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Dave Berry (born David Holgate Grundy, 6 February 1941, in Woodhouse, Sheffield, England), was a British pop singer and teen idol of the 1960s. A unique, and charismatic performer, Berry performed a mixture of hard R&B and pop ballads. He was extremely popular in Britain, and on Continental Europe. He had an unusual ambition for a pop performer trying to make a name for himself - to appear on TV completely hidden by a prop. In his own words, to "not appear, to stay behind something and not come out". As a rule he did a good job; hiding behind the upturned collar of his leather jacket, or even wrapping himself around, and effectively behind, the microphone's own lead. His early hits name checked his backing band, The Cruisers who at that time were made up of John Fleet (bass & piano), Roy Barber (rhythm guitar), Frank Miles (lead guitar) and Kenny Slade (drums). Berry parted company with this line-up (considered by many to be the best ever) around the time of "The Crying Game". He recruited four more talented local musicians - Frank White, Johnny Riley, Pete Cliff and old friend Alan Taylor to be the second generation of 'Cruisers', with lead guitarist White eventually replaced by Roy Ledger until around 1965, when personel changes began to be more frequent.

"The Crying Game" (1964), "Mama" (1966) and "This Strange Effect" (1965) - the latter written by Ray Davies, are among his best remembered hits. Indeed, "This Strange Effect" became a massive Number One hit for him in Holland and Belgium, countries where he still enjoys superstar status, resulting in a Special Award from Radio Veronica, Holland, for their best selling pop single of all time.

His 1965 hit "Little Things" was a cover version of Bobby Goldsboro's Stateside Top 40 success.

Another one of his songs, "Don't Gimme No Lip Child", was covered by the Sex Pistols. His stage act, drawing largely on Elvis Presley, and Gene Vincent, provided an inspiration for Alvin Stardust. Such was his enigmatic, and unconventional presence, that several punk rock acts, such as the Sex Pistols, later acknowledged him as an inspiration.

The song "The Crying Game" brought Berry's voice to his biggest international audience ever in 1992, when it was used as the theme song for one of that year's most successful films - Neil Jordan's The Crying Game.

Berry also regained some, much-overlooked recognition, when he was the surprise hit of the annual Alexis Korner Tribute in 1995.

In 1998 "This Strange Effect" was covered by the Belgian band Hooverphonic, on their album, Blue Wonder Power Milk.



October 1963 "Memphis, Tennessee" - UK #19

January 1964 "My Baby Left Me" - UK #37

April 1964 "Baby It's You" - UK #24

July 1964 "The Crying Game" / "Don't Gimme No Lip Child" - UK #5

November 1964 "One Heart Between Two" - UK #41

March 1965 "Little Things" - UK #5

July 1965 "This Strange Effect" - UK #37

November 1965 "I'm Gonna Take You There" - Did not chart

February 1966 "If You Wait For Love" - Did not chart

July 1966 "Mama" - UK #5

November 1966 "Picture Me Gone" - Did not chart

March 1967 "Stranger" - Did not chart

August 1967 "Forever" / "And I Have Learned To Dream" - Did not chart

February 1968 "Just As Much As Ever" - Did not chart

1968 "Do I Figure In Your Life" - Did not chart

1968 "Oh What A Life" - Did not chart


1964 "Me-O-My-O" / "St. James Infirmary" / "If You Need Me" / "Ella Speed"

1965 "Can I Get It From You"


1964 Dave Berry

The Crying Game / Not Fade Away / I Don't Want To Go On / Ella Speed / The Girl From The Fair Isle / Go On Home / Everybody Tries / God Bless The Child / Memphis, Tennessee / On The Other Side Of Town / Go Home Girl / My Last Date / St. James Infirmary / Just A Little Bit / See See Rider / Don't Make Fun Of Me - Decca

1966 One Dozen Berries

Hey Little Girl / Round And Round / Casting My Spell / Girl From The Fair Isle / Fanny Man / If You Wait For Love / Sweet And Lovely / Tears To Remind Me / Baby It's You / Run My Heart / I Love You Babe / Heartbeat - Ace

1968 Dave Berry '68 - Decca

1968 Special Sound of Dave Berry - Decca

1976 Remembering - Decca

1983 The Crying Game - Decca

1986 This Strange Effect - See for Miles

1988 Hostage to the Beat

Searchlight / Love from Johnny / Heart of Stone / Love is a Killer / Bring my Cadillac Back / God bless the Child / Mountains of the Moon / On the Waterfront / My Baby Left Me / For a Knight to Win His Spurs / Boppin' the Blues / Tracks of My Tears

2003 Memphis....in the Meantime

Mercury Blues / Same old Blues / Mean 'ol Frisco / Are You going My Way / Memphis in the Meantime / Cajun Moon / Georgia Ray / Pony Bboy / Taking the Midnight Train / Boppin' the Blues / My Baby Left Me - Blues Matters

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Guest tsavo

Dave Berry was a regular performer at the Gaumont's Saturdy morning live shows. He always acknowledged the support he got from the Gaumont's manager, Harry Murray. Met him at a charity do some years ago and had a good chat about the 'good old days'.

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ukelele lady

Did anyone visit the Party in the Park which I believe was last weekend?

It was held in Dronfield for the second year running, all in the aid of Ashgate Hospice in Chesterfield.

Musical performers were Dave Berry and the Cruisers, the Rubettes [ I used to love them ] and

Marty Wilde.

I wish I had known about it even though the weather was a bit hit and miss, I would have loved to

have seen Marty Wilde again.

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Marvelous write up on Dave Berry ,Mickjj, I am a relatively new member and although you wrote the topic in 2007 I have only just seen it by trawling through the site.

Tsavo I quite well remember the teenage shows at the Gaumont, they were really great days. I was a pianist and reached the finals in Carol Levis's Discoveries at the Empire playing Russ Conways Hits of the time, coming second to Cynthia Moakes (Singer) from Beighton. She was supposed to get a contract of some sort's but I don't know if it ever materialised.

The assistant manager of the Gaumont, Keith Kyle was in the audience and came to see me after the show and asked me to meet him at the Gaumont to be interviewed by the manager Mr Harry Murray because I was a competent musician and that he was about to launch a show for teenagers .Harry Murray said he was inviting local groups to be auditioned to appear on the show and that he wanted someone to do the job who was a capable musician and who could recognize true talent. I accepted the job and the auditions were held at 11 pm after the cinema had finished showing films and the stage opened up for the auditions.

I would sit in the auditorium and watch and listen to the groups perform, making notes for the manager as to who was the most talented and the most likely to

appeal to the teenager audiences and have the ability to make good. I would also accompany certain groups on the piano as required After the auditions a taxi would arrive and take me home ,paid for by Harry Murray.

Many groups would be rejected but among those who passed the auditions were DAVE BERRY AND THE RAVENS, JIMMY CRAWFORD AND THE COASTERS,


They were great times and great friends that I will never forget, I hope they will remember me as I left the industry after the Teenage shows finished.

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History dude

I have got the actual chart positions for Dave Berry's records for the period 1966 to 1967. They are from the Real Chart. Below it on the explanation for the sales symbols used. 


Dave Berry.jpg

Real Chart sales symbols.jpg

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