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Waterthorpe and westfield

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On 30/06/2009 at 20:56, Stuart0742 said:





A bit of a mystery location lol but proper to this topic

Old thread i know but was looking for aeriel view pics of waterthorpe before the estate was built. I then stumbled across this pic and new instantly that house. Its 27 Farm Fields Close. I live a few doors up. If you compare the brick work patterns, it matches. Bit blury in places as taken from street view :)


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I’d certainly agree with that, as if you were to compare the view in the photo of the house (which I’ve edited to make the coloured features stand out) with a map of the time, there are several giveaway features:

  1. The floodlights around the pitch on Westfield Campus (red)
  2. The houses at the brow of the hill on Elm Crescent (blue)
  3. The Green Lane (track) that ran (and still does) from Moss Way, to the allotments behind Elm Crescent (green)
  4. The electricity pylon that carried power lines parallel to Moss Way, to a sub-station, just behind the Sports Arena on Westfield Campus (yellow)

Looking back at the commentary on this thread, there are LOTS of images, maps, etc. of the ‘Mosborough Townships’ area, before, during and after the development of the numerous estates. There are even several in other threads on this site, as well as good old P.S.



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