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Hi Everybody

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Guest Thasc

Hi There

Firstly I want to apologise if I've made a bit of a nuisance of myself about validating my account, I wasn't sure whether there was a problem or not sorry admins/mods.

Any way now I'm here, it's a great looking place, I'm looking forward to chatting about times gone by with everybody. I've always been fascinated by tales of Sheffield history from my Mum and Dad

Speak to you soon

Kind Regards

Thasc ;-)

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Welcome, you made it through our testing validation process then ?

Hope you have fun here, ask questions, pass comment, contribute "stuff" and when you pass my number of postings, I'll buy you a drink lol

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Welcome to the forum Thasc, now you've passed the tenacity test of registering we'll look forward to your posts!


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Welcome again Thasc, - I've already come across one of your posts in the Gleadless Pictures thread.

Glad you liked it and I am sure there is much. much more on our site to take your interest as well.

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