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The blue 'police box' next to the town hall

Sheffield History

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On 12/02/2007 at 01:49, Guest james said:

Someone once told me (don't know how true it was) that it was placed there during the miners strike so Police could be permenantly stationed where the strike was?

How wrong can you be?  The police boxes of Sheffield were built and put to use over a number of years in the first half of the last century. (From 1928 onwards)  It's a great shame they have all disappeared except (I think) this one.  Even the modern substitutes such as that built in 1963 on Infirmary Road or the quite large "section station" at Parkhill Flats have been sold off.   I was in the Force on the cusp of that modernisation and it was a huge relief to be on one of those beats. The new "boxes" had heating and a small stove as well as a proper table and chairs. The old boxes had a bench, a stool and a small almost useless coil-stove   (that's Coil as in electrical heating not as in coal-stove !) . You put your mashing can on those stoves at about midnight and if you were lucky the water would be hot enough to make tea about 2.30am. If you were soaked with rain or snow you stayed wet and cold! But you were only allowed to be in the box for four minutes each hour, or for 45 minutes for meal break...or when writing reports or dealing with a prisoner. Fearsome beat sergeants would be in wait if you lingered long!  I have an essay, "The Beat Book" about bring a Probationer PC in Sheffield in 1961, which has been lodged with the Forum Administrator. Or it can be read by signing in to the British Police History website. 

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Since the first post you quoted was written, I’ve joined the Traffic Dept at Crich and become a conductor.  We use the Tardis in summer to store bottled water in for the crews to grab a drink in

Oh no I can't open them and my Dad PC 124 Frank Roberts used to be the Town Hall Policeman for some time and talked a lot about PC Judd. Yes my Dad used to take his mash into the green box to make and

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Thank you so much for this information I remember as a child my Mum making my Dad's mash can up, it had loose tea, sugar and condensed milk in it. I shall locate The Beat Book and read it with great interest. Thank you once again

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I have a key somewhere for the Town Hall police box, I must pop in a take a photo of the inside one day. Last time I was in there it had ben filled with all sorts of junk, banners and road signs etc.

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I did my best to fill it when I was on afternoon shifts and night shifts between 1961 and 1964.....Several beats had Town Hall Box on their routes and some Saturday nights there was a queue of bobbies and their prisoners outside waiting for the Black Maria. I transferred to a place on the South Coast where weekends were just as exciting but the troublemakers were all sailors!  The Naval Patrols sorted them out with big heavy truncheons. 

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