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The Ritz, Southey Green.

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Guest tsavo

The Ritz, Wordsworth Avenue / Southey Green. -

Opened at the end of 1937, the Ritz was one of several cinemas built, to service the newer Sheffield housing estates. Situated at the junction of Wordsworth Avenue and Southey Green, it was a modern rustic brick built building with vertical concrete ribs. An unusual feature was the use of glass bricks to bring natural light into the stairs and balcony area.

Inside, the building tapered towards the 47 foot proscenium arch which featured heavy red curtains. Seating was provided for over 1600 patrons including 440 in the balcony. Sound equipment was provided by RCA with a Phototone system and BTH projectors.

Although there was a sizeable stage, there were no dressing rooms, wings or fly space and backstage access was from the auditorium. Apart from the occasional charity concert during the war, the stage was only used for improvised entertainment at children's matinees.

The first CinemaScope screening was in June of 1955.

Star Cinemas took over the Ritz in 1961 and a month later it was closed for modernization, including new carpeting, seating and the installation of new lighting and projection equipment.

Bingo was first introduced on Sunday evenings, the Ritz never having previously opened for film screenings on that day. It closed as a cinema on the 7th November 1962 switching over to full time bingo. Films returned, however in May of 1965, when they alternated with bingo on Sunday, Thursday and Friday evenings.

The final film performance was on 9th November, 1966.

Info: Sheffield Cinemas.

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Guest sheppydog

Can anyone remember the old crumpet man who came up adkins rd and on to morgan on a peddle bike with a large basket on the front selling crumpets and scones :) .

I was just a kid on morgan road and the man, if my memory serves me right was aged about 400years old lol ( im guessing it was the mid 70,s ).

Id love to know more about him......can anyone help.

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The houses in the link were originally on the site of the cinema.


Plus a picture of the roundabout being built infront of the cinema.


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