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John Dodsley Webster, Architect

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Extract :

John Dodsley Webster (1840-1913) was much more typical of the unsung local architect than W. J. Hale. The scope of his work encompassed the whole range open to an architect: churches, public and commercial buildings, villas and small houses, additions and extensions. Capable of working in a variety of different styles at the behest of his clients, it would be unfair to compare his designs with those of the leading London-based architects. Nonetheless, he created well-crafted buildings appropriate to their settings, often on a limited budget.

Webster's Churches : http://www.lookingatbuildings.org.uk/citie...s-churches.html

Ranmoor Wesleyan (1870)

St Paul, Norton Lees Lane (1875-7)

Trinity Wesleyan Church, London Road (1879)

St James, Retford Road, Woodhouse Mill (1892)

Christ Church, Sheffield Road, Hackenthorpe (1899)

St Augustine, Brocco Bank (1897)

St Cuthbert, Fir Vale (1902-5)

St Oswald, Abbeydale Road (1909-10)

St Timothy, Slinn Street (1910-11)


Hospitals : http://www.lookingatbuildings.org.uk/citie.../hospitals.html

Jessop Hospital for Women (1878)

Medical School, Leopold Street (1888)

additions to the Royal Infirmary for the Outpatients Department and Nurses Home

Children's Hospital, Western Bank (1902)


Commercial : http://www.lookingatbuildings.org.uk/citie...commercial.html

Davy's Shop, Fargate (1882)

Bainbridge Buildings, Surrey Street (1884)

St Paul's Parade (1898)


Housing :

Many houses in Ranmoor during the busiest phase of its development in the 1870's

West Lea (1870)

Ranfall (1871)

Italianate Lodge, Ranmoor Road (1874)

Ranmoor Terrace, Fulwood Road (1876)


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