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Paul Worrall

It's interesting that Leslie mentions the afternoon matinees in the early 80's. However I'm sure that in the late 50's/early 60's there were kids' Saturday morning shows which I used to go to with my late brother John, Pete Cousin and Graville Dale. Am I correct, does anybody else remember these morning shows or were they in the afternoon? The doorman (bouncer) was a strict NCO type who kept us in an orderly que and made us behave, some bright spark nick-name him 'Titanic' but you wouldn't dare call it him to his face! My Dad also used to take my brother and me to the Rex, Tony Curtis and Steve Reeves being the favourites. Mind you, my Dad always complained that it was too smokey and his feet were cold! Wazzie Worrall

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I notice that somebody posted that Dorothy Ward was the last owner of the Rex. I went to school with a girl of that name and when I lived in the area of the Rex around 1968 I saw the girl I went to school with one day. She could be identified by being a red head. I wonder if it was the same Dorothy Ward.

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Sheffield afar

I remember The Rex really well, it was our local picture house.  I remember waiting with my friend for my sister in law to get off the bus from work so she could "take us in" to see Jailhouse Rock.  It must have been deemed unsuitable for under 12's without an adult! We always had a 6d bag of Butterkist.  Sometimes on the walk home we would call in at the chip shop. Happy Days

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John Fahy

As for the Rex, i went there often in the 50's when my dad was sub-postmaster at Intake post office and we had a free pass because we had a weekly advert in the shop. Went by myself and if it was an "A" picture I'd wait outside until I asked somebody to take me in. Not what you'd do today !

It was much classier than the Manor Picture House showing MGM and Warner films whereas the Manor did Columbia, RKO and "lesser" quality films, tho' I remember the anarchic Saturday morning  children's shows there.

You could book a seat in the circle for the second house on a Saturday night. Our phone number was one number different from the Rex and it was not unknown for the phone to ring on a Saturday morning and for father to respond by maliciously appearing to book them in for that night. .Sadly he did not have much respect for the general public.

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