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Dams, Wheels and Mills on the Rivelin

Guest Gramps

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On 2/25/2009 at 11:51, Old Canny Street Kid said:



I don't know where this fits in, but here is a pix I did many years ago when I attempted to depict a Rivelin water wheel site from an old cutting.



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By the 1960s most of the Rivelin Valley dams were completely silted up through lack of maintenance. Being a keen fisherman at the time I joined a group to restore them and we started by chopping down a lot of the vegetation that was growing in the silt. I'm not sure of the detail (I was in my mid teens at the time) but a grant was secured and a couple of working traction (ploughing) engines were brought in with drums underneath their bellies and they dragged a big bucket backwards and forwards on cables all day to remove the silt. I then went off to college and left Sheffield for good. When I visited Sheffield two decades later I made a visit to Rivelin with my children and was impressed with how it had been transformed—though it had lost some of the magic and mystery it had when I was a kid, tickling trout in the river and threading my way through the undergrowth to marvel at the derelict machinery in the ruined mills. 

Rivelin Valley remains close to my heart as it provided a great playground for my childhood. I doubt I'll ever go back as I understand the lime trees on Rivelin Valley (New) Road are being chopped down. I'd rather not see this vandalism as it will break my heart.  

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