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Oakwood School

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I left Oakwood School in 1960, having passed the 11+ and gone to High Storrs.

The main reason that I am getting in touch is that my brother John (mentioned in Sally's post above) passed away suddenly in November aged 59. John was five years younger than me, and followed me through Devon Road, Norwood Road, and Barnsley Road on his way to King Teds and Sheffield University.

It's a difficult subject to discuss right now, but I have so many happy memories of Oakwood, and will come back to this site with a fuller post in the future.

Kindest regards to all


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On 9/23/2010 at 20:52, SuzyC said:


Hi Kay, I think we must have been peers at Oakwood, I started at 4 in 1956 (Miss Beardsley or Beardsmore´s class). Lots of "Farmer in the Dell" and I could read Noddy books all the way through by 5 :) I still have most of my reports from Oakwood, must dig them out, although I do remember dancing received a "rather heavy on her feet" comment :P Mrs Holroyd did have a son called Bill, who lived in Canada, (I think my Dad knew him from wartime RAF days) he used to visit the school from time to time but obviously didn´t fancy taking it on when his mother passed away.

Do you remember the honour of being chosen as a "Gravy Girl" i.e. being allowed to pour the gravy on the younger kids´ dinners, also custard on their puds too! Phew what a responsibility!!

The trips to Stratford were brilliant, in addition to seeing the plays we also had a trip on the Avon and a walk round the shops. We were obviously very well behaved children, I remember seeing Midsummer Nights Dream and the Tempest, which I thought was most exciting as the character of Ariel was played by a guy with very few clothes on, pretty thrilling at ten!! ;-)

I can remember quite a lot of attendees´names from those days so would love to hear more from you. Some of the teachers I remember are Mrs Skelton, Mrs Frecheville, Mr Beal (and his baggy red swimming trunks!), Mrs Cope, Mrs Wilde (she rapped my knuckles with a ruler for some misdemeanour :o ), Mrs Swift. There was also Mrs Brunt the cook at Norwood Road who cooked the most disgusting beetroot as a vegetable accompaniment to meals, I had only ever eaten it pickled but we had to eat it hot there, ugh!! To this day the smell of cooking beetroot brings back a sinking feeling :P

Oh well, could go on forever, so will stop before I become too boring :(

7 years on and I found this! I think you must have been 2 years ahead of me. Not boring at all! Mrs Swift, Mrs Fretwell, Miss Beardsley, Mrs Cope.. yes I remember them all. But I have managed to forget the beetroot trauma.


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I have attached a photo was taken in 1951. Thts me. I attended Oakwood for less than 2 years. The school badge is visible, but the lapel button - I have no idea what that is.

I remember being at the school for one very clear memory. I was playing football and ran over some ice. Slipped and knocked myself unconscience. Great big hullabaloo


1951 Sheffield Oakwood School.jpg

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I attended Oakwood from around 1955  until I went to High Storrs Grammar. I attended both the Norwood Road and Barnsley road sites.

i remember the head teacher and also perhaps her son, who had I believe a Canadian accent. Can't remember many of the teachers, but I think the PE teacher was mr Beaumont? 

as was mentioned in other posts, it was really a cramming school t get u through the eleven plus, and in my case it succeeded. It's not until many years later I realised the sacrifices my parents must have made to send me there. It gave me the foundation for my future and whilst my memories of the school are vague it doesn't hide the fact that it was a great place to be educated.

I went to High Storrs with s few from there, I remember Ross Cullen well as we were best friends. Funnily I never kept in contact with anyone after secondary school. 

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