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Sheffield Car Dealerships


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Albert Rutherford Motor car proprietor 44 Goddard Hall Road (Kelly's 1925)

Goddard Hall Road ??

Firvale end of Herries Road

It runs from Firvale Road to Crabtree Road.

It's a house so it must have been his home address.

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This is the 2nd interim list compiled from info supplied (and remembered)

Dealer - Make - Address

Autoways (1931) - Ford - Brown St/Shoreham St

Beighton Motor Co - Austin - Rover High St Beighton

Bentleys - Vauxhall - St Mary's Rd

Bentleys - Vauxhall - Saville St

Brocklehurst - ?? - Meadowhead

Brook Shaw - Ford - Union St/Charles St

Brook Shaw - Ford - Gibralter St

Charles Clark - Vauxhal - Saville St

City Motors - Peugeot - Ecclesall Rd & Handsworth Rd

DC Cook - Nissan - Summerfield St

DC Cook - Datsun - Sheaf Gardens

DE Bentley - Reliant - 201 Shoreham St

DE Bentley - Subaro - 201 Shoreham St

Evans Halshaw - Renault - 246-274 Ecclesall Rd

Evans Halshaw - Citroen - Penistone Rd

Fred Wilson - Hillman - Leppings Ln

Fred Wilson - Bradfield Rd - (Hillman, Humber, Sunbeam) (Chrysler/Simca/Dodge - Hillsborough Corner)

Gilders - VW - Cambridge St

Gilders - VW - Ecclesall Rd Sth

Gilders - VW - Middlewood Rd

Gilders - Audi - Archer Rd

Gilders - VW/Audi - Meadowhead

GK Ford - Ford - 246-274 Ecclesall Rd

Gordon Lamb - VW/Audi - Summerfield St

Gordon Lamb - Saab - Ecclesall Rd Sth

GT Cars - Renault - Suffolk Rd

GT Cars - Citroen - Suffolk Rd

Hartwell - Vauxhall - Saville St

Hatfields - Jaguar - Sidney St (Standard, Triumph, Jaguar, Daimler and Bond Equipe)

Hatfields - Jaguar - 95-101 West St (Showroom)

Hatfields - Jaguar - Sharrow Vale Rd

Heeley Bridge - Morris - Heeley Bridge/Broadfield Rd (Morris, MG & Wolseley)

Highfield Motors - Hillman - 174-184 London Rd (Hillman, Humber,Singer & Sunbeam)

Holmes & Younie - Renault - Suffolk Rd

Kennings - Rolls Royce - Peel St Broomhill

Kennings - BMC - Leadmill Rd

Meersbrook Garage - BMW - 1-7 Meersbrook Rd (BMW & NSU)

Omega Cars - Citroen - Northfield Rd, Crookes

Pentagon - Vauxhall - Saville St

Pickfords - Rootes/Chrysler - 246-274 Ecclesall Rd (Humber, Hillman, Sunbeam & Chrysler)

Reg Vardy - Renault - 246-274 Ecclesall Rd

Reg Vardy - Citroen - Penistone Rd

Robins & Day - Peugeot - Ecclesall Rd & Handsworth Rd

Sentinal Garage - Wartburg - Scotland St

TC Harrison - Ford - London Rd

Turret Motors Vauxhall Ecclesall Rd

Turret Motors - Opel - 53 Upper Hanover St

Turret Motors - Vauxhall - Saville St

Wadham Kennings - Rover - Summerfield St

Waggon & Horses - Triumph - 186 Meadowhead

Weir Head Motors - 168-198 Penistone Rd - Austin - Rover

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Reliant dealer (a motorcycle dealers but they sold and repaired Reliants.)

Sold a range of motorcycles and had other shops in the City but only the Mansfield Road one did Reliants.

Another local dealership was Woodleigh Motors at Dronfield Woodhouse, but that's just outside the City boundary.

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Bentley Bros (Crosspool) Ltd

461 Manchester Rd

Who were they dealers for?

I think they were a Vauxhall dealer because, as a kid, I remember going to see a full size FAB1 there and that was based on a Bedford Truck chassis

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I think they were a Vauxhall dealer because, as a kid, I remember going to see a full size FAB1 there and that was based on a Bedford Truck chassis

Oh yes forgot that, I saw FAB 1 at Bentley's on St Mary's Rd

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There certainly was. Earnest Brocklehurst I believe. It was where the large petrol station is now. I have a hazy image of it in my memory.

I think it went in the late 60's

I've searched on and off for a long time with no luck so I don't think you'll have much luck with a photo or even much information.

"Sits back and waits.

Hopefully, to be proved wrong." :)

I have been led to believe that Brocklehust traded with the Rootes Group

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