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Is this Effingham Road ?

Sheffield History

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I believe this is Effingham Road - on the way to Attercliffe, with Norfolk Bridge in front of us..

If so - the housing on the left has obviously been demolished - but the roads to the left don't exist any more either

Does anyone know if this is definitely Effingham Road - and if so what the roads on the left were called ?


Here's a picture from the other side of the bridge looking back down where we came from




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Guest tsavo

No, that's Attercliffe Road and the well known Ferodo Bridge going out of town. Effingham Rd runs roughly parallel to it and joins below the junction with Staniforth Road.

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I agree this is not Effingham Road. Effingham Road starts where the old Attercliffe Non Pots is which was renamed ROCKY'S and now called DANCING DOLLAR. Efffingham Road runs parrallel with Attercliffe Road and becomes Effingham Street before becoming Furnival Road coming up the side of the old Victoria station approach.

The house was knocked down and I believe Norfolk Springs was built on the land. The road in question ran into Warren Street which was cut in two by Salmon Pastures.

It brings back a lot of memories as I drove down this area many times a day on the 52 route for over 15 years.

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Excellent feedback - and certainly sheds light on the picture in question.

Many thanks Graham - appreciated

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