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Old Wednesday cigarette cards


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Guest Old Canny Street Kid

Those were the days.

Just to say that the cig card of Ossie Owl looking a toff is a caricature by the guy Louis Briault mentioned elsewhere. I would like to suggest you put this on the Briault thread as well as here. I have a similar pix, but not as good. Anyway it will saw me sending it!

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Can anybody date this one? I think it's mid-1920's

I'd guess the beginning of the 1923/4 season.

looking at Keith Farnsworth's complete record : -

Felton joined Jan 1923

Harron joined March 1923

Smailes left 1923

T Brelsford left 1924

Binks left Sept 1924

Sykes left 1924

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On 27/02/2009 at 11:18, dunsbyowl1867 said:

Jimmmy Trotter John Players card


As I recall one time resident of Windmill Lane, Shiregreen 1925!



love this one!

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