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Barrel, Sarah Pinder, Pond-lane - I've added this to Barrel - Little Pond St - Same surname, Pinder. Or Is this new ? I have Sarah Pinder 1818 and Thomas Pinder from 1822 onwards, seemingly for forever.



Barley Mow, Jos. Goodlad, Westbar-green - is this new ? - it is on my list

But not on the pubs list


Black Jug, John Freeborough, Bridge-houses - is this new ? - it is on my list

But not on the pubs list


Black Swan, John Cricb, Snig-hill – Can’t edit the listing. - John Crich

I mean because of the HTML


Black Swan, Luke Stamford, Pond-lane – Is this the Little Pond Street one? (Stamford/Staniforth) - yes, 1 Little Pond street, or 15 or indeed maybe number 60, Staniforth is the spelling from 1822 onwards.

Done this one now


Blue Boy, Joseph Stringer, Shudehill (Is it the Allen Street one, which also has a Joseph Stringer) - Shudehill and Allen Street seem quite some distance apart.Stringer definately at Blue Boy Street/Allen Street based on other data. Personally I would need a bit more convincing that there was a Blue Boy on Shudehill. Already have Golden Lion at number 2, Cross Keys, number 4, Lion and Lamb number 6 and the French Horn, number 7.

No action taken


Brittania, Samuel Yates, Trippet-lane – is this new ? It is on my list with Samuel as only named keeper (mine has an entry headed 1818-1820)

But not on the pubs list

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If they are not on the Pubs list, I think they need to go on since they meet the criteria - persons name, place name, date and address. UKL should maybe decide if they get spliced-in alphabetically but editing an existing record, or whether we just have an "Additional" section at the end with "new" finds. I've had them on my list for some while, but Tsavo and me decided back in the day that either I could carry on investigations for the rest of my life, or we post up the information that I had and make additions/alterations and indeed deletion of duplicates as and when they came to light.

In the interests of getting fresh input, we decided to post the data and hope for the best.

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I've now finished the initial updates, but I've found quite a few more questions. I'll not post them all at once, it will only serve to confuse me. :unsure:

I'll do a few at a time.

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