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George Thomas Wilkinson Newsholme

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Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 1901

The Journal of 12 January 1901 reported the year's first meeting of the Council, at which the President, Mr G. T. W. Newsholme, welcomed the Society's Jubilee Year and the commencement of the new century. No ambiguity there. "It is my wish," said the President, "that the new century might bring better things for pharmacy."

The President's badge of office

The President's badge of office which was commissioned by the Society in 1901. These days, the badge is worn by the Society's Vice-President

Finally, the 60th anniversary was celebrated by the production of a badge of office for the Society's president. This was paid for by voluntary contributions made through local pharmaceutical associations. Contributions, some £128 in total, were acknowledged in The Journal and the badge was commissioned from Messrs Watherston & Son, of 12 Pall Mall East. The badge was presented to the President, Mr G. T. W. Newsholme, of Sheffield, on 1 October by Mr Michael Carteighe, who had himself been President for 14 years from 1882 to 1896, a record never surpassed …quot; or likely to be. The hope was expressed that the names of all past and future Presidents would be recorded on clasps on the ribbon in due course. Mr Newsholme said that he intended to wear it at the Cutlers' Feast, an annual event in Sheffield held in the Cutlers' Hall in the presence of the Master Cutler. The badge was first worn by him at the annual dinner of the Sheffield Pharmaceutical and Chemical Society held on the 17 October 1901 attended by some 70 members including the medical officer of health for Sheffield and Mr Richard Bremridge, secretary of the Society.

The name of Mr Newsholme, a distinguished pharmacist who served as President for three terms, would be remembered for decades as the name over one of Sheffield's town-centre pharmacies. I well remember visits to Newsholme's to purchase potassium chlorate and sulphur, which were mixed together and then filled into the empty cartridge cases which were scattered over the Derbyshire moors above the city where soldiers had trained during the war. Closed up by pinching them with a pair of pliers …quot; a most hazardous occupation …quot; these home made explosive devices were then thrown into a bonfire with spectacular effect. It is perhaps surprising that I survived long enough to become a pharmacist.


Odds and ends The Journal's "Market report" indicated that cocaine was trading at three shillings an ounce and that best cod-liver oil was 65 shillings per 25 gallon barrel.

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Newsholme, Chemist


Pharmaceutical Chemist 74 Market Place, home 9 Proiry Road, Sharrow Lane

Hon. Secretary Sheffield Microscopical Society, 37 Surrey Street


Treasurer Sheffield Pharmaceutical & Chemical Society


G. T. W. Newsholme Limited, home 16 Priory Road


G. T. W. Newsholme Limited, Manufacturing Chemists & Druggists & Dealers in Scientific Apparatus, 27 High Street


G. T. W. Newsholme Limited, Manufacturing Chemists & Druggists & Dealers in Scientific Apparatus, 27 High Street

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1880's (above Radley sign)


1890's Market Place/High Street (look above the Radley sign)


1930's 27 High Street Alley


Ugly, but functional ...sounds like someone I know ... that'll be me then lol

Hands up if you thought I was going to say "The Wifelette".

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Busy man

G.T.W. Newsholme, Chemist and Chairman of the Board for the Children of the State scheme, 1898




Mr. G.T.W. Newsholme, Chairman of the Board, 1898, and active worker for the Sheffield Union, 'Children of the State, Scattered Homes' scheme for poor children


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Non of you're links in this Topic work Richard ?

Excellent, plus the [bold] that I've edited out of everything I've posted today ... I normally just post, edit and change the description bit - that is no longer available to me, so I used Insert Post link from the left ... didn't work obviously ...

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