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Guest Jeremy

We've amassed a pretty large collection of maps, and I can never remember where any of them are. So here's an attempt indexing them:

Street maps/plans of Sheffield Town (and surrounding areas)


1736 Gosling street plan

1771 Fairbank's street plan

1791 Porter Valley, Place/field names (based on the Harrison Survey of 1637)

1775 Jeffrey area map

1797 Fairbank's


1808 Fairbank's

1823 by John Leather

1832 Area map

1849 Crookes/Walkley Area

1860s Black's street plan

1880s George W. Bacon

1881 Pawson & Brailsford

1890 street plan

1900 (Pre) Bacon's large scale plan


1903 Pawson & Brailsford

1905 Wicker Area, O/S copy

1910 Handbook for the Meeting of the British Association 1

1910 Handbook for the Meeting of the British Association 2

1911 Michelin guide

1931 Intake - Woodhouse - Ridgeway - Mosborough

1931 Carter Knowle - Intake - Beauchief - Lightwood

1931 Attercliffe, Catcliffe, Manor, Handsworth

1954 Geographia

1950s large scale Ordnance Survey maps

1958 Ordnance Survey

County maps

1701 Derbyshire

1701 Yorkshire (West Riding)

1845 Derbyshire

Admins--feel free to add items to/edit this list

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