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Tinsley Tram Sheds


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Have heard a few rumors in the last month or so, all saying that the tram sheds at Tinsley are to be re-developed.

I found out today that the bus museum has satrted to move already, to Rotherham.

It would be a crying shame if this fantastic old building is lost. Some parts of it have been knocked down in the past but the main part seems now, to be at risk.

Just for once it would be nice to see the council planning dept make the developers re use the existing building, not just keep a bit of the frontage like they have done at allthe other transport buildings in the City.

Just look how successful Salt's Mill has been in Saltair...we could have something like that here, modern offices/retail space in a historic setting.I know it won't happen because knocking it down and rebuilding it is cheaper..(New buildings atract no V.A.T).



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It's good to hear in advance of these things so we can go and capture them with our cameras before they go so thanks for posting.

like you say it's a shame so many of Sheffield's past is demolished

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The redevelopment of the the site is well under way........knocking it down is only a rumour I must stress, but given the way so many places in the City have gone recently I think you can guess the way the wind is blowing!

The places that have gone recently, I can think of, all have one thing in common, which is that flats now stand on them!!

Think of TC Harrisions and the remains of The old BED nightclub...or the old school at Woodhouse Terminus.....The pub up Fulwood just down from the BP garage...or the old Petrol station on the corner or Abbeydale road where the trams used to turn and head along to Woodseats (before my time mind!).

There are many examples of this but owing to sods law states...the first time I've had to write them down I've forgoten most of them!!

While I don't think they can put flats on the tram sheds I'm sure we will end up with something that will be more like the Porche dealer next door.


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