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Capitol Cinema - Sheffield Lane Top

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Opened 18th September 1939 - which was lucky, as on the 3rd of September all cinemas (aswell as school & theatres) had been closed on the declaration of war - only to reopen on the 15th of September!

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And the exterior November 2008.

HI Dunsbyowl l have good reason to remember this cinema, besides enjoying many fims there , l was once working across the rd ,and a chap with a briefcase waved me down the ladder. and proceeded to extol the advantages of advertising at the Capitol, after listening to his spiel , asked him how much , l forget the terms ,but at the time they were more than l could afford, l recall that he made a considerable reduction, l duly signed without looking,later that week l had notice that my advert was to come into operation next week,we went to see our name on the screen , but no , the wife said to see the manager, but l knew he what he would say , we went out and the wife picked up the forth comings attractions and there was our name squashed in a small corner, l had to sit and cool down ,before l drove home , bewarned everyone READ THE SMALL PRINT. SKEETS.

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