millhouses

Wagon and Horses 236 Gleadless Road

Wagon and Horses Langsett, Stocksbridge

Wagon and Horses 2 Kent Road, Upper Heeley

Waggon and Horses Market Place, Chapeltown

Walkabout Inn Carver Street

Walkley Cottage Hill Street, Walkley

Wapentake Moorhead

Warm Hearth Stone 1 Town Head Street

Washford Arms 380 Attercliffe Road

Washington 23 Washington Road

Washington 79 Fitzwilliam Street & Wellington Street

Waterloo Tavern 18 Pinstone Street

Waterloo Tavern 3 Andrew Street

Waterloo Tavern/Waterloo Turf Tavern 26 Watson's walk

Waterman's Rest 1 Sussex Street

Waverley Hotel Castle Street

We Three Loggerheads Inn 30 Hawley Croft

Weatherby Park Hill, Swallownest

Weatherspoons 12-18 Cambridge Street

Weatherspoons West Street

Weighhouse Inn 168 Duke Street

Weir Head Hotel 1 Sutherland Street

Weir Head Inn 287 Attercliffe Road

Weir Head Tavern 377 Penistone Road

Well Run Dimple 58 Fargate

Wellington 1 Henry Street, Portmahon

Wellington 683 Attercliffe Common

Wellington 720 Brightside Lane

Wellington 15 Burgess Street

Wellington 78 Macro Street

Wellington 79 Fitzwilliam Street

Wellington Roscoe Place

Wellington Arms 90 Wellington Street

Wellington Inn 124 Carlisle Road

Wellington Inn 222 Main Road, Darnall Road

Wellington Inn 58 Langsett Road

Wellington Tavern 21 Coal Pit Lane (Cambridge St by 1863 )

Wellington Tavern Castle Folds

Wentworth Arms 262 Rockingham Street & 76 Button Lane

Wentworth House 18 Wentworth Street, S6

Wentworth House 78 Button Lane

Wentworth House Hotel 26 Milford Street

Wentworth Inn 156 Wentworth Street

West End 71 West Street, Eckington

West End Hotel 412 Glossop Road

West Street Hotel 128 West Street

West Street Vaults 112 West Street

Westcourt Shades 2 Scargill Croft

Westminster 40 High Street & 1 Mulberry Street

Weston Park Hotel 96 Weston Street

Westway 53-59 West Street

Wharncliffe Arms Burncross, Chapeltown

Wharncliffe Arms 101 Green Lane

Wharncliffe Arms Wharncliffe Side

Wharncliffe Arms/William MacCready 42 West Street

Wharncliffe Hotel 127 Bevercotes Road, S5

Wharncliffe Hotel 13 King Street

Wheatsheaf 11 Bridge Street

Wheatsheaf 149 Harvest Lane

Wheatsheaf 18 Penistone Road

Wheatsheaf 2 Platt Street

Wheatsheaf 21 Button Lane

Wheatsheaf 46 Sims Croft

Wheatsheaf 74 Bailey Lane

Wheatsheaf 81 Eyre Lane

Wheatsheaf Park Head, Ecclesall

Whiley's Saloon Hartshead

Whirlow Bridge Ecclesall Road, Parkhead

Whitby Hotel 106 Addy Street/1 Arthur Street 1871

White Bear 10 High Street

White Bear Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield

White Hart 119 Worksop Road

White Hart Inn 184 St Philip's Road S3

White Hart 32 Church Street, Eckington

White Hart 62 Russell Street S3

White Hart 64 Doncaster Street S3

White Hart Church Street, Attercliffe S9

White Hart 27 Main Road .Greenhill

White Hart 101 Wortley Road. High Green, Chapeltown

White Hart18 Langsett Road North, Oughtibridge

White Hart Waingate

Weeping Willow Penistone Road

White Horse 18 Effingham Street

White Horse 19 Grammer Street, S6

White Horse 275 Solly Street

White Horse 20-22 Copper Street

White Horse 65 Malinda Street

White Horse/Morning Star 76 Matilda Street

White Horse 83 South Street

White Horse 87 Creswick Street

White Horse Gregory Row

White Horse Market Place, Chapeltown

White Horse Norfolk Road North

White Horse Wadsley Bridge

White Lion 110 Barker's Pool

White Lion 12 West Bar Green

White Lion 131 Dunlop Street

White Lion 3 Wicker

White Lion 25 Holly Street

White Lion 30 Bailey Street

White Lion 140 Queen Street

White Lion 37 West Bar Green/37 Tenter Street

White Lion 54 Woodside Lane

White Lion 86 Queen Street

White Lion 88 Carbrook Street, S9

White Lion 615 London Road. Lower Heeley, S2

White Lion (New) 12 Wicker

White Lion 61 Division Street

White Low Upper Hallam

White Rose 17 Handsworth Road

White Swan Chesterfield Road. Dronfield

White Swan 3 Fargate

White Swan 36 Charlotte Street

White Swan 57 Greenhill Main Road, S8

White Swan 75 West Bar

White Swan Hotel 105 Meadow Hall Road, Brightside

Whitesmiths' Arms (Beerhouse) 47 Russell Street

Who Can Tell 33 Botham Street

Why Not? 27 Clun Street

Wicker Brewery Hotel/Hole in the Wall 70 and 72 Saville Street, S4

Wicker Tilt 2 Wicker

Widow's Hut 21 Meadow Street

Widow's Hut 41 Sorby Street

Wiley's Saloon Bar 25 Hartshead

William IV Russell Street

William McReady West Street

Willow Tree 147 Portobello Street

Wincobank 72 Newman Road, Wincobank

Windsor Castle 129 Princess Street

Windsor Castle 1 Silver Street

Windsor Castle 50 School Croft

Windsor Castle 70 Tenter Street

Windsor Hotel 35-39 Southend Road, S2

Wine and Spirit Vaults 2 Market Street

Wine Vaults 59-63 Scotland Street

Wine Vaults Silver Head Street

Wisewood Inn 539 Loxley Road, Loxley

Woodburn Hotel/Woodbourn 2 Lovetot Road

Woodburne Hotel 2 Worthing Road, Attercliffe

Woodland Tavern 321 Langsett Road

Woodman 137 Edward Street

Woodman Inn 158 Woodside Lane

Woodman 180 South St Moor

Woodman Inn 87 Carlisle Street East

Woodman's Hut 46 Garden Street

Woodseats 743 Chesterfield Road, S8

Woodseats Palace 692 Chesterfield Road

Woodside Tavern 126 Woodside Lane

Woodthorpe Arms 102 Mansfield Road, Intake

Woolpack 2â€"4 Percy Street

Woolpack Flat Street

Woolsack 277 Upper Allen Street

Wordsworth Tavern Wordsworth Avenue

Worthington Hotel South Sheffield

Wortley Arms Halifax Road, Wortley

Wrekin 143 Carlisle Street East

Wybourn Tavern 204 Cricket Inn Road, Park

Wyvern 379 Leighton Road

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