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Coal Pit Lane/Cambridge Street Pubs


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Picking this post by Gramps and dropping a copy here.


Original post

The Sportsman was next door to Leah's Yard in 1850 and there were several other pubs on Coalpit lane, - the Union on the corner with Diivision street, the Yellow Lion, Wellington Tavern, Barley Corn Tavern, Red Lion, and the Chequers Inn.


The Sportsman was next door to Leah's Yard in 1850; Sportsmans was standing/occupied in 1833

There were several other pubs on Coalpit Lane, -

The Union (occupied in 1818-20 period) on the corner with Division street (this site would later become the Albert; notice the different orientation of the Union on the map, and the Albert which went down Cambridge Street). RSVP occupies the corner of Cambridge Street/Division Street according to PictureSheffield.

The Yellow Lion, 1 Coal Pit Lane (became the Cambridge Arms from 1871 onwards),

Wellington Tavern (aka the Duke of Wellington) occupied from at least 1820,

Barley Corn Tavern (Corner House/Henry's),

Red Lion (1822),

and the Chequers Inn, also known as the Old Cow; occupied from 1820 onwards.

In addition :

Brushmakers Arms/Brickmakers Arms/Stationers Arms from 1818-1829, Stationers Arms, Peter Daws 1818-20, 1821 and 1822. Brickmakers Arms , J Loy in 1825.

Cutler 32-34 Cambridge Street (no names or dates)

Dog and Partridge/Nell's Bar

Tenuous but ... Parrot 9 Button Lane/9 Moor Head/Foot of Coalpit Lane)

Barcentro (1999)

Weatherspoon 12-18 Cambridge Street (1999)

and ...

Victuallers from 1787 :

James Beard

Samuel Fowler

John Hague

James Holt

Widow Jeeves

Benjamin Mappin and

Margaret Teasdale

Nice map BTW

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