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Lydgate Lane Orphanage

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Guest Hallysann

Hi, Can anyone give me more info about an Orphanage in Lydgate Lane please. I have it mentioned on the 1901 Census where Geroge Frederick Hanson (b.1892) and his sister Lucy Mabel Hanson (b.1893) were living after their father had died.

What is it's location in conection to No 6 Lydgate Lane where the children's mother had lived as a girl in 1871 please ?

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Guest Hallysann

There are a couple of pictures on Picture Sheffield, but it is listed as a boys home.

Picture Sheffield Image

Another Picture Sheffield Image

The building is still at the bottom of Lydgate lane, but is now offices.

Thanks for the picture Sando, I have both girls and boys on the 1901 census pages for Lucy and George, do you know if it was just boys before or after 1901. Also, the only address given on the pages is Lydgate Lane, how far along Lydgate lane was it, any idea what number please ?


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