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Childrens Film Foundation Movies

Sheffield History

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Remember the Saturday Morning Kids Clubs at the Sheffield cinemas ?

How about hte Childrens Film Foundation movies ?

See if you remember any of these titles..

Sammy's Super T-Shirt

The Boy Who Turned Yellow

Battle Of Billys Pond

Sky Pirates

Highrise Donkey

Zoo Robbery

The Johnstown Monster


Mauro The Gypsy

Sea Children

Professor Popper's Problem

The Hostages

Night Ferry

Peregrine Hunters

Seal Island

The Boy Who Never Was

Danger On Dartmoor

4D Special Agents

Professor Popper's Magic Potions

Haunters Of The Deep

Exploits At West Poley

Out Of The Darkness


Pop pirates


Black Island 1979 starring Michael Elphick. Two kids go missing on a school trip when they are kidnaped by two escaped convicts, and are kept hostage in a derilect house.

Terry On The Fence, Terry runs away from home and gets involved with a gang of kids.

Here's a short clip from Sammys Super T-Shirt - The classic tiger-T-shirt British kids' flick.

Press play in the bottom left hand corner and turn your speakers up !

Sammy tries hard but he's a real weakling at running races - with the help of his mate and a Super T-shirt, he finally sets the track alight...

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I can remember watching childrens film foundation films at the highfields library in the 1970s. I think these films were shown about once a month and were a rare (free) treat in those days. Also im sure many people will remember the ABC minors, great days.

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I made regular trips to the ABC minors on a Saturday morning. I think we were sent to give our parents a bit of peace! we had our own song and if it was your birthday you took your cards and went up on stage so everyone could sing happy birthday. I remember you got a small bag of jelly tots- I never had so many birthdays in one year!!!!! Can't believe they knocked it down.

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