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Where do I buy...

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Sheffield History

We're giving them away once we've managed to get the order and design finished

We expected it to be done by now but have been distracted

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that's great news, will they be available in sizes to suit people that used to do weight-lighting at Hillsborough Corner, and that used to drink a lot of Wards at the Queens on Scotland Street ? i.e. XXXL, is there a surcharge for the extra cloth :rolleyes: 44 inch waist, 50 inch chest, I may just explode before they are available, hahahaha ...

I'd like a shirt for my Wife too, she's tiny, maybe she is due a refund on cloth used, she's about 2 foot 4 (OK five foot), but is not a member here, prepare yourselfs for orders for non-members too and come up with a price.

Member TonyR, is my Pal from Iowa, USA, I'd certainly like to send him a shirt, and his wife, and that's not a cost to you, but a cost and a gift assigned to me.

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Just a thought, many people, myself inculded would be happy to contribute to the cost of a shirt. Could we not hold a poll as to where such money would be best used, I have a number of thoughts, yours are most welcome ...

1) But the rights to an old Sheffield text, publishing rights to the internet, suggestions David Hey's Fiery Blades of Hallamshire (1970's), last seen in Rare and Racy at £50, don't know what Mr Hey would want for the rights to scan and publish it, but worth asking, or thinking about

2) Rev Gatty's version of Hunters History of Hallamshire (1869 and also 1875), 508 pages of updated Sheffield History. Again, rights to publish for all to enjoy.

3) The 60 inch to a mile maps offered by Rare and Racy, so detailed, they show "poodle remnants", at £15 a sheet too rich for my wallet, but collectively, and with rights to scan and publish, bet they haven't sold a single sheet in years.

4) The RichardB Red Wine Fund, just think, lots of T-Shirts = lots of Red Wine :rolleyes:

5) Collective charitable donation, e.g. St Luke's, Mrs Miggins Pie Shoppe etc etc

Your thoughts most welcome (number 4 was a joke BTW)

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