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Roxy Nighclub

Sheffield History

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Guest seanylove

It closed in 1996 It was used as a church by St. Thomas's they left it in a right mess inside when they left, then carling opened 11th April 2008. The building is rented by the carling academy, not owned by them.

cheers for that rosie .cant beleive the happy clappers left it in a reyt mess haha

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Guest lindsaygii

The Rock Night crowd were the nicest, the students were all leathered, and the Grab-a-Granny lot were a right bloody pain - we were the only women under, er, about 25....

This is really bringing it back! I worked at Roxys over Christmas and New Year in '87. The bouncers were all nuts, most of them were in and out for GBH all the time. They beat up one of the bar staff 'by mistake' one night!

Our favourite bit of the night was a the end of the night. We'd all get together with a load of metal buckets and stand at the back of the dance floor. Ten minutes before the music finished an extra row of white diagonals would come on along the balcony, and that was The Signal. From that point on, any pint not actually glued to its owners hands went in the bucket. Everyone was so pissed that hardly anyone even noticed we were nicking their drinks. Them that did got offered the bucket. It was horrible, but great!

By the way, anyone else remember those horrible red and white candy striped shirts we had to wear? There were some seriously bad bar staff uniforms in Sheffield. Remember the green and orange skirts and blouses at the Frog and Parrot. Wow, the eighties really were terrible, weren't they....

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Guest wapntake


(formerly steely's and top rank club)


The Roxy Nightclub, Arundel Gate, Sheffield

(bang opposite the Crucible Theatre)


Huge 2 floored mainstream nightclub, with huge dancefloor, movable lighting rig and large stage area.


"Is that alright fo yerz ?" Barry Noble (in his famous radio hallam advertising campaign)


pictured above: Michaela, Pete Waterman and Roxy DJ Malcolm Dale


Coming soon..


Mainstream pop, dance, and cheesy anthems. Everything from the Stock, Aitken and Waterman catalogue through to 60's and 70's classics. If you liked Jason Donovan, Kylie Minogue, The London Boys, Big Fun, Technotronic etc you would have loved the Roxy !!


Manager - Kevan ?

Head DJ - Malcolm Dale

DJ - Craig Justice (later DJ Dream)


1st and 3rd Monday in every month

I need some information here folks - do you have any memories of these nights ?

I used to go to nearly every rock night, brilliant nights, suffered at work next day, i started going in about 1986, wasn't Colin Slade the DJ

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Guest scooby132

Remember when the Roxy lighting rig collapsed onto unfortunate dancers beneath it ?

very much so .....I was working there at the time. it was a very scary situation!!

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Guest davehew

hi i was doorman at roxys from 87 to 89 was there when hit man and her was there and on vip lounge met loads of stars pete waterman kiyle jason london boys sona saneta loads more and was there when lighting rig fell on a girls head great times started as doorman at hartbeat at skating rink queens road all so worked at other clubs up to present day i ,v got some old pomo stuff sweat shirts if anyone got photos please uploads

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I used to work there one night a week serving burgers when the downstairs middle bar was a food bar and just once worked in the cigarette kiosk downstairs over by the door to the stairs. Hated that as couldnt see the dance floor lol!

Went there once on a Saturday afternoon to a disco.

Went once on a Thursday night, to please a friend, but hated it as it was full of business men who wouldnt take no for an answer!

I was always at Rock Night, every 1st and 3rd Monday in the month. The dj's were DJ Lez and Muttley. All genre's of rock music was played and the atmosphere was brilliant! Hardly any trouble during the night or outside afterwards where everyone gathered to chat and wait for a taxi. Faces, if not names, were always recognised. Had our "own" standing table next to a speaker in front of the middle bar. Hardly ever sat down!! Was a very sad day when the rock nights went and nowhere else has ever had the same atmosphere as Roxy Rock Nights!!!

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Ahhh Roxy's!  Only went there on Rock Night, 1st and 3rd Monday of every month.  DJ's Lez and Muttley were brilliant.  I was always there when the doors first open and stood in the same place waiting for my friends to arrive.  The music was fantastic. Never missed a Rock Night.  You knew everyone, if only their faces and knew when the students had arrived as new faces appeared.  Only ever went there once on a Thursday - grab a granny night - when a friend dragged me there!  Never again!!!!  All these sleazy men in suits who thought you were there just for them!  I actually worked there as well when the burger bar was in the centre of the room, when I was a teenager, still at school.  Once I was put on the cigarette kiosk which I hated as I couldn't see the dance floor from there.  I once went to a Saturday disco when I was a teenager as well.  But our world crashed in on the night we went as usual for Rock Night, when we were told it had closed down!  Nothing was ever the same again after that!    

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Grab a granny night, student night, rock night, Friday and Saturday disco night – there weren’t many tastes not covered by the sprawling Roxy in its tenure.

These were the days of burly bouncers in dickie bows, girls dancing around handbags and late night drunken bus rides home.

Roxy fans are in for a treat in more ways than one when the Dirty Stop Outs take a trip down memory lane.

This Saturday, May 4th, hundreds are set to re-live those heady days with, ‘Back To The Roxy’.

The iconic ‘Roxy’ sign will be back in residence as the venue – now better known as the 02 Academy  – winds back the clock to 1989.

And many of the punters have been giving their favourite Roxy memories to our forthcoming book.


The brand new ‘Dirty Stop Out’s Guide to 1980s Sheffield – Roxy Edition’ is set to bring the memories flooding back with tales of the ‘Hitman & Her’, divorce parties, stag parties and shows from everyone from New Order to Edwin Starr.

Hundreds of photos, memories and pure nostalgia from ‘80s Sheffield.

The book also features Josephine’s, The Limit, The Leadmill, The Stonehouse, Hole In The Road, Romeo & Juliets, Rebels, the Human League, Roger & Out and much more.

Click here to pre-order your limited edition, signed copy.

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The upstairs dancefloor at Roxy nightclub Sheffield



The Roxy nightclub sign




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Screenshot 2020-03-30 at 14.14.52.jpg

Roxy Nightclub in Sheffiel City Centre.
Photo shows Hyde Park Flats over in the background

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Roxy's Nightclub Sheffield.jpg

Question - did the ladies refer to Thursday nights at Roxy's as 'Grab A Granny Night' or just the blokes?

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Does anyone know the name of the DJ who worked at roxys around 1994/95, he had long blonde hair, not seen him work anywhere since.. he was a very good DJ ??

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