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Facebook and Bebo and other sites I don't use or understand have installed "Panic Buttons" that link you to Childline, Mentors, Local Police etc.

Which made me think should we have something similar that

1) Makes you a nice cup of tea

2) gets you a nice biscuit (and possibly a nice hot water bottle or blanket) and

3) calls that nice PC Wilkins out the back window ...

just in case someone finds George Arthur Brants death details, someone finds a really good picture of Redgates or you see a PictureSheffield link featuring your Aunt Edna's bloomers on a washing line from 1938. These kind of things can be quite shocking lol

Be careful out there ... probably ...


With Thanks to our own "Cyber-Police" that keep us safe from idiots.

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After yesterday I should have some kind of rant-meter which automatically logs me out (and probably turns the computer off) when I get too angry with the stupidity which seems to inlfict so much of humanity.

I am currently calm and relaxed. :)

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