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Firth Park Postcard Publisher - F.A.Kenyon


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Guest Gramps

OOOHH shopping in Kenyons when i wer a lad wer a reet treet. Still got my James Bond car that was bought there. Anyway postcards, from the collection nothing over and above what is already posted but a couple of diferent ones.

The bottom photo is very interesting...is there a date on it ?

The road joining on the left is Bolsover road and on the far corner can be seen the old gate into what was then part of the Page Hall grounds. The strip of land fronting Firth Park road was later sold for development - sometime in the 1930s I believe.

On the right can be seen a pile of bricks and I'm wondering if the photo was taken at the time the shops on the corner of Firth Park road and Page Hall road were being built. Page Hall 'Market' has a date stone about 1906 I think.

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On 03/08/2009 at 09:20, dunsbyowl1867 said:

When I was a boy there was a great toyshop in Firth Park called Kenyons. Sometime ago came across some photo-postcards produced by F.A Kenyon and have been trying to gather the images together. I assume they were taken in the 1950s and are generally of scenes around Firth Park.


Kenyon's shop on the right looking up Bellhouse Road.





They all numbered but 1 assume they begin at 100 and I think must go up to No 120? If anyone has any of the ones not included here or knows anything more about them I'd love to know.


No 100?


I have this one in my collection and it is numbered 103.

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On 03/08/2009 at 09:35, dunsbyowl1867 said:


Bellhouse Road, Firth Park, Sheffield. (103)


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The large chimney at the top of the photo was that of the CoOp dairy and their other extensive facilities.. 

The “Terminus “as we locals often referred to the thriving  shopping centre, had a shop for almost anything you needed ( or wanted)….with our family butcher”Sam” Watson on bottom left hand side.

The blinds are down so most likely a sunny ,summer day…especially as he lady with the pram appears not to be wearing a coat…however, in the 50s ,when I assume the photo was taken, many older ladies never went out ,regardless of the weather ,without their hat and coat.!

Mr and Mrs Kenyon were  a lovely couple. Mr Kenyon was a cripple and a pillar of the local Methodist Church. He mainly served in the tobacconists with its wonderful aroma. His wife in the toy shop ,where she displayed immense patience as children continually changed their minds on what they were buying with their pocket money…in my case between a Dinky car or aeroplane!


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Frederick Arthur Kenyon was born in 1875, son of Samuel a crucible maker, and started his working life as an apprentice rope maker, but by the time he married Jane Gough in 1902, had become a hairdresser. He didn't limit himself to hairdressing, but also was a shopkeeper, selling tobacco and stationery. Son Frederick Lewis Kenyon was born in November 1907. In September 1918 Frederick senior joined up and within a month transferred to the RAF as a batman and immediately went to France, no doubt improving the coiffure of the officers in his squadron. Frederick died in May 1941 leaving £934, Jane lived until 1970.

By the outbreak of WW2 Frederick junior had joined his father in the tobacco, toy and stationery side of their business at 20/22 Bellhouse Road. Frederick junior married Marion Green, a violinist and music teacher of Burngreave Road, in 1946. Frederick died in 1977, Marion in 1984.

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