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1871 Trade Directory Images


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We had this posted; then there was a problem and we lost the lot.

We are re-posting about 300 images.

50 or so left; any takers ?

Steve, Stuart, Dunsby, Vox, Fishface - 50 each so far - Thank you guys, much appreciated.

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The Original & Only Genuine

It prevents hair from falling off or turning grey, strengthens weak hair, cleanses it

from scurf and dandruff and makes it beautifully soft, pliable and glossy.



Silkstone & Worsboro' Park Collieries

Nr Barnsley

Est. A.D. 1826

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Manufacturers of Table Cutlery

Pen, Pocket & Sportsmen's Knives.

General dealers

Garden Street, Sheffield



(Late Samuel Kitchen)

Table Cutlery, Spear Knives, Daggers &c. &c.

Soho Cutlery Works, Sheffield

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(Est 1817)

Solly Works, Solly Street & Love Street Steel Works, Sheffield.

Steel Converters & Refiners

Joiners tools, edge tools, skates, augers etc etc.

(Also, David Flather's Improved Registered Braces.)



Electro Platers & Guilders

19, Arundel Street, Sheffield.

NB - W. G.& Co wish to call the attention of merchants, Shippers, Wholesale Ironmongers

& others, to the quality & price of their goods, which cannot be surpassed.

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Meadow Works, Meadow street, Sheffield.

Manufacturer of

Electro-Plated Nickel Silver & Britania Metal Spoons



Engineers & Machinists.

21 & 23, Coleshill Street, Birmingham

Light & Heavy machines, Engines, Lathes

(The largest stock of lathes and other machines in the Middle Counties.)

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Fire Briock Manufacturers

Oughtibridge Nr. sheffield



Fire Brick Manufacturers

Also DRABBLE & Co.

Dealers in Pot Clay of the most Superior Quality.

Stannington, Nr. Sheffield.

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Henry Atkin & Co.

Celtic Works, Union Lane, Duke Street

Saws, Files, Steel, Machine, Plane, Moulding, Grooving and Chipping Irons

George Platts & Son

Manufacturers of Fine Scissors

Bernard Works, Park

James Hobson

Designer and Manufacturer of Monuments, Head and Tomb Stones

Burngreave Memorial Works

John A. Cousins

Central Sewing Machine Emporium


William Mottram

Slater and Slate Merchant

Damosel House, Oughtibridge

H. Siddall

Manufacturer of Spindles and Fliers, Steps, Collars, Brass covered top rollers

Love Street Spindle Works


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Henry Wild & Sons

Fancy Leather Manufacturer and Dealer

27 North Church Street

Thomas Pawson

Ironmonger, Gasfitter & Tin Plate Worker

Hallgate, Doncaster

John Rose Junior

Joiner, Builder, Quarry Owner and Brickmaker

Rose Hill, Norton-Woodseats

J & H Morton

Horn & Bone Merchants

Cambridge Street

J Wheeldon & Co

Patent Self-Lubricating Engine Packing

Times Buildings, Bow Street

F W Horsfield

House Painter & Sign Writer

Wheeldon Street, Near Broad Lane


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Joseph Wolstenholm & Sons

Manufacturers of every description of Razors and Cutlery

Penistone Road (Opposite Regent Works)


Dining Rooms


Moorhead Dining Rooms (Charles Innocent, Proprietor)

Ox-Tail Soup from 10 am, Hot Joint Daily 12 noon to 11 at night

"Smoke me a kipper Mrs Miggins ..."

18 and 19 Button Lane

Matlock Baths

Charles Parkin

Manufacturer of Braces, Bits, Joiners' Tools, Edge Tools, Augers, Skates, Tool Chests

Rockingham Street

Briddon Brothers

Electro-Platers, Gilders and Manufacturers of Silver & Electro Palte

Victoria Plate Works

Eyre Lane and Arundel Street


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Thomas Nell

Coal and Lime Merchant

Heeley Station

M A Dearden

Brick and Tile Works


William Tyler

Manufacturer of Britannia Metal & Electro Silver Plated Goods

Brunswick Road (late Tomcross Lane)

John Wood

Cabinet & Chair Maker

16 1/2 Stanley Street

John Tankard

Razor & Spectacle Cases & Sheaths

25 & 30 Rough Bank, Park

Crookes Brothers

Manufacturers of Fine Pen, Pocket & Sportsmen's Knives

Eyre Street


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James Hawson

Accountant, Collector and Advertising Agent

45 Queen Street (Bank Street)

Thomas Marshall

Accountant, Collector of Rents & Debts

16 Dixon Lane

J H Jubb

Auctioneer, Valuer, House, Land and Estate Agent

16 Scotland Street

William H Needham (late of Change Alley)

Auctioneer, House, Estate & General Agent

13 Fargate & 49 Occupation Road

Bonus for one point : Occupation Road became .... ?


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Joseph Pickering (Successor to the late J Needham)

Polishing Paste, Furniture Polish

Polish Works

Thomas Simmons

General Ironfounder

Sheaf Foundry, Exchange Street

Robinson and Sons

Lint, Carded Cotton Wools & Bandages

Wheat Bridge Mills, near Chesterfield

John W Dewsnap

Cabinet Case Maker

Arundel Street (next door to the School of Art)


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Thomas Stansfield (late Thomas Holt)

Picker Manufacturer & Dealer in White Leather & Horny Laces

Blind Lane, Todmorton

Joseph Swift

Wheelwright & Carriage Builder

Wadsley Bridge Steam Saw Mills

William Aspinall

Plumber, Glazier, Gas & Steam fitter


Monsieur Leopold Courtial

Language Teacher

223 Glossop Road


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John Wade

Joiners' Tool Manufacturer

Hibernia Works, Westfield Terrace

Thomas Watts

Law Stationer & Law Lithographer

Bank Street

Thomas Hall

Spring Fastenings for Leggings, Gaiters

83 Eldon Street

Thomas Hall imfamously sold "quick release tights" a good 50 years before the production of nylon - made him a popular chap though

Joseph Booth

Engineer and Millwright

Taptonville, Broomhill

[i suspect part of this entry may just be fictional]


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T L Green and Co

Steel & File Manufacturers

Gilcar File Works, Napier Street

John Pitt

Sheffield Lead Pipe Works

Lead and Glass Merchant

18 & 20 Waingate

Leitch and Co.

Hackle, Gill, Woolcomb and Card Pin Manufacturers

Hallamshire Pin Works, Rivelin

Henry Gouldthorpe

Sheffield Horn Works

Rockingham Lane

"Horn Dust On Hand"


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Mr T A Strain

Surgeon Dentist

Allen Street

Wm. Brookes & Sons

Stocks, Dies, Scren Wrenches, Spanners

Howard Works

John Harrison

Edge Took and Reaping Hook Manufacturer

Steel Works, Dronfield

Aaron Hildick

Plow Bits, Rabbit Moulding and all kinds of Plane Irons & Light edge tools

57 1/2 Bridge Street


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T L Green and Co

Steel & File Manufacturers

Gilcar File Works, Napier Street

Thomas Lewis Green

Albert Lewis Green

and Walter James Green

all 112 Napier Street, File Manufacturer (T L Green & Co.) (Kelly's 1893)

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