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Wincobank Hall

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Great photos Dean,

I went to Concord middle school and used to walk past the Chapel every school day from and to my Nans at Brightside. Back in the 1970s the bushes and trees were very overgrown and it looked a bit spooky. Until a few years ago I was totally unaware that Wincobank Hall had even existed. ;-)

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Bryan Woodriff wrote in 2000 about "Shiregreen,Wincobank and Ecclesfield" and from this we learn that the twin gatehouses to the Hall were at the foot of Jenkin Road approximately where Hyacinth Close is now located. We also learn that Mary Ann Rawson was the eldest daughter of Joseph Reed of Wincobank Hall. She married William Rawson of the Castle, Nottingham but was widowed aged 28 and returned to Wincobank Hall. When her father was bankrupted she bought the house to secure her family. She started a Sunday school and a day school and did much philanthropic works. She died in Capri....where she had gone for her health. She was an eminent anti-slavery advocate and a tireless Christian worker.

Emily, the younger sister of Mary Ann worked very closely with her elder sister in promoting the Sunday and day schools. She did what now would be called "Parish work". She died some two years before her elder sister....and their deaths were mortal blows to the continuity of the Hall's influence

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