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Guest seanybaby

Andews Line 123 (City to Sunnyside)

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Guest seanybaby

I was just wondering if any of our more knowledgeable (I hate to use the term "old") would be kind enough to answer a few queries that I have regarding the old Andrews line 123 between City and Sunnyside...

Firstly, when was this route created and when was it withdrawn?

Secondly, what was the usual allocation on this route by Andrews?

Finally, what was the exact route of this service. All I'm told is that it used to run from Sunnyside (Markfield Drive) down to Eastwood on Fitzwilliam Road (via current route 4 I believe) and then into Sheffield from Rotherham via Meadowhall and Carlisle Street. Anyone actually remember the exact route of the Andrews line 123?

To conclude, I've managed to find a photo of LOC 81P (Nick Broughton) at Meadowhall Interchange when it was in use on the 123 to Sunnyside. This also suggests that the route managed to remain in service beyond 1991 (when Meadowhall opened).

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