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Sheffield History

Hi everyone,

Just to give you a bit of background on myself and the site.

I still live in Sheffield and it's my life's work to produce as much Sheffield online content as possible on a wide ranging number of topics.

The Sheffield History site came about really as a project after seeing a number of websites around that covered various topics about Sheffield and it's past, but not one that could be a central place for it all to be discussed.

It's good to read websites on a particular subject but even better if you can then post your memories or thoughts about it and so we set about putting together Sheffield History.

As I write this we have been open for around 3 weeks (opened - February 11th 2007) and already the plan is coming together and people are posting their memories and pictures on the site which is what we set out to do.

Ultimately it would be fantastic if we can cover every single small aspect of Sheffields past from the Hole In The Road, to the train stations and cinemas that aren't here any more, right up to Roxys, Cairos, The Cannon Pub, and other things from the more recent past.

As this site grows we are working like crazy on other related sites that will be going live soon - the biggest of which is our movies project which will see a seperate site for each movie and tv programme filmed in Sheffield - the first being Monty Mania - http://www.montymania.co.uk which is our little tribute to The Full Monty.

This website is yours so use it as you will - all we ask is that you try and contribute something in the way of memories or pictures, or maybe try and help us when we try to locate some information ?

That's it - I'm a Sheffielder born and bred and am still here and can get out and about with my camera so if there are any places that you would like to see featured just let us know and we'll get you a picture of what it looks like today !

Also - the site has an admin team made up of current Sheffield residents as well as ex-pats who are living abroad - and this team will grow as the site grows - and the help we get from these guys is invaluable and we thank them most sincerely for it.

Enjoy the site..

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