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Eyam Plague Village

Sheffield History

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I have put together a quick website about the plague village of Eyam

I would be very grateful for information, links, stories, documents and pictures relating to Eyam - as I hope to collect as much Eyam information as possible on the site.

Eyam has always fascinated me with it's mysterious and tragic history, it's beauty and it's locality to Sheffield

If you can help me with this project I would be most thankful

PM me on here or email admin@sheffieldhistory.co.uk with any contributions or information you can make

EYAM PLAGUE VILLAGE - http://www.eyamplaguevillage.co.uk

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Guest stalborg

Sorry can't help with any info or pics etc. but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed looking at your website.

The video is very informative too.

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Many thanks

I'm going to be working a lot on it (as you can see it's not fully finished but coming on nicely)

A few trips out to Eyam village to do more photo's and a full storyboard about the plague and more information on each home and plague victim

Eyam is a fantastic place - mysterious and magical

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