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St Bartholomew's

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St Bartholomew's parish Church seems to be a focal point in my family history search i believe it was in the St Phillips /Middle wood road area

any info or photo's please

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I don't think so i am sure it was St phillips area It could have been demolished when the Kelvin flats were built :(

1988 and it's still on the map,

so are the Kelvin flats.

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Link to .. FlashEarth

The Church has gone and houses/flats now stand on the site,

can also be seen on Google Street View.

Welcome to the forum ken66

Sorry I will make correction to my last post,

it appears a new Church has been built.

Link to .. Street View

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Guest Trefcon

Not all of the church went in the demolition! Between the flats and the new church there is a piece of open ground and if you walk through it you'll find this.

I love this, makes you feel like your at some famous ruins !

I took these the other year.


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Saint Bartholomew's.


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