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Pubs on the list but no known keeper


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Sounds like an early 1970's Slade album !

Well, here is the list of Pubs with no known keeper - some of these are very old and very unlikely ever to give up their secret - some opened in 2002 and I just don't have keeper information for them - any help with old or new much appreciated.

Name Address Open Closed Comments

Acorn 20 Burton Road 1905 1912 became a boys club

Adam and Eve 17 Balaclava Street

African Prince Lambert Street 1774 1883

Albion 26 Oxford Street

Alexandra 23 Dover Street 1917

Alexandra 91 Dunlop Street, S9

Alexandra Hotel 42 Jericho Street, S3

All Bar One 15 Leopold Street Modern

Amateur's Rest 17 Holly Street

Anchor 162 Darnall Road, S9

Angler's Rest 15 Snow Lane 1833 1910

Angler's Rest 93 Richmond Park Road, S13 Still open

Arena Square Attercliffe Common, S9 1998 Modern

Arrow Inn Attercliffe Common Spence Broughton's widow saw her husband gibbetted from here; may be same as The Pheasant

Atlas Bawtry Road, Brinsworth

Aunt Sally 7 Clarkehouse Road, Broomhill Still open Modern; former Teaching Hospital

Baker's Arms 127 Clarence Street 1825

Ball 182 Young Street 1835 1905

Ball Cricket Inn Road

Ball Fitzalan Street

Ball Solly Street 1910

Balloon Tavern 83 Trippet Lane

Bank Inn 1 Penistone Road

Bankers Draft 1-3 Market Place, Castle Square 1996 Still open Modern

Bar 101 25 Arundel Gate Still open

Bar Coast Division Street, S1 1998 Still open Old Fire Station

Barcentro 32 Cambridge Street 1999

Barley Mow 99 Broomhall Street 1833

Barrow Boys Shude Hill (Under Canada House) 1980's

Basset 17 Cowper Avenue, Foxhill Modern, 1950's

Batemoor 1 White Thorns View, S8 Still open Modern

Bay Horse 143 Milton Street 1823 1910

Bay Horse Scholes Still open Scholes ?

Bay Tree 23 Snow Hill

Beagle Knutton Crescent, S5 Still open Modern

Beauchief Hotel 161 Abbeydale Road South, S7

Bedroom 88 West Street Still open

Beeley Wood 500-502 Middlewood Road, S6 Modern

Belfry Eckington Road, Beighton Still open

Bethel Arms Backfields 1835

Big Tree 842 Chesterfield Road, S8 Still open Mason's Arms until 1935

Bird in Hand Church Street 1761 Probably earlier than 1761, adjacent to original Cutler's Hall

Bird in Hand 624 Brightside Lane

Birley Hotel 66 Birley Moor Road, S12 Still open

Black Bull/Bull 26 Main Street, Aughton Still open

Blacksmith's Arms 10 Sheldon Row

Blacksmith's Cottage Button Lane 1874 building dated 1705

Blackstock Blackstock Road, S2 Modern

Blademaker's Arms 92 Eyre Lane or Brickmaker's Arms

Blue Ball Dixon Lane 1774 or Castle Foulds

Blue Boar 26 Bow Street

Bluwater Bar & Restaurant 18-19 Arches, Victoria Quays, Wharf Street Still open

Board 6 Dixon Lane 1833

Boatman's Mission Corn Exchange

Bodega High Street 1682 1940 George or George & Dragon until 1904

Boomerang Netherthorpe Modern

Bottle & Barrel/Nether Edge Tavern Montgomery Road, Nether Edge 1998 Modern

Bower Spring Tap 2 Bower Spring

Brackley Arms 14 Brackley Street, S3

Bressingham Arms 2 Bressingham Road 1922

Brewer's Arms 26 or 36 Eyre Street

Brewery House 79 Button Lane 1774 1910

Bricklayers Arms 77 Wentworth Street

Brickmakers Arms/Blademakers Arms 92 Eyre Lane

British Lion 38 Thomas Street 1910

Broomhall House 49 Broomhall Street

Brougham Tavern Cattle Markets

Brunswick House 50 Montford Street

Buccaneer Bar Grand Hotel, Leopold Street, S1

Bull and ***** 1780's

Bulldog/Bridge 387 Attercliffe Road/Washford Bridge, S9 1940's/50's See also Bridge

Bushmaker's Arms 31 Pond Hill 1825 1917 or Tavern

Cambridge Arms 73 Coal Pit Lane 1833

Captive Queen 131 Guildford Avenue, Norfolk Park now Church of the Nazarene

Carpenter's Arms 19 Hereford Street

Cask and Cutler 1 Henry Street Still open

Cavendish 220-238 West Street 1997 Still open Former Car Hire Shop

Ceylon Hotel 16 Wellington Street 1833 1917

Chacha's 32 Bowden Street Still open

Chequers Fargate/Surrey Street 1833

Clarence Hotel 1 Paradise Square

Clifton 79 Clifton Street 1774

Closed Shop 52-54 Commonside Still open

Clown and Monkey Paradise Square

Club 197 197 Brook Hill Still open

Coach and Horses 16 Waingate 1825 1895

Coach and Six Haymarket 1808

Cock High Street 1686 1753 later The Star, then The Carlton 1901

Cock Castle Hill 1780

Cock and Bottle 46 Hawley Croft 1825 1896 also known as The Eagle Tavern

Corner Pin 23 Burlington Street 1833

Cornerhouse/Henry's 28 Cambridge Street Still open Henry's from 1983

Cow and Calf 88 Skew Hill Lane, Grenoside Still open

Cricketer's Inn 37 Sheldon Street 1839

Crimea Tavern 63 Earl Street 1841 1903

Crooked Billet Crooked Billet Yard, off High Street 1794

Cross Guns (Great Gun) 115 Franklin Street Still open

Crown 6 West Bar Green 1833

Crown 1 High Street 1710 1772

Crown and Cushion 9 Tudor Street 1789

Crown and Thistle Irish Cross (bottom of Snig Hill) 1780 1901

Crown Inn High Street 1710 1772 now Church Street

Crown Inn Lee Croft 1726

Crown Inn 53 Bressingham Road

Cubana Trippet Lane 1990 1990's

Cup Campo Lane 1872

Cutler 32-34 Cambridge Street

Cutler's Arms Leighton Road Still open Modern

Cyclops 101 Carlisle Street 1864 1922

Dam House Bar & Restaurant Mushroom Lane Modern

Danville Hotel 1 Danville Street 1883 1925

Deep End Langsett Road 1998 Hillsborough Baths

Deerstalker Deer Park Road, Stannington Modern

Dempsey's 1 Hereford Street Modern

Derby 53 Egerton Street 1910

Devonshire Cat Ltd Devonshire Courtyard, 49 Wellington Street 2001 Still open Modern

Dickens/Le Metro/Dikkins Bar 35 Carver Street 1990's Modern, though building 1812

DNR 25-29 Arundel Gate Modern, Rock, Live Music

Dog and Gun 102 Button Lane 1825 1917

Dog and Gun Nethershire, Shiregreen 1833

Dolphin 34 Adsett Street 1860

Domino Egerton Street 1970 Modern

Dore Junction Abbeydale Road North

Dragon Inn 67 Penistone Road 1959

Duke Inn 7 Duke Street 1833 1902

Dunlop Inn Dunlop Street, S9

Dusty Miller 69 Carlisle Street 1862 1932

Eagle and Child 28 Smithfield 1833 1917

Eagle Tavern 75 Queen Street 1825 1898

Eagle Tavern 10 Orchard Street 1912

Earl Francis Hotel 64 Manor Oaks Road Modern

Earl George 61 Pavement Modern

Earl Marshall 291 East Bank Road 1984 Still open

East Parade Hotel 2 Campo Lane

Ebenezer Tavern 42 Russell Street 1905

Economical Hotel 130 or 132 Eldon Street

Elephant and Castle Lady's Bridge

Elm Tree Loxley New Road Still open

Empire Bar 25-33 Charter Square 1998

Engineers Russell Street

Everest 44 Ballifield Drive, S13 1953 Still open

Eversley House/Office 117 Upperthorpe Road, S6 Still open

Exchange 89 Thomas Street 1910

Fair Trades 118 Carlisle Street East 1864 1916 or Free Trades

Fair Trades Hotel 137 Scotland Street

Fairway Inn Birley Lane Still open

Far Lees 300 Leighton Road, Sheffield

Faras 74 Worksop Road Still open Modern

Farmyard Vaults 102 Scotland Street 1898

Fellbrigg 331 Arbourthorne Road now The Beacon (St Pauls and St Leonards Church)

Fiery Fred/Greenland Clipstone Gardens, S9 1982 Modern

Fighting Cock 71 Monteney Crescent, S5 Modern

Fisherman's Tavern 100 Backfields

Fitzalan Vaults Haymarket 1786 1930

Five Arches Herries Road, S5

Fleur De Lis off Attercliffe Road Closed 1890-1900

Flying Dutchman 33 Silver Street Head 1896

Forty Foot Wordsworth Avenue, S5 1960 Modern

Forum Sandstone Road, Wincobank, S9 Modern

Forum Café/The Common Room 127-129 Devonshire Street Still open Common Room still open

Foundry Arms 101 Green Lane

Fountain Bar/Houlihans Leopold Street Still open

Fox House Hathersage Road, Dore

Fox Inn 250 Fox Hill Road, S6 Still open

Foxwood Inn 57 Mansfield Road

Fraternity House/Old Monk 103-107 Norfolk Street Modern

Frechville Hotel 1 Birley Mood Crescent, S12 Still open

French Horn Hartshead 1780 1901

Fulwood Inn Tapton Park Road

Furnival Verdon Street, S3

Garrison Arms 456 Penistone Road 1850 1913

Gas Tank Inn 8 Sussex Street

George 56 West Bar 1833

George 95 Worksop Road

George Street Tavern 1 Arley Street

Gladstones/Ferret and Trouserleg 4 St James Building, S1 Modern

Globe Burgess Street 1774

Golden Ball Spring Street 1774

Golden Cross High Street 1771

Golden Fleece 12 Wharf Street 1839

Golden Lion 2 Shude Hill 1833 1895

Golden Plover Occupation Lane, Hackenthorpe Still open Currently 45 Spa View Road, Hackenthorpe

Gossips Arundel Gate Modern

Graduate 6 Montgomery Road, S6 Modern

Graduate Masonic Hall, Surrey Street Still open Modern

Grand Concert Hall 2 Spring Street 1920 formerly "Grand Theatre of Varieties", "Bijou" and "New Star"; demolished 1920

Grapes Inn Langsett Road 1869 actual location unknown

Green Dragon Cote Lane, Thurgoland Still open

Green Inn Slitting Mill Road, S9

Grennel Mower 264 Low Edges Road, Greenhill, S8 Modern

Greyhound 66 Holly Street

Grove 49 Grove Street

Gypsy Queen Drakehouse Lane, Beighton Still open

Half Moon 71 Mather Road, S9 Still open

Halfpenny Kelvin Flats 1992

Hallamshire 124 Martin Street

Hammer and Anvil 152 South St Moor 1825 1917

Hand in Hand/t'owd shake hands Bridgehouses

Hanrahans 375-385 Glossop Road 1984

Hare and Hounds 108 Clarence Street 1910

Harp Tavern 109 Upper St Philips Road 1833 1920

Hawk and Dove Thorpe Green, Waterthorpe Still open

Hay's Spirit Vaults 97 Norfolk Street 1797 now Hay's Art Gallery

Hen and Chickens 18 Bow Street

Hewett Arms Shireoaks Park, Shireoaks Still open

High Noon 15 Kilvington Avenue Still open

Hoffbrau Haus/Dingwalls/Berlins/Fuse Arundel Gate 2007

Hogshead 133 Delves Road Still open

Horse and Cat 48 High Street 1774 1940 formerly Bay Childers, Bay Horse, Queen Victoria & finally Westminster. Bombed

Horse and Groom 426 Blackstock Road Still open

Horse and Jockey 10 Broad Lane 1900

Horse and Lion 1 Samuel Road, Norfolk Park, S2 Still open

Huntsman's Rest 9 Backfields

Industry Inn 130 Washington Road

Industry Inn /"T'Swarf Oil" Corporation Street

Ivory 15 Regent Terrace Still open

Jervis Lum 2003 Demolished 2003

John O Gaunt 151 Blackstock Road Still open

Jolly Buffer 144 Ecclesall Road

King and Miller 60 Chester Street

King's Arms 51 Hollis Croft 1833 1898

King's Head 95 Dunlop Street

Ladybower Inn Ladybower, Bamford Still open

Lava Lounge 140 West Street 2001 Still open

Legends Café Sport 572-576 Langsett Road, Hillsborough Still open

Licenced Victuallers 480 Brightside Lane

Life Guardsman 262 Moorfields

Lincolnshire Arms 26 Broad Lane 1902

Little Atlas 135 Carlisle Street East 1864 1922

Live and Let Live 101 Broad Lane 1797 became The Britannia

Lloyds No 1 2-12 Division Street 1999 Still open former Sheffield Water Works Co., Graves Mail Order, NUM HQ

Long Henry Row Modern

Lord Raglan Inn 50 Bridge Street

Mackenzie Tavern 189 Cemetery Road

Merrie Monk 60 Manor Park Centre Still open Modern

Milestone 12 Peaks Square, Crystal Peaks Still open Modern

Millstone 12 Cross Burgess Street 1833

Miners Arms Bracken Moor Lane, Stocksbridge Still open

Mitre Fargate 1780 1901

Montgomery Hotel 1 Montgomery Terrace

Montgomery Tavern 12 Hartshead 1852 1893

Moorfoot Tavern/Cumberland/Whetstone 10 Cumberland Street Still open

Moulder's Arms Pond Hill

Nelson 78 Trippet Lane 1841

Neptune Inn 22 Corn Exchange 1839

New Inn 2 Effingham Road

New Inn 282 Hollinsend Road Still open

New Market Inn 28 Furnival Road Station Inn

New Norfolk Inn Manchester Road, Hollow Meadows Still open

Noah's Ark 140 Tudor Street 1910

Norfolk Sims Croft 1797

Norfolk Arms Pudding Lane 1742

Norfolk Arms King Street 1774

Norfolk Arms 159 Upperthorpe Road

Norfolk Arms 73 Fargate 1898

Odd Fellow's Arms 25 Silver Street 1833 1893

Old Albion (Guard's Rest) 38 Fowler Street

Old London Mart Market Street 1892 1940 rebuilt 1959 as The Marples, still open. Bombed

Old Market Inn Snig Hill 1797 1898

Old Mill Dam 29 Britain Street 1841 1941

Old Monk 103-107 Norfolk Street Still open

Old Park Gate 41 Bard Street

Old Star 6 Market Place

Old Star Gibralter Street

Old Star Inn Possibly 6 Haymarket

Olive Grove 26 East Road Still open

O'Neill'sIrish Bar 247-249 Fulwood Road, Broomhill

Owl Norfolk Street 1780 1901 also known as Shout 'em Downs or The Hullet

Palmerstone Hotel 129 Carlisle Street East 1864 1926

Paradise Street Vaults 20 Paradise Street

Pear Tree Millsands 1774 or Palm Tree

Pear Tree 163 Woodside Lane

Pen Nook Inn 16 Helliwell Lane, Deepcar Still open

Penny Black Pond Hill Still open

Pheasant 170 Worksop Road 1825

Pheasant 37 West Street 1893

Phoenix Greengate Lane, High Green Still open

Pickwick Pack Horse Lane, High Green

Pike and Heron Bawtry Road, Tinsley, S9 1960's-200?

Place Nile Street Still open

Plough 75 Worksop Road 1825

Porter Brook 565 Ecclesall Road 1990's Still open

Prince Leopold 37 Upper St Phillips Road

Prince of Wales 116 South Street, Park 1910

Prince of Wales 240 Savile Street 1920 became Billiard Saloon

Printer's Arms 76 Queen Street 1833 1917

Priory 4 St James Street Still open

Public Gardens Inn Ellesmere Road

Pump Tavern Cumberland Way 2008

Queen 20 Attercliffe Road 1930

Queen Hotel River Lane 1890

Queen's Bays 16 Joiner Street

R & R Bar 13 London Road Still open

Raglan Inn Meadow Street

Railway 299 Holywell Road, Wincobank Still open

Ram Hotel 100 Ecclesall Road

Red Grouse Spink Hall Lane, Stocksbridge Still open

Red Lion off Market Place 1755

Red Lion 89 Trippet Lane 1833 1930

Red Lion Forncett Street 1864

Red Lion (or Ball Inn) 34 Pye Bank 1825 1927

Reflex 18 Holly Street Still open

Reform Tavern 76 Coal Pit Lane 1796

Revolution Unit 1 The Plaza, 8 Fitzwilliam Street 1999 Still open

Richmond Hotel 443 Richmond Road Still open

Rock Inn 31 Carlisle Street East 1864 1932

Rodney Inn 46 Leadmill Road

Rosco Tavern 27 Henry Street 1841

Rose and Crown 37 High Street 1675 1812

Rose and Crown Market Place 1692 1776

Rose and Crown 65 Queen Street 1797 1898

Rose and Crown 52 Sarah Street

Rose and Crown Bankfield Lane Still open

Royal Oak 484 Attercliffe Road 1870 1938

Royal Oak 6 Pear Street

Royal Oak 91 Milton Street

RSVP Barkers Pool 1999

Sanctuary 4 St James Street Still open

Scandals 2 Market Place, Chapeltown

Scottish Queen

Sheaf Woodseats Road Still open

Sheldon Inn 10 Edmund Street

Shepley Spitfire Mickley Lane Still open

Sherwood Birley Moor Road Still open

Shiny Sheff 274-276 Crimicar Lane Still open

Showroom Bar and Café 7 Paternoster Row Still open

Shrewsbury Arms 74 Broad Street 1797 1902

Silver Fox 839 Unsliven Road, Stocksbridge Still open

Slug and Fiddle 261-276 Ecclesall Road 1990's

Snow Lane Tap Snow Lane

Spital Inn 24 Spital Street

Spitalfields 57 Stanley Street 1833

Sportsman 17 Cornish Street 1833

Sportsman 28 South Street, Moor 1833

Sportsman 155 Railway Street 1960

Sportsman 28 South Street, Moor 1833

Sportsman's Inn 140 Arundel Street

Spread Eagle 37 Addy Street 1960

St Stephen's Tavern St Stephen's Road

Staniforth Arms 261 Staniforth Road

Stanley Street Tavern 24 Stanley Street 1833

Star Inn 11 Meadow Street 1797 1917

Stocks 1 Stocks Hill, Ecclesfield Still open

Stone House 19 Church Street 1790

Summer Tavern Summer Street

Sun Inn Ringinglow Road 1774

Sycamore Tree 24 Sycamore Street 1833 1917

Tequila 136 West Street Still open

The Harley/Harley Hotel 334 Glossop Road 1999 Still open

Thomas Whitaker (Gales & Martin) Truelove's Gutter 1787

Three Pigeons 20 Button Lane 1787 1908

Three Stags Carver Street 1814

Timber Top Shirecliffe Road Still open

Toll Gate 408 Pitsmoor Road Still open

Tramway Hotel 16 West Bar 1893

Turnbull 2 Fairbarn Road, Stannington Still open

Union 50 Hawley Croft 1830

Upwell Inn 132 Upwell Street

Varsity 173-179 West Street 2000 Still open

Varsity 261 Ecclesall Road

Victoria Hotel 22 Thomas Street

Vine Hotel 35 Addey Street

Vulcan Northern Avenue

Wadsley Jack 65 Rural Lane, Wadsley Still open

Walkabout Inn Carver Street Still open

Wapentake/Casbah Moorhead

Waterways 18 & 19 North Quay, Victoria Quays 2000

Waverley Hotel Castle Street or Imperial Hotel

Weatherby Park Hill, Swallownest Still open

Weatherspoon 12-18 Cambridge Street 1999 Still open

Weatherspoon West Street Still open

Weir Head Tavern 377 Penistone Road 1936 became Hillfoot Club

Westway/Rat and Parrot 53-59 West Street 1999 Still open

Whiley's Saloon Hartshead 1825

White Horse Gregory Row 1787 Gregory Lane no longer exists

White Horse 87 Creswick Street

White Lion 25 Holly Street 1796

White Lion 131 Dunlop Street

White Rose 17 Handsworth Road Still open

Widow's Hut 21 Meadow Street

William McReady West Street 1787 See Wharncliffe Arms

Woodland Tavern 321 Langsett Road 1845 1921

Woodman's Hut 46 Garden Street 1825 1900

Woodseats Palace 692 Chesterfield Road

Wordsworth Tavern Wordsworth Avenue Still open

Wyvern 379 Leighton Road

Yates's Carver Street/Division Street 1993

Yorkshire Clown 24 Paradise Square 1830 1893

Yorkshire Grey 69 Charles Street Still open

Young Street Tavern 162 Young Street

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Slug and Fiddle ....was privately owned ..I worked there as a chef when it opened ..It was run by Herbie Armstrong ..an ex member of Van Morrison..and a top bloke !

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Hi Richard, I can help with St Stephens Tavern, 11 St Stevens Road - now long demolished. This was for many years in my family. In 1891 it was kept by William and Jane Hinchliffe, followed by Edwin and Eliza Birks, followed - after 1900 - by my Grand parents Joseph and Edith Hudson. In the large pub yard my grandfather stabled his horses, kept pigs and ran coal and milk businesses; my grandmother Edith Mary Hudson ran the beer house whilst grandad worked at his carting business etc.

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23 minutes ago, foreman87 said:

Hi Richard, I can help with St Stephens Tavern, 11 St Stevens Road - now long demolished. This was for many years in my family. In 1891 it was kept by William and Jane Hinchliffe, followed by Edwin and Eliza Birks, followed - after 1900 - by my Grand parents Joseph and Edith Hudson. In the large pub yard my grandfather stabled his horses, kept pigs and ran coal and milk businesses; my grandmother Edith Mary Hudson ran the beer house whilst grandad worked at his carting business etc.

Thank you for the information foreman87.

We will take a look and update the Pubs A-Z


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The Lots were sold for a total of £1,900.  In 1933 the magistrates refused to renew its licence and it went onto the Compensation List to revert to domestic premises.

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19 hours ago, foreman87 said:

Hi Richard, I can help with St Stephens Tavern, 11 St Stevens Road - now long demolished. This was for many years in my family. In 1891 it was kept by William and Jane Hinchliffe, followed by Edwin and Eliza Birks, followed - after 1900 - by my Grand parents Joseph and Edith Hudson. In the large pub yard my grandfather stabled his horses, kept pigs and ran coal and milk businesses; my grandmother Edith Mary Hudson ran the beer house whilst grandad worked at his carting business etc.

Hello foreman87

Here is the info added to the A-Z of pubs

1879 w William Hinchliffe beerhouse
1881 k  William Hinchliffe beerhouse
1901 w Edwin Birks beerhouse
1905 w Edwin Birks beerhouse
1911 w Edwin Birks beerhouse
1925 k  Edwin Birks beerhouse
w = White's directory
k = Kelly's directory

Thank you.




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