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West Ham/Tevez

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Good Luck to you, I was gutted to see The Blades relegated with the last kick of the season and I'm as Blue and White as they come.

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Guest Gonzalo

I had the opportunity to find out on the case Tevez. I have many doubts on his representative, KIA. Nonetheless he is a great player. In Boca Juniors we love it

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Guest Old Canny Street Kid

Compensation has been agreed between United and West Ham, but now everyone wants to jump on the bandwaggon, and ahve their slice of the cash --making a mockery of it all. The sad truth is that all this could have been spared if the FA and the Premier League had acted at the time. All they had to do was dock WHU enough points to ensure they went down. But what can you expect when you see who is at the top in both these organisations. As for United, it is sad they went down, but, you know, if Mr Warnock had set his stall out to win that last match, they would have been safe. It seems to me that Warnock (the Sheffield Star's favourite manager --he still gets a regular mention even as Crystal Palace manager!) was so sure that Man United would beat West Ham on the last day that he felt the result at Bramall Lane didn't really matter. Of course, he says he wants compensation, but how will he compensate the club for not having ensured United would beat Wigan that day? By the way, the Premier League probably felt they, too, didn't need to act because Man United would save them the trouble by sending West Ham down. Nobody realised that Man Un wanted Tevez, and....

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