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Where's this? now gone.

ukelele lady

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Does anyone know where this is? now gone.

As a kid we use to run through one end of the narrow lane and out of the other. It was always a dirty sort of place.

To this day I still don't know what sort of manufacturing went on there.

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The trouble with you RichardB, you know too much. Yes it's Burnt Tree Lane which ran at the back of Meadow Inn now

demolished. Where was Burnt Tree Tavern???

That was very interesting reading about Daniel Doncasters Mathew Street.

I remember the playground and as I got older and the playground closed, they use to store old street gas lamps

in there,loads of them.

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I was impressed myself !!! Still had my coat on from my Sheffield trip, walked in, turned on, clicked the new link and Bob's yer Uncle ...; walked over that flat land in 2005 - looking for the remains of The Talbot Pub (became the Good Doctor before demolition).

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Here's some more on Burnt Tree Lane

One is the entrance from the side of Meadow Street Hotel, the other is half way through where the lane bends

then comes out at Hoyle Street. Then of course the pub.

Between the pub and Sudbury Street was the saspirella bar Fantozzi's. I always remember it's stainglass

window, inside was very dark but it had proper high bar stools that you only saw in American films. It was built in a

narrow triangle shape between Burnt Tree Lane and Sudbury St, I wish I had a photo of that.

We only went in on a Sunday but you had to wait for them opening up after they'd been to church [st Vincents]

being Roman Catholic. lol

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