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Stafford Arms

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William Morton keeper from 1849-1862

Stafford Arms

30 Stafford Street, S2

Open 1849

1849 William Morton

1851 William Morton

1852 William Morton

1854 William Morton

1856 William Morton

1861 William Morton

1862 William Morton

1871 William Walker

1881 John Smith (30 Colliers' Row, Park)

1901 Thomas Trueman

1905 Thomas Trueman

1911 Richard J Whitworth

1925 Tom Blackwell

1948 Harry Burdett Tyerman

1951 Harold Furniss

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On 10/11/2016 at 14:18, Ray Blackwell said:

1925 Tom Blackwell, That's my Grand dad, I still have some of his business cards.


Hi Ray


i am working on a book on Sheffield pubs is your Grandfathers business card for when he for was the landlord of this pub? I'd love to see it...

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