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Bryan Adams - Filming In Sheffield

Sheffield History

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I remember a few years back Bryan Adams came to Sheffield

On Radio Hallam was a plea for anyone not busy for a couple of days, to go down to Sheffield Arena to help Bryan Adams film his new video.

The video was for "there'll never be another tonight"

I went down and appeared right at the front of the crowd scenes (we had to jump up and down and sing along to the song and pretend that it was a live gig"

Bryan chatted from the stage and the crowd kept asking him to play the last record he had released - the blockbuster "everything I do (I do it for you)" which he did for us.

A few of us then got invited to appear in another scene at the Cutlers Hall the following day and this was slightly different in that we had to play the part of people at an aftershow party.

This was fantastic fun and I was lucky enough that Bryan came across and spoke to me and the girl I was with for about 15 minutes and stood next to us during the filming

It was for an MTV special (but I never saw it)

Here's a couple of pics from the day..

film crew outside cathedral filming Bryan's tour bus going through Sheffield

Bryan and the girl I went with

People come up between takes for autographs

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