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Closed Schools

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Guest Littledaler2

Two of my schools have disappeared - is it me?

Acres Hill Infants - now incorporated into Acres Hill Junior School, Littledale. New houses there now.

Also, Grange Grammar School for Girls, Abbeydale. That was sacrilege, allowing those mansions to become derelict then demolishing them - where will the ghosts go now?

Grange had the best school buildings in Sheffield.

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My first schools are still standing, Malin Bridge Infants and Juniors, and still will be, I think, when the the only thing still crawling about on the planet will be radiation resistant cockroaches !

They knew how to build them in those days.

My second school, which I only attended for two years was Wisewood Secondary Modern. I had passed to go to a school at the other end of the city but my mother was too lazy to get me off in time.

I did enjoy my time at Wisewood with it's inspirational teachers like Mr. Alan Goodfellow, the headteacher, Mr. Crofts and Mr. Hodgkinson, sports teacher. I drove Mr. Hodgkinson to distraction with my athletic non-prowess, it was only years later that I found out that I was born with most of the plumbing in my legs missing. I hold the school record for the cross country run, it was about 5 days I remember including the hospital stay.

Wisewood School is now completely flattened apart from a modern sports hall.

Our wonderous City Fathers, well they make me wonder, decided to combine a good school with a distant failing school to make a one much larger failing school.

My final school, the City Tram Sheds, sorry Central Technical School, was situated in various buildings in the city centre, some of which have been demolished, the rest converted into wine bars and the like.

I didn't like my time at that school, Herbert William Wadge, the headmaster, thought he was in charge of Eton and made us sing a silly school song every morning, we were told by a disgruntled teacher that it was a straight crib from one of the leading public schools. The staff all hated him, especially because he made them wear academic gowns. We worked from pre-war textbooks and the whole atmosphere was akin to Edwardian times.

Here's a picture of what's left of Wisewood School.


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As far as I know, both my Sheffield schools are still open: Gleadless County and King Edward VII Grammar (though I believe the latter is now on two sites). My late father taught in one which has gone, though: Woodhouse Grammar, where he was head of English for many years. I seem to remember that the education authority built a new school in Swallownest and all the "Woodus" pupils and staff moved over there.

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I went to one school previously mentioned in a earlier post Colley School, I left about 1978-9 but I lived across the road from a school not mention yet, I think St Peter RC School, on Morrall Rd Parson Cross.

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pauline w

Pipworth Road  infant and junior School is nowhere to be seen .Did it exist or was it a figment of my imagination. When you reached 11 yrs old, you went to a school near by heading toward the Darnall area. Cant remember the name if it, but there was shop near there where you would buy frozen Jubley orange drink. Glynis Dransfield lived near there and also a girl called Jean Curtis whos mum had a shop just past some railway arches? She was my friend at school. She was the glamourous one and I the plain one.This would have been roundabout 1955?

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Hi, another one I can't see mentioned is De La Salle College, Scott Road. 

I believe it closed in the late 70's with pupils moving to All Saints on Granville Road. Also Notre Dame ceased to be a girls-only school and a number of De La Salle boys attended.

I was a pupil at De La Salle from 1964 - 1969 and was formerly a pupil of St. Patrick's, Sheffield Lane Top. 


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I went to Coleridge Road School in the late fifties ; now demolished but the girls school is still standing I think. 

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I didn't, but had to walk past it on family visits to a nearby Aunt and Uncle's. Even as a small boy it seemed a pretty grim and forboding place by comparison with my school... Hucklow Road I & J....a view reinforced, latterly, by a friend who had a miserable time there...being bullied and mocked on account of a speech defect she had . I wonder, since that was fairly common place in the 50s...what was it really like?

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