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Crookesmoor School

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Did anyone go to Crookesmoor in the 50's and 60's.

Remember the teachers.

Mr Oakes

Mrs oliver

Mrs Hattersley

Mrs Copley

Mr Breckan

Those were the only ones I remember

As a long lost contributor to this site when Isaw this topic I had to add my recollections. This topic brings back quite a few memories as I attended from the mid 50's until me and my friends moved to Myers Grove.

Mr Oakes - Headmaster and also music teacher,choir master- brilliant - introduced me to classical music by playing it at assembly. 'Air on a G string' seemed to be played a lot. As choir master he took us to Elsecar for a choir competition and we won!! we sang a song about Hans old Mill. Apparently we gained extra marks because we 'looked like a choir' in our white shirts and red ties. This was something as most of the children were from not well off families . I myself lived on Martin Street where the slums were knocked down to build more slums which wer knocked down.Our old house is now the corner of a maisonette or something.

Mrs Oliver- my memories of her was of her make up with bright red lipstick,dark hair and eye brows like Alma Cogan , Also for her lessons we had to go across the road to St Nathanials Vestry Hall .Always remember the lights there hanging on long chains from the high ceiling. We also used St Nats hall just behind the vestry hall as a gym kept getting splinters from the cabby wooden floor. I think this is now a car park

Mr Breckan - I think the spelling is Breckin, however, taught us how to write using joined up writing and ink. He also had a reputation for having a cane with wire wrapped round for any miscreants however one day I was asked to go to the front of the class and confirm that this ' wire' was infact the glue from sellotape used to bind the cane t stopp it splitting

I have wonderful memories of this school non more so than my final visit . We had broken up for the 'Six weeks Holiday' after which would be my first day at Myers Grove. I realised that I had left my cartridge pen in my desk so on the Saturday I went to the caretakers house next to the lower school to see if he would let me in. He duly did so ,I retrieved the pen and walked out through the play ground which was situated underneath the school which was supported on large columns in the playground ( flew round them a few times playing English and Germans at playtime). I can still recall the quietness of the place as I left.

I now stand to be corrected here but I believe that Mrs Hattersley and Mrs Copley were in fact from Myers Grove. Mrs Hattersley was deputy headmistress and was the wife of Roy Hattersley along side a Mr Munden deputy headmaster. Mrs Copley was I believe the chemistry teacher .

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I went to Crookesmoor in the early 60's - i can remember most of the teachers that Desy mentioned, and now you have reminded me of Mrs Hornesey and Mrs Hartley

I learned basketweaving in one of the prefabs - taught by Mr Brecken

Where did you live back then? - I used to live in the shop just below the school until it was pulled down

Mellor.............I remember you (song of the day Ifield F) I lived on Ashberry Road, Nev Wright No 18 a great 7 roomed Vic terrace pulled down under slum clearance (Joke) best house I ever lived in. All below, the back to backs had to go though.

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I was only there in the infants in the late 1950s.

The only thing I remember about it was I had to do a term (perhaps longer) at the parish hall across the road.

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I went to Crookesmoor Junior School in the late 50's and start of the '60s. I remember many of the teachers already mentioned. Mrs Copley was my class teacher for one year. My mother, Mrs Russell, also taught there—which was the reason I went. I also recall the trip to Elsacar with the school choir, and the joy of winning. Mr Oakes was very proud of that choir! 

Mention of running around the underground playground strikes a chord—I ran headlong into one of the brick pillars and knocked myself out. I didn't remember anything for the rest of the day.  My best friend there was John Willis. If anyone remembers me, you have my best wishes.

I have some class and choir pictures somewhere. I'll try to find and post one.

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I went to Crookesmoor school from around 1952 till 1955 when I left at the age of 15. The teachers I remember were 

Mr Raymond F.Oakes the headmaster, Mr Waterhouse (in the prefabs with Mr Lovell the woodwork teacher) . In the main building Mr Wild, Mr Wardle, Mr Cohen, Mr Bagshawe, and Mr Liddle who was very handy with his cane. I played in the school football team in '55 losing to Southey Green in the final 2-0. Photo of team available.

Lovely memories

Ron Gill


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On 3/5/2007 at 09:01, mattjon said:


I was the last Head Teacher of Crookesmoor School.

It was a sad day when it closed and we had several closing events to which many ex teachers and pupils attended.

My mum was Dorothy Mc Nulty born 1939 went to crooks moor, my uncle was David McNulty and his daughter went to crooks moor in the late 1960/70 called anita mcnulty

My grandmother was also called Dorothy Mather and she also went to crooks moor school with her brother Henry she had a sister but died of phnumonia age 18


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This is my class at Crookesmore School,1960. I'm second from the left at the top (with the lapel badges). The teacher was Miss Sant, who afterwards became Mrs Copley. It's a funny thing, but I don't remember ever being in a 'boys only' class. However, pictures don't lie, so I must have been.

The other thing to notice is the huge stone columns which held the school up above the playground and made it quite dark in places.


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