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Gatty's Version Of Hunters Hallamshire - Complete

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Take one 1819 Hunter's, add 50 years + Hunter's handwritten updates, and you have the Gatty's Hallamshire as available on this site (1869).

Stir in Sheffield Past and Present (1873) and presumably a few more updates and, from memory, I think you have the 1875 Hallamshire. This is the version I wanted to buy, scan and post on here, but having bought 1819, 1869 and 1873 the wife threatened me with some secateurs (I was also made redundant and £200+ became a distant dream), so, you've got what we want, what we, really, really want <Zig-a-ziggah>.

Love to see a copy one day.

Hello all, quite a while since I was here. I see that Google Books have now scanned the original 'Hunters' (1819) and it it freely available at


I managed to purchase myself a copy of this very hard to find book a few months ago on eBay, and am delighted with it. Now, I had always known that Alfred Gatty did a revised version (mostly using Hunter's own details) that was published circa 1869, but oddly enough, only a few weeks ago I came across a 'Gatty' Hallamshire for sale that is obviously later than 1869 as it mentions events several years after this date. Needless to say, I bought this copy too. Somewhere, I know not where, I seem to recall reading that Gatty published a second edition (therefore 'Hallamshire III') which was essentially his first edition, though incorprated in the text was his own 'Sheffield Past And Present' (1873). Does anyone have any details or knowledge of this particular publication?

Bildeborg, in exile in sunny Cornwall.

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In the quiet times on this site, it is easy to forget how much time, money and effort has been invested ...

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