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Would YOU walk this path....

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Call me a cynic...but do you really think that that video has not been digitized for maximum effect??

I am always suspicious of photos & videos lately because of the technology to edit things to make them "appear" totally out of context....if you get what I mean.

Ok...so this "guy" is walking along a narrow path 100's of feet high, sheer drop, the path has massive holes and is crumbling...but "he" still manages to walk on the very edges of the crumbling surface without a fear of doubt that it would crumble?

Why does the video not "jump" as he has to cross the massive voids in the path?

Do you really think he could film as he crossed one of the gaping holes by "tightroping" across a pole....with a sheer drop beneath him??

lol makes a good video....but probably shot in a studio or something...

Lozz ;-)

Some good points, 1 of my favourite subjects "Cynicism"

If it is genuine, its good :)

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